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   Chapter 37 Gains In The Beast Mountain

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Austin closed his eyes as he did the Fish Swimming Pace, and easily dodged all of the Scarlet Sword Boar's attacks. He could even feel the smallest of the Boar's movements effortlessly.

No matter how ferociously the Scarlet Sword Boar attacked, it couldn't touch Austin at all.

In the end, the Scarlet Sword Boar got worn out and stopped. It simply stared at Austin with its dazed scarlet eyes.

It couldn't understand why this human in front of it could move so fast, and every time it tried to hit him, he dodged it in an incomprehensible manner.

Suddenly, Austin opened his eyes. His heart felt lighter than ever before.

The incredible power of the Wind-commanding Skill took him by surprise. All he needed to do was to feel the wind, and now the Scarlet Sword Boar seemed like a little toddler rather than a vicious beast.

A cold laugh escaped Austin's lips.

"Nice game, right? But it's about to end."

There was a sudden flash of white as Austin pointed his sword at the Scarlet Sword Boar, his eyes sharp.

Now it was time to put an end to it.

The animal's blood boiled with rage as it seemed to know what Austin meant to do as well.

Its scarlet, bloodshot eyes had gone mad. The bristles on its body stood on their ends and hardened into steel needle-like points. Moreover, it grew larger in size which made it even more powerful and aggressive.

With a flash of the sword, Austin attacked first.

The Scarlet Sword Boar opened its mouth and roared. It kicked the ground hard with its heavy feet and pounced upon Austin like a rocket.

When they got closer to each other, Austin suddenly smirked. He bent down and got under the Scarlet Sword Boar.

A beautiful arch formed in the air as he wielded his sword.

It was called Cloud Swordsmanship, a second grade swordsmanship that Austin learned at the Sun Sect.

There was a ripping sound of something being cut open.

Blood spurted out from the boar's body all over the place, and its innards and other body parts burst out and got scattered everywhere.

Then, there was a loud crash.

The earth seemed to quake when the oversized Scarlet Sword Boar fell down heavily on the clearing. Its impact made a deep pit on the ground.

Although the Scarlet Sword Boar's skin was as hard as steel, it had a weakness: its lower abdomen was soft and vulnerable.

Of course, Austin knew that. However, he didn't directly attack its weak spot until the end as he wanted to practice his skills. Otherwise, the beast would've been dead as soon as the fight started.

After a while, Austin pulled his sword back and stared into the depths of the Beast Mountain. The deeper he went into the mountain, the more dangerous it would become.

But, ther

ed. Some of them were amazed or admired him while others laughed at him.

However, most of these outer disciples were newcomers to the Sun Sect and had been members for only less than three years.

Although most of the new ones had heard about the legendary Austin—who had become the first outer disciple and later became known as an idiot, they didn't know how he looked like.

Every outer disciple who had been in the Sun Sect for a long time had already been through the dangerous adventure in the Beast Mountain.

Those who had succeeded were promoted to an inner disciple, some even core disciple. Others left the Sun Sect to seek further development. Meanwhile, those who hadn't made any progress in a long time already gave up and refused to go to the Beast Mountain anymore.

Only the newcomers would be here.

There were two or three teams that previously invited Austin to join them, but he politely declined.

Although Austin was only on the fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm, he had two best cards—Wind-commanding Skill and spiritual sense.

With his spiritual sense, Austin could know the level of the beasts that he would meet from far away. If it was an easy one, then he would go ahead and kill it; otherwise, he would run away.

And with his Wind-commanding Skill—a fifth grade bodily movement skill, he could easily beat most of the level one or two demonic beasts and diabolic beasts.

He would only feel a little stressed when he was faced with demonic beasts or diabolic beasts that were famous for their speed.

That was why Austin didn't want to be in a team.

The gains would be split after the fight was over, and what he would've gotten would be much less.

Besides, it wasn't always convenient to be in a team. One had to spend a lot of time waiting or covering for others.

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