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   Chapter 20 Learning Their Lessons The Hard Way! (Part Two)

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They looked at Austin as if he was a dangerous snake.

"You fool–," they bellowed but stopped abruptly.

Their attitude full of contempt, disdain, and ridicule had disappeared. Now, they were gasping with great astonishment and fear.

"You two are really brazen and still dared to call me a fool again!"

Austin burst out angrily. The last time they called him a fool finally irritated him. He was overwhelmed by anger and his eyes grew colder. The only thought he had now was to punish them harder.

He immediately walked in front of them and kicked them fiercely.

Extremely stunned, the two grunt disciples turned and were about to run away, but they were not quick enough to escape on time.

After two banging sounds, the two disciples flew high like a paper kite but hit the ground hard within a second. Because of the pain, they kept whining on the ground.

Still unable to work off his anger, Austin suddenly exercised a special skill and instantly arrived in front of the two disciples.

It was a martial arts skill at second grade created by the Sun Sect which he was quite familiar with. It was called Fish Swimming Pace.

A crackling sound rang out as if a string of firecrackers was set off. That sound was generated by Austin who was slapping their faces even harder. After quite a long time, he finally stopped and had no idea how many slaps he had given them.

"Do you still dare to call me a fool?"

He warned aloud after the slaps stopped.

"No! Just please spare our lives! We won't do it again! Please!"

After the two men were furiously beaten up by Austin, they completely broke down. With tears and snot all over their faces, they desperately begged for his mercy.

When Austin didn't respond, the tall disciple begged again, "Hero, please let us go! We won't do anything stupid again!"

"Hero Austin, it's my fault. I am too ignorant and stupid. You are a wise man and I'm really blind to call you a fool," the short disciple said earnestly. They were seriously injured now and learned their lesson in a hard way.

"This is just a little punishment. If you dare to do that again, you two will be dead meat!"

Now that his anger had vanished, he didn't plan to kill them. Thus, he put his hands behind his back and walked towards Evan leisurely.

The two grunt disciples moaned painfully and could not get up for quite a while.

Their cheeks were swollen in an exaggerated way, and their eyes were so swollen that they could barely see things clearly. If other disciples saw them now, they wouldn't recognize them at once.

It was unknown how many times Austin had been bullied over the past three years. Almost all the grunt disciples bullied him any chance they could get.

Regardless of what they were doing, they would bully Austin whenever they met him. They would give him a cold sneer, hit his head, or kick his fee

t a few times.

Some of them would force Austin to do all kinds of chores, and even beat him up until his whole body bruised.

But every time Austin was bullied, Evan would try his best to find a way to get him out of trouble. It was also unknown how many hardships Evan had suffered.

As a result, Evan would feel terribly worried for Austin and scared of those who bullied him.

In fact, when they met Bates just now, Evan felt quite uneasy and nervous as he didn't know if they could get out of this trouble this time.

But today, it was as if God was on their side. With a blink of an eye, he saw Austin beat up the two grunt disciples so easily.

Evan stood in silence while his jaw dropped in disbelief. He thought he was dreaming.

'Austin has regained his martial arts skills?' he wondered.

Meanwhile, he exclaimed, "Tin, are we in a dream right now?"

"Evan, it's the middle of the day! You can even see the sun shining. How can you say you are in a dream?"

Austin said, pretending to be mad at him.

"It's just that I still can't believe what happened. Why don't you pinch my arm and let me feel if it hurts?"

Evan recommended.

"What? What the heck do you want me to do?" Austin said helplessly.

But he stretched out his hand and gave a sharp pinch on Evan's arm.

"Ah…" Evan screamed painfully.

"Well, that hurts, so I guess it's true, Tin. You really have regained your skills. I'm happy for you, my friend. I really am. This time, our destiny will be changed completely. I believe no one will dare to bully us anymore," Evan said in a happy tone.

Austin used to be at the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm, the number one disciple among all the outer disciples. At that time, he was so popular and awesome, and Evan also enjoyed a lot of happy days as a good friend of Austin.

'But the last three years was really in sharp contrast with those past cozy days, ' Evan thought.

"My strength has not fully recovered yet, but my current strength is good enough to deal with these rats," Austin said with a smile and nodded.

'What just happened?' Bates asked himself.

He just stood there, looking completely startled and silent.

Watching his two companions being slapped furiously in the face by Austin, he could not help but doubt and feel terribly shocked.

'Is this fool capable of witchcraft? And why didn't they attack him and just simply let him slap them in the face?

And he doesn't look like a fool anymore. Does that mean he has regained the strength of his martial arts?' his mind was racing with thoughts.

At the same time, he also remembered when Austin used to be the number one disciple among the outer disciples.

If Austin indeed regained his previous skills, the skills of ten Bates combined would not suffice to hurt Austin even a tiny bit. Bates began to feel some remorse in his heart.

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