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   Chapter 7 Lewd Men Strike (Part Two)

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It was for this reason that the man felt no affinity for the girls sleeping in the dorm. And though they might be violated, he still had no sympathy for them.

Guided by his spiritual sense, Austin was able to follow the man's every movement inside the dorm.

As soon as he entered the room, the man in black waved his arms and instantly, a large dark cloud of smog spread throughout the room.

As a result, the four sleeping girls slipped into a coma.

He then proceeded to check on each girl, one by one, inspecting their body and face carefully.

The man went as far as sniffing every girl until he finally chose one.

This one was wrapped in a pink quilt. He quietly slung the girl over his shoulder and rushed out of the dorm through the window.

He used that creepy skill again and floated like a leaf, swiftly and effortlessly flying through the forest not far away.

'Is he also a lewdster? Why are there so many of them from the Sun Sect?' Austin thought hopelessly.

His thoughts were running non-stop in his head. 'From what I know about Sun Sect, I've never seen any of its disciples have that sort of mobility skills.

Is he really from the Sun Sect?'

He decided to follow the man and find out who he was. Keeping a safe distance, Austin had the man in sight while tailing him discreetly.

He was naturally afraid to be discovered, so Austin deliberately kept himself a long distance. He released his spiritual sense, and immediately found the whereabouts of the man—in the forest.

His skills notwithstanding, the strange man had been careful and didn't seem to be in a hurry this time, so his floating speed was not very fast.

Discreetly, Austin followed the man using his spiritual sense to continue spying on what he would do next.

After a long time, the man in black came upon an empty place in the forest.

Finally, he stopped and removed the black cloth covering his face. Austin saw his wry face and oblique eyebrows and judged his age to be about twenty.

He moved to lay the girl he had been carrying on his shoulder on the ground by spreading the pink quilt while laughing lewdly.

With a look of satisfaction over his conquest, he announced proudly and happily," What good luck I've had! This girl is very good-looking. Although her strength is only at the third level of the Energy Gathering Realm, her foundation is truly solid, and her vital energy thick. I have to conclude that her basic qualification is not bad at all."

Pausing a bit, he continued," If I'm fortunate enough, I can definitely make a real breakthrough and reach the Earth Realm level. I must have a lot of good fortune when it comes to love affairs. So, it's easy to find such a beauty to serve as a furnace for refining my skills." Laughing, he went on," No wonder the fortune-teller said that I, Rafat, am a lucky dog."

And that was the man's name—Rafat.

Hearing Rafat's words, Austin quickly searched his mind. "Based on the meaning of his words, could it be possible that he is..." he uttered.

Inhaling deeply, Austin paused and became lost in thought again. He tried recalling all that he had heard in the past.

There had been rumors about a method of collecting the energy of women to nourish that of men. Technically, this meant men strengthened the quality of men's masculine energy by absorbing women's pure femini

ne energy.

And this would only work when they absorbed the feminine energy of women who cultivated vital energy, while ordinary women didn't have much use for them.

Therefore, the better the foundation of a woman's qualification, the higher the vital energy she would have and the greater her function was.

And it was this evil method that Rafat seemed to be practicing.

Suddenly, Austin was jolted when the girl sneezed, woke up and rubbed her eyes.

The first thing she saw was the man's face looming over hers, as he let out an evil laugh mixed with lewdness while staring down at her. The girl's eyes widened in horror.

Meanwhile, she wriggled in discomfort and attempted to scream but only managed an "Ahhh!" Because before she could scream, Rafat quickly covered her mouth with his hand.

As she still struggled to cry out, all that came out was a muffled," Hmmm, hmmm, mmmm!"

However, her efforts were in vain. Rafat pressed her mouth with more force to shut her up.

Meanwhile, his other hand pressed on the key acupoint in her chest. Instantaneously, the girl felt a cold and creepy vital energy being infused inside her that immediately controlled her body.

With her situation so urgent, she desperately pushed away Rafat's two hands, trying hard to free herself from Rafat's control.

But once the vital energy inside her body was being controlled, the push she gave Rafat was of no use. In fact, her push, no matter how hard, was so feeble and all she could do was scratching his arms.

Still, the force she used to scratch his arms was likewise weak and only felt like a tickle for Rafat.

Frustrated over her feeble efforts, the female grunt disciple struggled powerlessly, and she kept making a whining sound even with her mouth covered.

In the process of struggling, her pajama continued to be displaced and looked even messier, which further aroused Rafat as he stared at her with lascivious eyes.

He moaned in arousal, and admitted," Ha! This girl is quite interesting. She seems pretty naughty. I like that!"

Averting her gaze, the girl summoned up courage to ward off any other advances by Rafat.

After following their exchange, Austin finally recognized the girl, who was struggling badly. Her name was Denali, whose cultivation base was at the third grade of the Energy Gathering Realm. She was one of the strong females grunt disciples in the Sun Sect.

Remembering the incident three years ago after Austin was demoted to being a grunt disciple, he knew Denali, unlike her peers, didn't sneer at him.

However, she also didn't show him any sympathy, and all she displayed was indifference and neglect.

Her advantage, though, was having a good attitude that was a mark of a leader.

A few of the girls laughed at his stupidity along with other male disciples.

Even worse, some of them bullied him before to perform the chores assigned to them.

In truth, Austin neither hated nor liked Denali in the past. The truth was she was just one of the ordinary girls he knew.

At the moment, Austin saw her as a weak lamb under attack by a lewd man. Then it made him realize that her pure feminine vital energy was going to be absorbed by the same man who was employing an evil method to accomplish his goal.

And with that, he shared her bitter hatred of Rafat and saw him as a common enemy.

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