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   Chapter 4 Regaining Sanity (Part Four)

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The memories that had flashed through Austin's mind allowed him to realize who Evan was.

This swarthy, stout man, Evan had been looking out for Austin of Prime Martial World ever since he was defeated in the ranking exam and was demoted from his position of outer disciple.

Tears welled in Austin's eyes as the emotion of his counterpart in Prime Martial World influenced his heart. He was truly grateful for the care and kindness Evan had shown him.

Speaking of the establishment of the friendship between Evan and Austin of Prime Martial World, they met at a time when Evan was still an outer disciple. At that time, Evan had been working in the Sun Sect as a grunt disciple.

After getting along with each other, Austin had admired Evan for his simple and honest character. Similarly, Evan had grown fond of Austin because he had been innocent and kind-hearted. Before long, the two men became sworn brothers.

Evan was born in an ordinary peasant family in a mountain village nearby. As he grew, his father sent him to Sun Sect to practice martial arts.

His father had hoped that unlike his ancestors who had been buried by the burden of ordinary, trivial households, Evan would do good things in the future and would bring the family reputation and honor.

However, every aspect of Evan's intellect regarding learning new skills and digesting knowledge had not developed enough. Despite the many years at Sun Sect, he was still a grunt disciple.

Now hearing Austin being so polite, blood rushed to Evan's cheeks. "Tin, don't speak like that. We are sworn brothers. It is my responsibility to take care of you. Moreover, if anyone else heard you, they will think you are affectionate toward me," Evan said sheepishly and rubbed his head in awkwardness.

But then, in an instant, he suddenly felt that there was something different about Austin. But he couldn't tell what it was. After a few moments, his slow, dull mind finally gave a response to his confusion.

"Tin, how… how did you speak so fluently? Are you not a fool now?"

Evan cried in wonder and then started to examine Austin from his head to his feet. He was anxious to know if his sober brother was back. He had no idea that his old friend had gone and he was now facing a new Austin who was from Earth.

He could not see any difference in Austin except for his eyes, which were glowing with a firm light. Ever since his friend had fallen into a deranged state after being framed, Evan had not seen such firm determination and such a reasonable expression on his face.

And the demeanor he was displaying now, as much as he was gulping the bun eagerly, he still had an air of dignity and coherence.

Aside from his way of eating, he looked like the old Austin who had been nominated as outer disciple No.1 in the past.

'Tin is no longer a fool now?'

It was hard to believe what he felt and what he had seen. And so, Evan rubbed his eyes violently with the back of his hands and tried to ascertain whether or not he was hallucinating.

"Tin, how are you feeling? Is your mind working properly now?"

Gingerly, Evan inquired of Austin as he did not want to offend him.

"Yes, it is. Don't w

orry about me. Now I am sober."

Austin did not speak anymore. Having finished the first bun, he hastily brought the second bun to his mouth.

He knew that for the time being it was better to put the complicated explanation aside. Moreover, in light of Evan's simple and easy mind, Austin didn't think Evan would be able to comprehend. So, he assured him once more.

"Really? This is so awesome! Oh my brother Tin, I finally have you back," Evan cried with a gleeful expression before bursting into tears. Too excited, he bent forward and embraced Austin tightly.

Austin least expected that Evan would be rejoiced enough to hug him. Since the action came without any warning, Evan's strong, powerful embrace forced the un-chewed bun down Austin's throat.

Austin felt as though he could not breathe and felt compelled to free himself.

After a moment, with much effort, he finally pushed Evan away. "Evan, if you hug me like this any longer, I will run out of breath and die. Moreover, what if other people see us acting like this? They would think we are gay," Austin warned humorously as he gasped for breath.

Evan grinned sheepishly at his mistake.

"I am so sorry. I was way too glad to see that you are better," Evan explained. An awkward expression replaced the joy on Evan's face when he saw Austin's face flush. He didn't know that the reaction was due to the swallowing of the un-chewed bun.

After consuming the buns, Austin started to feel full and regained his strength. He drew a deep, luxurious breath as if he had just surfaced in water after a long dive.

He contemplated the situation for a while. He decided not to let Evan tell others about his recovery.

'Maybe it is better not to let it be known that I have woken from my coma, ' he thought.

His intuition told him that the person who had harmed him in the first place was still in Sun Sect. He would not want to draw that person's attention while he was still weak and vulnerable.

The person would very likely harm him again to eliminate any future threats.

So, Austin felt that it was better for him to lie low and stay out of harm's way till he became stronger. On the one hand, he had no idea how much cultivation base was left in him. Was it really true that it was all gone? He was not sure.

On the other hand, he could not remember the identity of the person who had harmed him in the exam. What was his attacker's capability? He had no idea about that either.

If the person were at a higher grade than Austin, it would inevitably bring danger to him.

Having participated in so many negotiations with customers when he worked at the company on Earth, Austin had learned to be careful and considerate about everything he did.

The cottage he was in was an abandoned cottage in the past. After Austin of Prime Martial World had been demoted to a grunt disciple, the management team had given it to him to stay in. Considering its poor condition and its isolated location, few people would come here.

Austin asked Evan not to disturb him except for when he brought food at meal hours.

He wanted to figure out the status of his cultivation base, and he needed to prepare.

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