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   Chapter 8 Risking His Life For A Strange Girl

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However, Austin didn't act immediately.

He thought, 'Rafat is at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm. He's more powerful than I am!

There's no way I can handle his strange body move skill!

It's not worth it. I won't risk my own life just to save a stranger!'

Traversing to the Prime Martial World, Austin was no longer impetuous and aggressive like he was in the modern world.

He now knew when to charge forward and when to retreat.

Lost in his own thoughts, Austin was suddenly interrupted by a voice from not afar.

"Hey, girl! Let's begin cultivating!"

Rafat said with a satanic smile, and then violently held Denali in his arms.

He started to strip her off. Rafat was expecting Denali to fight back, but to his surprise, the girl was extremely calm.

It was as if she had accepted her fate in the hands of Rafat.

Earlier, her initial reaction was to panic when she woke up and found herself tied down by a strange man.

After all, it would be the normal reaction of any young woman who would find themselves in Denali's situation.

But after she finally realized what situation she was in, she calmed herself down and started to figure a way to get out.

In the middle of the cold midnight, she had completely calmed down.

A fierce look flashed on her eyes as if something crossed her mind.

Austin, who was hiding behind a tree, noticed the change in her expression.

'What's going on? Why did she instantly become so calm?' he wondered.

At that moment, Rafat realized that Denali suddenly stopped struggling.

When he raised his head to look at her, he saw that Denali was staring at him with a strange expression.

He was surprised to see no trace of panic or fear in her fierce eyes.

Rafat saw Denali smirking at him.

"You–," Before he could finish, he felt that Denali's right hand was already against his mid-torso.

It was not good!

He sensed that something dangerous was about to happen to him.

Fearing for his life, he subconsciously activated his vital energy and stepped back.

But it was already too late!

A dazzling white light bursting from Denali's right hand hit his mid-torso instantly. His body suddenly arched.

He screeched as he was pushed backwards like a broken linen bag before slamming into the ground.

When he hit the ground, it was revealed that he had suffered a bleeding hole in his mid-torso with blood flowing out of it.

A Secret Weapon?

Austin's eyes were locked at the short sword-shaped weapon in Denali's hand.

He immediately recognized that it was a legendary secret weapon and it was indeed powerful!

Austin was suddenly overwhelmed by envy and jealousy.

"This is ridiculous! How can a grunt disciple like you own a secret weapon?"

Rafat covered his wound with his hands as he continuously coughed blood.

He couldn't take his eyes off the sword-shaped weapon in Denali's hand. He still couldn't believe that Denali had a secret weapon and he felt rage as he kept on looking at it.

Just one minute ago, the girl in front of him was feeble and delicate like a lamb.

But just as she was about to become his refining pot, she gave him a heavy blow.

Seeing the current state of Rafat's body, she was satisfied with the damage she had inflicted on her enemy. She flashed a gratified smile as she stroked the secret weapon on her hands.

She thought, 'No wonder Father gave this to me and repeatedly stressed that it could save my life.

It is indeed a powerful weapon.

Unfortunately, this is the last time I can use it.'

The secret weapon had already reached its activation limit. Denali originally intended to stab Rafat's chest with the secret weapon, but she failed.

Denali missed the shot when he raised his body looking at her, thus Denali only hit him in the mid-torso.

If she succeeded, Rafat would have already been dead now. Perhaps luck was on his side that he got to live another day.

The Secret Weapons were like treasures made by the weapon refiners that contained vital energy.

Once activated, the energy it contained would erupt.

The energy would then be transformed into a variety of attacks according to the presetting of the refiners.

The advanced secret weapons made by the refining masters were powerful enough to crush the mountains and even destroy both heaven and earth.

And because of their power and strength, these secret weapons cost a lot.

Given the cost of such weapon, Rafat didn't expect that a grunt disciple like Denali could own such a precious treasure.

This ignorance made him careless, and this was the advantage that Denali used against him.

In his mind, Rafat was still curious as to how a grunt disciple like Denali could have owned a secret weapon like that.

Being a senior at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm, Denali was like a junior to him. She was only at a level three of the same realm.

Meanwhile, Denali was struggling to get out of bed.

She tried to walk towards Rafat, but only after two steps, she could barely walk.

"Look at you!"

Rafat laughed out hysterically and coughed out a lot of blood at the same time.

