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   Chapter 41 The Evil Ape Hunting Team

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Some of the herbs that Herbert collected were so young that they didn't even look a year old. A handful of such herbs might not be worth a single piece of vital energy crystal.

Even more ridiculous was the fact that even at the critical moment of his escape, Herbert still carried the large sack of cheap herbs with him. It seemed that he was obsessed with the herbs.

"I appreciate your kindness, but I don't want herbs. You've worked so hard to collect them. You'd better keep them."

As Austin had saved his life, Herbert wanted to express his gratitude by giving him some herbs. To his surprise, Austin refused.

The herbs were cheap as they were only worth a few pieces of vital energy crystals. Although Austin thought that they were useless, Herbert didn't think so.

"Er... But I only have these for you. I don't have much left."

Herbert was embarrassed. He thought Austin was expecting more.

"Well, you can have half. That's quite a lot."

Reluctantly, Herbert held the corner of the sack and poured half the herbs on the ground.

Austin frowned and thought, 'You are so odd!'

"No, thank you. I said I don't want any."

Austin lost his patience.

Eventually, Herbert realized that Austin was not appreciative of the herbs that he valued.

After thinking about it, Herbert realized why Austin didn't want the herbs. The two cores from first-level Diabolic Beasts that Austin had just acquired were worth more than forty pieces of vital energy crystals, while all the herbs in the sack were not worth much.

Besides, with his skills, it had not been difficult for Austin to kill the diabolic beasts and get their cores.

'He must be rich. That's probably why he doesn't value these cheap herbs.' Herbert's embarrassment disappeared, and he felt pleased. After all, Austin's assistance would not cost him anything.

"Dude, you saved my life. Perhaps I can repay you later. May I know your name?" asked Herbert.

"My name is Austin. You can call me Tin."

"Good name, Tin. I'm your brother from now on. I will dedicate my life to assisting you."

Herbert clapped his chest with his hand and asserted solemnly.

"By the way, Tin. Since you are so skilled, why don't you join the Ape Hunting Team? People say two evil apes are guarding the earth spirit fruits."

"The earth spirit fruit!"

Austin's eyes glittered when he heard the name of the fruit.

The earth spirit fruit was a precious herb that contained abundant energies from heaven and earth. It was said that the effect of a single

erbert responded happily, "It's easy to find. Their location is ten miles west from here. Tin, you are not only strong in martial arts but also generous and chivalrous in your behavior. I believe there is no limit to your prospects. If you need any help in the future, just let me know. I'm well-informed."

Herbert felt ecstatic as he played with the two beast cores in his hand. He had never imagined that one day, he would sell information at a high price of two beast cores.

When he looked up, Austin had disappeared into the forest ahead.

On the west side of Beast Mountain, a bowl-shaped valley lay hidden among the steep mountain ridges.

The valley was shaded by thick trees all the year round. As a result, it looked deep and dark.

At the entrance to the valley was an open grassland with sparse trees.

A dozen young men and women had gathered there. Some sat while others stood. Each of them had a proud smile. They also looked a little nervous, as if they were waiting for something.

Farther away, at the edge of the grassland, many people were talking and looking enviously at the warriors.

These were Sun Sect's outer disciples. The promise of acquiring Earth Spirit Fruit had been enough for all of them to risk their lives.

The Evil Ape Hunting Team was preparing to enter the valley to kill the evil apes. This was also a great event for the other disciples.

Even if they couldn't hunt the evil apes, the disciples would not miss the opportunity to watch.

The Evil Ape Hunting Team consisted of the strongest outer disciples who had taken part in the Beast Mountain training. Every move of the strong would always attract the attention of the weak.

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