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   Chapter 12 Is This What I Get From Saving You (Part Two)

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Austin felt embarrassed for himself that the girl he just saved shouted at him as if he was a molester.

He thought again with anger, 'She should've thanked me! But instead, she called me an asshole! The real asshole is dead, woman!'

He suddenly recalled the moment when Rafat wrestled Denali to the ground and stripped off her nightgown revealing her white skin and firm breasts. Thinking of this made his mouth parched and tongue scorched in lust. Austin couldn't help but swallow to quench his thirst.

When Austin looked away, Denali relaxed a little bit.

She picked up her nightgown and got dressed as quickly as she could. Then she straightened her clothes repeatedly.

When she had made sure that all the buttons were already fastened, she let out a sigh of relief.

'What is happening?

Have I already recovered my strength?'

As she was getting dressed, Denali noticed that her hands and feet were no longer soft and limp.

It seemed that Rafat only temporarily blocked the energy flow instead of fully nullifying her energy.

He was only after her feminine energy. When Rafat was interrupted but Austin, Denali's veins slowly cleared up allowing energy to spontaneously generate.

Denali directed her vital energy in all corners of her body and found that she had fully recovered after examining herself.

She sighed of relief and felt her heart lightened up.

Finally, tonight's ordeal was over.

"I'm done. You may turn around if you please.

Have we met before?"

Denali was now in a mood of conversations. She glanced at Austin from head to toe and studied his face.

Earlier, when she was still naked, she didn't have time to take a good look at him.

But now, as she looked at him thoughtfully, she had a feeling that she had met him before.

"Wait… I think I know you!

Are you him?"

Denali's face was filled with surprise when she finally recognized him. He looked like that unlucky outer disciple who was considered a nut and fool.

But Denali wasn't sure.

From what she witnessed earlier, the young man in front of her was strong, skillful and intellectually superior.

There was no way the young man could be that idiot and laughingstock.

But there was something in him that Denali could not shake off. After she looked at him more thoughtfully, she was finally convinced.

He was indeed that guy! She had met him before when he was still regarded as an idiot.

"It is really you! You are that idiot, aren't you?

Oh my, yes! You are indeed!"

Denali exclaimed with disbelief and excitement.

She covered her mouth with her hands, and her face showed horror and amazement.

It was unbelievable. He was the outer disciple who was bullied and called a fool.

But he had changed. He was no longer the fool he was, based on Denali's assessment.

How could one change from being a fool to an extremely powerful person?

She hadn't recovered from the shock of earlier events, but then again, she was treated to another surprise.

Meanwhile, when Austin heard the word "idiot", his face changed.

He looked at her coldly as ice and the smile on his face vanished.

From what she was saying, it seemed to Austin that the girl was one of those people who had looked down on him and discriminated him in the past three years.

The more he thought about it, the colder his expression turned.

After all, Austin wasn't the kind of man who would show kindness for evil. He didn't care to turn his other cheek to people.

Denali had mixed feelings, too. She looked at Austin with

disbelief, as her heartbeat raced rapidly.

For the past three years, Austin had been a complete fool in her eyes.

But tonight, he showed up and saved her from the crisis with his wits and capability.

Was he just playing fool then? But why did he suddenly discard his pretense? What was the point of all the humiliations?

If he was indeed just playing a fool, how did he endure the three years of discrimination and contempt?

She had never met a person with such shrewdness.

As the thought crossed her mind, Denali had all the reasons to be cautious. She decided to have as little contact with him as possible.

Fear and suspicion overwhelmed her, and it started to show on her face.

When Austin noticed the change in Denali's emotions, he sneered scornfully.

He taunted with a snort, "What's that look on your face? Are you scared? There's nothing for you to be scared about. I don't mess with people who don't mess with me. I have nothing to do with you, and I don't plan on having anything to do with you at all. Now, do what you must. Just remember, nothing happened tonight."

For Austin, this woman was shameless and disgusting, despite her pretty face. He just risked his life for her, but despite that, this was the gratitude he would get—suspicion and doubt. He thought that the woman had already forgotten what he did to save her life.

Denali guiltily averted her eyes. She wasn't stupid and knew that she had been rude to him.

He saved her from Rafat, but all she gave to him in return was suspicion and doubt.

Perhaps she misinterpreted his intention. She knew she wasn't in any position to judge him or ask him the reasons why he pretended to be a fool for three years. It was not polite of her to be suspicious of him after he saved her life.

After saying all that he wanted to say, he turned and walked away.

He went out into the woods, found a soft spot and dug a hole in it. After that, he threw Rafat's body in the hole and covered it again with soil.

"If it's not too much to ask, that is if you still have conscience, do not say a word to other people about what happened tonight and what happened about me. Not a word to anyone, even if they were your closest confidants. From now on, we have never met each other."

Austin felt that there was no need to let others know about what happened tonight.

As a disciple of Sun Sect, he did what was right and just.

He killed an intruder who assaulted a grunt disciple of his sect. And if the elders of Sun Sect learned about his deeds, he might be praised.

But Austin would rather not risk the danger. He might expose himself to unfriendly eyes. After all, he was reborn to this life to survive and thrive, not to get himself into trouble. As a saying went, "Do not awaken a sleeping dragon". It was always better to keep a low profile.

With that, Austin strode away without looking back. Before long, he disappeared from Denali's sight.

"You! Why are you talking to me like that? Have I offended you?"

For unknown reasons, Denali felt ashamed and indignant at the same time. Tears were welling from her eyes, but she blinked them away.

Seeing the change in Austin's attitude, thinking what almost happened to her tonight, she felt like crying her heart out.

She tried so hard, but the feeling was just overwhelming. When she could no longer resist the raging tears, she yelled to the direction in which Austin had walked, "I won't tell anyone! I promise!"

Then, without looking back, she darted off in the opposite direction out of the woods.

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