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   Chapter 34 Setting Off On A Treacherous Adventure (Part One)

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It was widely known that Beast Mountain was a dangerous place in the Prime Martial World. Specifically, it was a small ridge that stretched from the side of the Grand Desolation Mountain.

Most of the creatures living in Beast Mountain were low-level monster beasts, demonic beasts, and diabolic beasts.

But for many disciples who were merely at the first or second level, those beasts posed quite a threat.

These beasts were born stronger than human beings. Some that descended from special bloodlines also possessed magic power.

However, disciples knew that danger often came with risks as well as opportunities.

Cultivators could hunt in the Beast Mountain for the cores of the beasts that lived there. They could also collect assorted herbs and use them during their practice, or else, trade them for other resources that their training required.

Moreover, actual combat with various beasts was one of the most efficient ways to improve one's cultivation base.

It could be said that practicing at Beast Mountain was a must for all low-ranked disciples of Sun Sect.

During their stay at Beast Mountain, some disciples found surprises and opportunities, while others lost their lives.

At this moment, a small group of five young men and two women arrived at the front entrance of Beast Mountain.

The two people walking in the front were a man and a woman. The man was named Marvin Su. He was tall and handsome. As he cooled himself with a fan made of white jade, he looked quite elegant.

The woman was Lara Tang. She was also tall and slim. On this day, she had chosen to wear delicate makeup. She appeared as noble and graceful as a princess. Obviously, the two were taking the lead.

Two years ago, Lara Tang join

it would all work out.

After all, he had been to Beast Mountain several times. Nothing in it was threatening to him anymore.

Meanwhile, the other five outer disciples seemed tense and cautious.

Considering that many outer disciples died in the mountain every year, there was still a very real possibility that these five disciples, who were all at the fourth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, might get hurt or worse. And so, they dared not be overconfident.

At the sight of the grave expressions of their faces, Lara Tang could not help but snicker. Then, she said scornfully, "A bunch of cowards. Scared even before you step into the mountain."

A fork in the road appeared as the seven disciples rounded a hill.

A towering tree stood at the fork. Its numerous branches extended very far, and its leaves were green and thick. From afar, it looked like a gigantic umbrella.

Under the tree sat a middle-aged man with his legs crossed. He seemed rather ordinary in linen clothes.

His eyes were closed, and his body was still as if he were a statue.

Next to him stood a young man around seventeen in a grey-and-white robe. That was Austin.

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