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   Chapter 26 The Wind-commanding Skill

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The night air was quiet except for Austin's short puffs of breath when he slowed down a little. He used the rest of the pill he had swallowed earlier to strengthen his power, as he had just reached the fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm.

Half an hour later, his body had completely absorbed the elixir.

He looked inside his body and saw the thick, dense amount of vital energy that flowed through him. It was definitely more concentrated than before.

At this fourth level, he was now stabilized and had even better understanding of energy use than most people in the same grade. His energy was also more concentrated than those who had been in this stage for a longer time.

In combat, there were other factors to consider aside from one's stage—for example, the quality of one's vital energy.

Two warriors at the same level could have vastly different qualities of vital energy. Some people's foundations were weakly established, so their vital energy was thin and unstable. Others' were firm, thus their vital energy was strong and dense.

Now, Austin had collected enough energy and his stage had jumped from level two to level four. However, his very noticeable advance was a natural one.

He was once a warrior at the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm, and had corresponding understanding about energy and skills. This allowed his improvements to be built on a solid foundation.

Moreover, he would stop for a while to stabilize himself whenever he re-climbed to the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm. High realm level and solid energy storage were equally important to warriors.

Austin was satisfied with his achievements. He even did a set of exercises to stretch his sore limbs.

Then he sat cross-legged on the floor again, and took out a pamphlet—which he had previously looted from Rafat, from his storage. The title of the book read "Wind-commanding Skill."

His fingers lifted the cover and he started to read the first page, "Wind is a fundamental force that had existed since the beginning of heaven and earth. It is formed by the essence of the five basic elements. It is invisible in shape or color, but tangible to one's touch."

"It can be soft, and also fierce. When a breeze flows, it kisses the rustling grass and rippling rivers with its amorous fingers. When a gale roars by, it blows roofs off houses and uproots large trees."

"The power of wind can also be used in combat. The person who studies this book will learn how to use the power of wind. His movements are elusive as wind and his attacks hide in the wind."

"Above all, the Wind-commanding Skill is a bodily movement skill. It is recorded in five sections: Feeling the Wind, Knowing the Wind, Using the Wind, Conforming to the Wind, and Hiding in the Wind. By reading this book thoroughly, one will learn to wield the ultimate source of power. He who uses the wind is the wind."

Those were what the general principles read.

The introduction stated that when a person had mastered the skill, he could hide himself in the wind.

Austin couldn't help but sigh emotionally. This Wind-commanding Skill was both mysterious and natural, delicate, and free from any frame. He had never seen any bodily movement skill like it before.

It was also one of those advanced martial art skills as well—it was a grade-fifth in terms of quality. He believed that the skill would be quite powerful.

He couldn't wait to read and learn more.

His eyes read the first section of the text, "Feeling the Wind," several times until every detail was embedded in his mind. Then, he stood up, walked outside the hut, and climbed on top of a ridge.

The forest was deserted at midnight. Everything was still and quiet.

A deep breath escaped Austin's lips. He ran the vital energy inside him and directed it to the key points as stated in the book. In just a short time, he had adjusted every part of his body to its most sensitive state.

He closed his eyes under the bright moonlight, and quietly felt for the wind.

His body seemed to have picked up something.

'The wind…I seem to have sensed it...' he thought.

All his senses were heightened in meditation.

The wind began to make itself known to him as it circled around the forest.

The night wind gently blew across his face, hair, and clothes from time to time.

However, it ceased more often. It was as if the breeze never appeared at all.

Time slowly passed by in the silent forest.

One hour. Two hours. Three hours.

A few hours had passed, but Austin remained still. He was completely immersed in his search for the wind, and stood motionless like a statue.

A few moments later, the shape of the wind gradually became clear in his mind, as if he had seen a map of it. He felt the breeze blew at him, then the mountain wind came out of the woods and rustled in the trees.

The winds ruffled the treetops and made the leaves fall. The grass around the hut fluttered in the breeze, and the corners of his clothes billowed gently.

Austin carefully felt the wind, as his mind followed its movement.

He also sensed some slight wind

s of the night breeze.

Like the soft hands of a shy maiden, it touched the thick blades of grass coltishly. Then the breeze brushed his face, and gently blew away a few strands of hair.