"Damn you, bitch! Do you seriously thi

nk you can just go? Have you forgotten that your vital energy is confined by me? You're just lucky that I was careless that you got me with your dirty little trick!

You'll pay for what you did! I will not let you live another day! You go to hell!"

As he swept his hand, a red pill emerged. It must be a healing pill because Rafat swallowed it.

Austin, having a sharp eye for details, noticed that Rafat wore a Space Ring on his left middle finger from which the pill was taken out.

The Space Ring was used by the warriors in the Prime Martial World to store things.

It had an indefinite space inside it which could be used to store anything.

Meanwhile, Denali took out a sword-shaped secret weapon from her Space Ring as well.

After swallowing the pill, Rafat activated his vital energy to accelerate the drug effect.

He still couldn't stand up properly, but he stormed towards Denali despite the pain.

After realizing that Denali had reached the activation limit of her secret weapon, he felt relieved as it was no longer a threat to him.

The wound in his abdomen was still bleeding and it was getting worse.

If he couldn't find a quiet place to heal himself, he would probably bleed to death.

At the same time, he could feel his internal organs breaking because of the overbearing energy caused by the secret weapon.

"Bitch, your life is mine now!"

Rafat slowly walked to Denali with a vicious look.

"You stay away from me! Don't come near me!"

Denali was still weak, and she couldn't fight back. Out of fear, she fell to the ground.

Rafat looked like a monster with his face covered in blood and his eyes red from rage.

Watching as Rafat moved slowly towards her, Denali could do nothing but scream.

Rafat had finally managed to walk up to Denali.

With his left hand covering his wound, he stretched out his right hand in the air.

Black vital energy suddenly surrounded his right hand.

"Die, bitch! Die!"

Denali could not move. Under the faint moonlight, Rafat looked to her like a death messenger from hell full of killing intentions.

She was driven backward by fear of death under the hands of Rafat.

She looked like a meek lamb cornered by a fierce lion.

"Thousands of Snakes Biting Heart!" Rafat shouted.

In the next second, the black vital energy around his hand began to rush out.

It transformed into countless twisting poisonous black hissing snakes.

After seeing the violent vital energy, Denali knew that there was nothing she could do this time.

She just closed her eyes out of desperation and tears began to fall. She was silently praying for strength so that she could charge up to him one last time. She refused to die like this.

'This is the chance!

It's now or never.'

Austin finally found the courage and sprang out from his hiding like a leopard.

He activated the martial art named "Tiger Penetrating Heart". And at that moment, he embodied the agility of a leopard and the fierceness of a tiger.

'What's that?'

As a master at level nine of the Energy Gathering Realm, Rafat had been through many battles where he gained the skill to sense danger.

Thus, he sensed the presence of Austin as soon as the latter appeared.

With his mind on other things, the snakes stopped rushing towards Denali. Rafat instantly switched to his marvelous body move skill and turned around exactly when Austin came close to him.

Bang! The two vital energies collided into each other creating invisible energy that had spread out from the center of the collision.

The dead leaves and dust in the forest floor began to dance in the air.

Rafat was taken aback. He then paused and stood firmly.

Austin, on the other hand, was forced to retreat seven steps.

The collision left carved deep into the ground.

'Level three of the Energy Gathering Realm?'

Rafat instantly learned the level of Austin's strength with just one hit.

"A level three of the Energy Gathering Realm? How dare you spoil my fun? Don't you want to live anymore?"

Rafat taunted.

Although he sounded confident, Rafat felt uneasy at the sight of Austin.

Even though the young man in front of him was only at level three of the Energy Gathering Realm, his vital energy was much denser than the others of the same level.

It seemed to Rafat that the young man's foundation was solid. This kind of talent was quite promising in Rafat's opinion.

Other than his strength, the young man possessed the ability to see the perfect attack timing and direction.

In terms of timing, he appeared after Rafat had already displayed the first half part of his move. The young man knew that it would be difficult to Rafat to switch his attacking direction once the latter's vital energy was separated from his body.

In terms of direction, he chose to attack from Rafat's blind spot–his back.

From this, Rafat deduced that the young man was full of practical experience and was quite careful.

'Am I still alive?' ......

Upon hearing Rafat's words, Denali slowly opened her eyes and felt pleasantly surprised to find that she was still alive.

However, instead of being happy, she suddenly burst into tears.

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