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   Chapter 19 Learning Their Lessons The Hard Way! (Part One)

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Bates' two followers seconded the insulting suggestion and clapped their hands loudly and evilly. As loyal followers of Bates, they were used to bullying those weaker than them.

And since they often received benefits and gifts from Bates, they would always toady to him every chance they could get.

"Bates, please don't overdo it. If you let Austin go, I'll help you with your chores for ten days," Evan said in a hurry.

Over the past three years, whenever Austin was being bullied by others, Evan would often do chores for them in exchange for his friend's safety. And today was no different.

"No! You can't save this fool this time even if you help me with a month's chores. You fool, why don't you crawl under my crotch quickly?"

Bates snapped as he sneered expecting Austin to be humiliated.

"Damn it! Why don't do as you are asked? You fool, do you want to rebel against Bates' wish?" the two grunt disciples roared furiously when Austin didn't move.

Then, they walked towards Austin and surrounded him. They tried to push Austin to the ground and let him chew mud. It was an old trick they had used on him before.

Knowing their motive, Evan grabbed Austin's hand immediately and dragged him to escape from the site.

But Austin's feet were like deeply rooted on the ground with the help of his vital energy. No matter how hard he tried, Evan couldn't drag him away at all.

Then he heard Austin say calmly," Evan, it doesn't matter. Let them try."

Austin smiled at his friend without a trace of fear.

"Tin, are you sure?"

Evan asked doubtfully.

Austin nodded. Then he coldly looked at Bates and his two followers and decided to teach them a good lesson today.

'Why isn't this fool acting like a fool anymore?'

Looking at Austin's confidence and calmness, Bates and his other two companions started to doubt.

In the past, when the three stopped Austin on purpose, he would have been at a loss. Fear and uneasiness would instantly show in his face at the sight of Bates and his companions.

But now, it was as if they were facing a different Austin. Bates exchanged a glance with his companions and beckoned them to push Austin on the ground.

The two men could not wait to teach Austin a lesson, so at once, they walked up to Austin's side.

They flanked Austin and reached out their hands to grab his arms and push him to the ground.

Immediately, the sound of the two being slapped echoed in the site. Evan found the sound painful but pleasant.

Austin was now at the third level of Energy Gathering Realm, one level higher than the two grunt disciples.

In addition, Austin used to be at the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm. So, in terms of martial arts cultivation and the perception, he was far more outstanding than the two grunt disciples.

As a result, he effortlessly slapped them hard in the


The two grunt disciples didn't have time to dodge it, thus Austin's hands landed on their faces.

Because of the force, five red fingerprints marked on their terribly swollen faces.

Austin looked at them leisurely with his hands on his back. He sneered at them and said," Do you really want to die now?"

Covering their faces painfully, the grunt disciples roared with overwhelming rage.

It never occurred to them that the fool they used to bully at their wish now had the nerve to slap them in the face!

Terribly alarmed and humiliated, they madly rushed to Austin to attack him with their highest level of the martial arts they knew.

But suddenly, the tall grunt disciple on Austin's left felt a shudder all over his body. He felt like his head was being slammed violently.

He stumbled a few steps back with his hands over his head and his twisted face grimaced in pain.

Upon seeing his companion's pain, the short and fat disciple on Austin's right was startled. He abruptly stopped and worriedly asked," What's the matter with you, Lane?"

While he was concerned over his friend's state, he caught a glimpse of Austin who was staring at him coldly, and he couldn't help but shiver.

He thought, 'This fool is a little odd today.'

Yet, he shouted subconsciously," You fool, what do you want?" Although he sounded pretty confident, deep down he was already panicking and fear could be seen in his eyes.

When Austin sensed the panic in this disciple, a sarcastic sneer crossed his face. He threatened in a cold tone," Do you like calling me a fool? Well, then you should try it as well!"

The short fat disciple was stunned and wondered, 'Try what?'

While he was trying to figure it out, the disciple suddenly felt like his head was being punched by a sharp iron needle.

The unbearable pain spread quickly in his head, and he cried out loudly with his hands over his head.

It was the first time that Austin tried the power of attack launched by his Spiritual Sense Flying Needle. And he wasn't expecting this good effect on his first trial. He could not help but feel satisfied.

He hummed twice and snapped," If I don't teach you a good lesson today, you will continue to bully me and think of me as a fool!"

As he finished, he raised his hand and slapped their faces quickly. Instantly, the sound of four crisp slaps echoed again.

The two grunt disciples' spiritual senses were attacked, and their heads were in severe pain as if they were splitting from the inside. They felt dizzy and started losing their senses.

Their vital energy level was one level lower than that of Austin.

Thus, it was impossible for them to avoid the slaps of Austin. Now their cheek on each side was swollen up with a red clear slap mark.

The two grunt disciples stepped back a few steps with their hands on their swollen cheeks.

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