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   Chapter 28 Austin's Veins Boil In Fury (Part Two)

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Today, however, a girl just stuck up for him, while another stood beside him after helping him up.

His head instantly went blank. Miraculously, he couldn't feel any pain in his badly bruised body, but Evan's heart was thumping violently in his chest.

"Denali is sticking up for Evan?" the crowd murmured.

Other onlookers were bemused.

It was not the first time Matias and his men attacked those weaker than themselves. And this did not sit well with Denali who refused to go along with the bullying.

In the past, however, she never interfered with them or defended any of their victims.

There were whispers around them. "How freaking lucky Evan is today. Denali just came forward to speak for him!"

All the male grunt disciples acknowledged that Denali was the most beautiful woman. In their eyes, she was as untouchable as a goddess.

It was considered an honor by any male grunt disciple if he managed to have a few words with Denali.

At that very moment, several male grunt disciples with a huge crush on the beautiful lady were growing quite jealous of Evan.

"How I wish I were the one Jesse was beating. If that were the case, I would have the chance to examine my goddess at close range, wouldn't I?" someone muttered.

"Bah! He, a grunt disciple at the first level of the Energy Gathering Realm, does not deserve the honor of being in the same sect with me. A weak guy like him would only disgrace our Sun Sect! Denali, you have nothing to do with this. So, mind your own business!"

Jesse bellowed the words, afraid to lose face.

In the middle of this, Matias caught sight of Denali, and his eyes lit up. The haughty expression that he usually had disappeared. Instead, the man strode over to the girl and gave her an amiable look.

As he walked towards Denali, Matias unintentionally eyed her willowy waist and tantalizing curves.

The girl, after all, had been widely acknowledged as the most attractive beauty among grunt disciples.

Meanwhile, Matias had been recognized as the strongest. Therefore, it had always been his belief that only a hero like himself deserved to be with Denali.

"Fellow sister Li, you know it's normal for disciples of the same sect to challenge one another occasionally. So, why not just stay and watch?

Also, I happen to have many insights on martial arts practice to share with you. How about we go over there and talk?" he invited Denali.

Because he thought of himself as superior to others, Matias always behaved very arrogantly and seldom smiled. But now, he was beaming exuberantly at the sight of Denali.

"Not interested," Denali snapped.

Her reply and expression were frosty, and she even didn't cast a glance at Matias.

At her remark, Matias' face fell. Although he never uttered a word, his insides were burning with rage. 'You ungrateful bitch!

Sooner or later, you will become my toy. And when that time comes, I will show you my power, ' he thought.

Instead of speaking, Matias threw Jesse a look, which the latter immediately understood so he began to approach Evan with a sneer.

"Jesse, today there is no way you can harm Evan," Denali called out.

As she spoke to stop him, her face remained impassive.

"Fellow sister Li, I advise you to stay out of this.

You do know that no one

who upsets me has a good ending."

It was Matias who issued the threat. In a flash, he darted forward and now stood in Denali's way. At the same time, he signaled Jesse to move quickly.

"You dare!" Denali shouted.

Her gorgeous eyes were now round with rage, and her eyebrows arched dangerously.

But Matias had no intention of moving and did not budge.

The pretty face took on an icier look. She let out a gale of cold laughter before saying, "Fine! Today, I'll take a shot to challenge our smart fellow brother Deng."

At her pronouncement, Matias' eyes sharpened. Denali's challenge bewildered the man. "Fellow sister Li, you're doing all this just for Evan?

Is he really worth the trouble?" Matias taunted.

"Janie Xu, get out of my way!" Jesse snapped at the girl supporting Evan. He was now furious at the attention Evan was receiving.

Taken aback by Jesse's abrupt command, Janie quickly stepped aside to obey.

A while ago, she only helped Evan because of Denali's urgent request.

The truth was she was unwilling to do this because, for one, Evan was a low-ranked disciple from a destitute family, and he was not the sort of man she paid attention to.

There was also the fact that she was at the second level of the Energy Gathering Realm, while Jesse was at the third level. She certainly didn't want to go against Jesse to benefit Evan!

Seeing Janie more cooperative, Jesse threw a gloating smile and felt he had recovered some of his esteem.

Then with a chilling sneer, he released all his vital energy. He was aiming at Evan's face, his two fists filled with all his power ready to charge forward, bringing with it a gust of wind.

Denali had just rebuked him in public. Given Jesse's nature, he was the type to seek revenge for even the slightest offense, so he was in a terrible mood and needed to take it out on someone.

Unfortunately, he had chosen Evan to vent his anger on.

Watching the fists shoot toward him, Evan knew there was no time to dodge the blow. Their images grew larger and larger before his eyes, so he simply closed his eyes in resignation.

'Tin, take care of yourself when I'm gone.'

He uttered the words in his head, while waiting for the inevitable.

"Oh, gee!"

As he closed his eyes, there was a commotion in the crowd, and he could hear people talking excitedly.

Then he heard a muffled thud before him, as a blast of air made his face quiver. However, the pain he had imagined did not descend upon him.

Warily, Evan opened his eyes into two slits to check out what was happening. The next scene stunned him. A fair and thin hand reached out from behind him and easily fended off the fierce wind that came from Jesse's fists.

Wheeling around quickly, Evan saw a spindly young man with a soothing smile standing there.

"Tin!" Evan cried out of joy.

He was so overjoyed at the sight of his friend.

"Well done, Evan. You didn't bring me any shame," Austin comforted his friend.

A cursory inspection showed him still bleeding cuts and several bruises all over Evan's body, and Austin felt a mixed rush of anguish and gratitude surge in his chest.

At this point, all eyes darted towards Austin, who looked rather thin and weak. Suddenly, it became clear to all that he was the source of today's farce.

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