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   Chapter 16 The Spiritual Sense Flying Needle (Part One)

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Austin wasn't convinced that the pendant was ordinary because when Rafat attacked Austin's chest with that last dreadful move, it suddenly lit brightly.

It put Rafat to his immediate death and his right arm was reduced into dregs.

When Rafat launched his final move against Austin, the strengths that he harnessed were as mighty as those who had reached the Earth Realm.

But as his final move was resisted by the jade pendant, Rafat was instantly killed. This meant that the pendant was effective for withstanding assaults launched by people at the Earth Realm. This little pendant was amazing!

After some thoughts, Austin concluded, 'This jade pendant may not look special on the outside, but there could be something extraordinary inside.

Maybe if I use my power of spiritual sense, I can detect what the power of this pendant holds.'

He activated his power of spiritual sense right away to perceive if there was anything special about the pendant that couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

Upon activating his power of spiritual sense, Austin suddenly felt a little wobbly.

Then, he was shocked to notice that he was somewhat in an overcast space.

Austin examined his body and felt relieved to know that he was still in a complete human form. But he was still a little confused because this wasn't his usual form whenever he activated his power of spiritual sense.

He was certain that he didn't have a human body now.

'Is this my spiritual soul?' he thought to himself.

After some further thoughts, Austin understood what happened.

The power of spiritual sense was the power of one's spiritual soul.

However, warriors with mediocre achievements in cultivation usually couldn't feel their own spiritual soul.

In other words, the sense was a manifestation of spiritual soul. It would be possible for one to transform his sense into the power of spiritual sense if his spiritual soul is powerful. Only by then that the spiritual sense could be physically and visibly presented.

Austin inferred that it was his spiritual soul that had entered this space.

He was surprised to know that this jade pendant had an internal space and it was an unusual one.

This seeming ordinary pendant had become mysterious in Austin's mind.

It looked extremely desolate, gloomy, and grave as if it was an uncivilized and uncultivated area in an ancient era. But it also felt tranquil.

Glancing over the place, Austin saw nothing but a vast, boundless, and dusky space.

When he tried to breathe, he was stunned to discover that space was filled with an amazing amount of vital energy which was nearly ten times higher than that outside the space.

Austin walked around expecting to find something, but to no avail.

Inside this space, Austin could see nothing but dusky surroundings.

He closed his eyes to activate his power of spiritual sense to sense all things around him.

After a moment of silence, he still failed.

It seemed that nothing existed in this internal space of this jade pendant.

While Austin was still full of questions and doubts in his mind, a streak of white light suddenly glittered, and something swiftly jetted towards him.

It stopped and floated above Austin.

Austin was in awe at the sight of it. He walked a little closer to the thing to see it more clearly. He found out that it was an ol

d and plain jade slip which looked warm. It beamed with bright light.

Austin tried to get the jade slip.

But before he could touch it, the jade slip trembled and emitted a 7-color flowing streak of light which pierced into Austin's head.

When the light hit his head, information started to flood in his mind. It was clear as the day.

As he skimmed through the information, he found something interesting.

'Spiritual sense flying needle? It seems to be a rare martial skill that is somewhat related to the spiritual sense.

Wow! A lucky day indeed!' thought Austin.

He could still clearly remember his failures in acquiring a fighting skill when he cultivated as an outer disciple at Sun Sect. It seemed to be like yesterday.

But today, he had been so fortunate to have acquired martial skills one after another. These were even higher-grade martial skills than the Wind-commanding Skill. …

'I used to be unlucky. I even stepped on a dog poop when I was walking on a road.

But now, I think luck is on my side. Good fortunes come to me one after another beyond! I can't believe it!'

In the Prime Martial World, very few martial skills were related to the spiritual sense.

But this didn't mean that these martial skills were the least mighty of all.

Rather, the warriors cultivating spiritual sense-based martial skills were more powerful. Many of these warriors were even able to battle across levels because the power of spiritual sense was intangible, invisible, and hard to resist.

Most skill moves were visible which made them predictable. However, for the power of spiritual sense, all moves were invisible which made it hard to dodge.

After carefully viewing the information, Austin finally realized that to master the use of the spiritual sense flying needle, he had to refine his own spiritual sense and turned it into spiritual sense flying needles. Once he mastered this skill, he could attack his opponents' brains with the needles to harm their spiritual soul.

If one's spiritual soul was harmed, the person would be frightened out of his wit and could be put in a daze if the damage was serious.

To practice this martial arts skill, one must at least be able to harness the vital energy of the Earth Realm.

Although Austin's current vital energy was at a very low level, his current power of spiritual sense was mighty to certain extent which could be at par with the Earth Realm.

Thus, he concluded that he would be eligible for cultivating that martial arts skill.

No matter what, he wanted to try practicing the skill at first with his power of spiritual sense.

Anyway, it was one of his strengths, and in his opinion, it was wise for people to make use of their strengths.

If he successfully mastered this martial arts skill, his attacks would be illusory and invisible so that it would become rather difficult for his opponents to dodge it.

This could be one of his precious prominent tactics, and he would be capable of using this extraordinary skill for fighting against his enemies.

After that mystical martial arts skill was shown to him, his attention was now focused on it.

Austin was firmly determined to practice that martial arts skill right away.

Prior to his cultivation of this skill, he carefully and prudently summed up the ways for using the spiritual sense flying needles.

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