A soft, faint wind gently circled the air a while later. It blew over the tops of the grass without swaying them.

The night fog hung in the air and swirled into a mysterious shape—the shape of wind. A wisp of smoke was blown away every now and then.

'I've sensed it...

I've sensed the wind...'

Austin seemed to realize something at that moment. His perception of the wind became deeper.

He immersed himself in feeling the wind all night long, and wholeheartedly observed its every wisp that blew through the surroundings with his mind.

A little while later, the warmth of the first rays of sunshine had woken him up. Austin sobered up and suddenly realized that the whole night had passed.

He thought of the past night and felt that he benefited so much from his practice. No wonder that the Wind-commanding Skill was an advanced refining technique.

In just one night's worth of practice, Austin's understanding of bodily movement skills had improved.

His body suddenly moved. He smoothly rushed forward like a flexible fish, his movements greatly agile. That was the Fish Swimming Pace, a bodily movement skill he had previously practiced. He was trying to integrate some Wind-commanding Skill in it.

He succeeded. His movements were as swift as a fish that bolted through the water, and as agile as a falcon that soared in the sky, exquisite and elegant.

There was also some power of the wind in his vital energy now, which made his footsteps elusive and unpredictable.

A loud laugh tumbled from Austin's mouth. He ran faster and faster, and left traces of residual shadows behind in his rapid movement. They were like dozens of figures that appeared in the open space before the hut.

Finally, he came to a halt and all the figures instantly disappeared. He breathed deeply and laughed out loud again. He looked so effortless when he ran that not even a drop of sweat was seen on his forehead.

Right now, Austin felt as carefree as a bird.

Then he went back to the hut, sat down, and meditated. Vital energy ran in a circle around him, and drove away the fatigue and boosted his spirit.

By this time, the grunt disciples had woken up. They began their morning ritual of washing and dressing in indistinct chatter.

After a while, thousands of grunt disciples had started their day. The activity area became lively.

The noise had reached Austin and woke him up from his meditation. He couldn't cultivate skills in this noisy environment.

It looked like he had to find a quiet place that would be fit for his future cultivation soon.

He also had to improve his strength—the sooner, the better. Before long, he would be sent to the Beast Mountain for experience and toughening, and the fourth level of Energy Gathering Realm wasn't enough to survive the trial.

Now, Austin had to compete against time to strengthen his abilities.

"Austin! Austin!" an anxious voice yelled from afar.

It gradually became louder which meant that someone was coming.

Then, a gasping figure broke inside the small hut and roused Austin from his thoughts.

He opened his eyes, and was shocked to see who was in front of him.

The visitor was a grunt disciple named Tim, who was always bullied by the others. Like Evan, Tim was also Austin's friend—or rather, one of his only two friends.

He quickly breathed in and out first before regaining his composure.

"Austin, Matias and his men are beating Evan up. You have to help him! Evan is now hurt! He may die!" Tim begged worriedly.

He knew that Austin could save Evan. Not only him, but all the grunt disciples had heard about Austin's recovery.

Ever since he had beaten up Bates the other day, no one dared to treat him lowly again, but with fear and flattery instead.

Austin's eyes glinted sharply at Tim's words.

"How dare they! Take me to Evan!" he said.

A sudden burst of anger burned inside him, and he immediately stood up.

A shiver ran down Tim's spine when he saw Austin's seething eyes, but he quickly reacted and led the way.

Everyone had their own breaking points. And, Evan was Austin's breaking point.

'Matias! You'll regret what you've done in hell!' he swore inwardly.

He balled his hands into fists so hard, that his knuckles turned white.

Tim, who led the way, sensed Austin's rage and felt scared.


A figure fell backward, and left a long drag mark behind him.

His back slumped against a vat and pulled it down with him, then they rolled several times on the ground before he finally stopped.

"You miserable wretch! I say you've asked for this! You have no idea about the current situation, do you? Since you've chosen the idiot, you're also against us. Now, I'll tell you the consequences. I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" a male voice shouted.

A boy in blue shook his fist proudly. He was arrogant, and took delight in ridiculing a distressed Evan.

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