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   Chapter 38 Fight Hard Against The Giant Rock Lizard

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Having stayed on the Beast Mountain for six days, Austin obtained more and more beast cores, useful organs, and monster skins.

He had gathered the beast cores in his space ring—five beast cores of level two monster beasts, three beast cores of level one demonic beasts and two level one diabolic beasts. Actually he had killed more than ten level one monster beasts.

Beside the beast cores, there were also a great deal of dead bodies and useful organs of demonic beasts, diabolic beasts and monster beasts. The Sun Sect preferred not to waste any part of a kill. They didn't hunt for sport—on the contrary, they could use every part of anything they killed.

And of all the demonic beasts, diabolic beasts and monster beasts, more than one part was useful. The fur could be used to make armors. As they were light, soft and tough enough, the armors fashioned from these materials were not only comfortable and good-looking, but also powerfully defensive. It was even better than ordinary chain armor.

Weapon refiners could add some sharp paws or horns of diabolic beasts to the weapon they were making by special means. In this way the power of the weapon could be improved greatly. And any way you could improve a weapon was highly valuable. A weapon was just a weapon, but one enhanced with diabolic power would be a sought-after weapon indeed.

And the flesh of the beast was also of great use!

Especially that of demonic beasts and diabolic beasts. They could cultivate themselves innately and their flesh contained plenty of natural energy, which was great beneficial to humans after humans cooked and ate it. It wasn't particularly delicious, but then nothing good for you ever was. And Austin had enough to last him quite a while.

Some beast parts had specific properties. For example, the gall of the golden crown snake could be used as medicine and an antidote for poisons of all kinds!

The bones of a red fire tiger could be cooked in water. After that the water could be used in a bath to enhance a warrior's skin, flesh, tendons and bones.

As for herbs, there weren't many, since the Beast Mountain was a location for low level disciples to test their strength.

Furthermore, there were always some people from the sect patrolling the area. Once they found even the weakest herbs, they would harvest them for the high level disciples.

After all, the hopes of the sect were pinned on the high level disciples only. The numerous low level disciples were still disposable. They were just cheap labors, until they proved themselves to be otherwise.

Of course there was something exceptional here. There would be precious herbs that were overlooked by the sect and some low level disciples were lucky enough to find them first.

There was an outer disciple who had found an earth spirit herb. After he ate it, his cultivation base improved greatly and soon he was upgraded to an inner disciple.

But this was really rare.

Austin had been on the periphery of Beast Mountain. Most of the herbs he fou

ng the speed and the angles of using the sword than he had before.

Austin thought it might be because of his powerful spiritual sense, which was certainly a great help to learn martial art skills.

In the end, the giant rock lizard was fed up with fighting against Austin. The more it fought, the more it was frightened.

It had not so much as even touched the clothes of the young man after fighting against him for such a long time, not to mention to hurt him. He just wasn't fast enough to touch this blur of blade and speed. But it had been cut by the youngster thousands of times.

Although its foe was too weak to hurt it badly, it cost the giant rock lizard a lot of strength and energy to fight with the young man. If the fight continued, he could very likely tire and die. Realizing that, the lizard turned its tail and ran, trying to escape the young disciple.

Austin laughed happily, and of course he did not want to let the lizard go so easily. He smiled broadly and gave chase.

They still fought against each other while the lizard was trying to escape. His deadly tail swept to and fro, missing Austin but splintering the huge trees on either side of them. Austin just dodged the attacks easily, but there was one close call where the tail smashed into a tree where he had previously been standing.

The fight was massive and dust rose to obscure their fight. Bunches of birds were still flapping, scattering in all directions, and some weak beasts did their best to escape. The world shook from their battle, just like in an earthquake.

Soon, the forest drew the attention of all the disciples and other beasts.

All of them started thinking, 'Wow! What an amazing guy, fighting against a beast like that!'

In the end, the giant rock lizard ran to a lake and dashed into it without hesitation. The lake was disrupted when the lizard hit it. But soon enough the ripples faded, and there was no trace of the monster. The fight ended with the lizard getting away. The lake was placid once more.

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