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   Chapter 39 The Outer Disciple Seeking Help

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After a whole day's fierce fighting and using so much vital energy, Austin didn't feel tired at all, on the contrary, he felt full of vital energy, felt it coursing through him.

The vital energy vibrated faintly. He felt limp and numb at some blocked acupuncture points. But it wouldn't last. It didn't before his coma, either. He would work through those blocks and only get stronger.

And to his excitement, his energy meridians were going to expand.

This was an exciting, familiar feeling, the omen of vital energy breakthrough.

There was a hidden cave not far from the lake, in which the giant rock lizard concealed itself. Austin took out an emerald jade bottle, and poured an off-white Energy-boosting Elixir.

Before setting off for Beast Mountain, Austin had given Evan four Energy-boosting Elixirs. After using two to break through to the fourth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he only had four Energy-boosting Elixirs left now.

This kind of elixir was extremely precious for disciples of his level.

But Austin did not hesitate at all, for the chance to break through was even rarer than the elixir itself. Gaining levels was paramount, no matter the cost.

Once the Energy-boosting Elixirs entered his body, the vital energy in the elixirs was released in a flash. It flowed into the energy meridians in his body like rushing gurgling rivers.

Breathing out, feeling full of vital energy, Austin immediately started the movements for Purple Yang Formula, unified mind and focus, guiding the vital energy flowing along the formula's route.

The vital energy formed by the elixirs' power rushed into him and flowed fluently. Some blocked acupuncture points were broken through accordingly. This just made him feel even more powerful.

Already having tendency to expand, some acupuncture points suddenly expanded at an amazing pace with an inaudible whisper, like fire under the wind.

Energy Gathering Realm meant remolding the energy meridians, dredging all the meridians of the Circulations of Vital Energy and 360 crucial acupuncture points, letting vital energy flow smoothly throughout the body.

This was the foundation of vital energy cultivation. The solider a foundation one laid, the higher the level one could reach. It was a basic principle of vital energy cultivation. Without a solid foundation, the disciple was weak.

So cultivators should do two things at Energy Gathering Realm. The first was to breathe in vital energy all around the world and to guide vital energy to dredge the meridians and crucial acupuncture points throughout the body.

The s

breathe water, and Austin wasn't. What's more, it was still practically invulnerable to attack.

After yelling for a while by the lake, Austin had no choice but to leave.

"Help! Help! Somebody helps me?!"

A pressing screaming for help suddenly aroused his interest. He mentally prepared himself for another fight.

A confounded figure fled, zigzagging, heedless of which patch he chose. He was carrying an extra-large cloth bag on his back. The bag was bulging and apparently filled with something. But what?

This was a young man about sixteen or seventeen years old. The clothes he wore had been torn in several places by branches. He was panting now and always looked behind him in terror when fleeing.

Not far behind him, two wolf-like diabolic beasts were chasing him unhurriedly, with blood-red saliva dripping onto the ground and terrifying fangs in their mouths.

Looking at the poor young man, they gave him a sinister grin.

"Damn demon dogs! Don't come any closer or you'll get bopped by my Sunday punch. I'm not afraid of you. You'll die miserably once I unleash my Sunday punch."

The young man came around to menace the two Diabolic Beasts after he yelled for help and no one came. He'd have to deal with this on his own.

Hiding in the branches, Austin curled his lips when he heard this. 'This guy is so good at pretending. He can even brag when attacked by two diabolic beasts.'

Austin came here from the lakeside to see what was happening when he heard the shouting.

The two wolf-like diabolic beasts were demon dogs.

Demon dogs were tricky diabolic beasts. Their most dangerous body part was a mouth full of sharp fangs, which could damage an armor of spiritual-weapon level easily.

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