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   Chapter 3 Regaining Sanity (Part Three)

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As for his whereabouts, Austin was no longer on Earth. This place was called Prime Martial World, and unlike on Earth, the people here had not made scientific and technological advancements.

The civilization this world had was more like the times of Cathay Nation on Earth several thousand years ago.

People in the Prime Martial World had a great appreciation of vital energy cultivation, honoring a fighter, and respecting strong, powerful fighters.

So being the vital element of cultivation in this world, the air of the vital energy was dense throughout this world.

Many talented people exceeded the limits of their physical strength by cultivating vital energy. This was how they were able to achieve the highest level of cultivation base.

People with a strong cultivation base had supernatural powers. Not only could they cut hard stones and cleave mountains, but they could also change the direction of a river.

The supernatural and amazing scenario that Austin had seen in movies was no longer a fake, illusionary thing in this world.

When Austin's mind gradually recollected and put together the scattered memories of the young man he possessed, he began to understand the young man and the experiences he had had in his life.

To Austin's wonder, the young man he had possessed had the same name as his, Austin.

And to his pity, Austin of Prime Martial World lived a life of poverty and hardships.

To begin with the introduction of Austin of Prime Martial World, he became an orphan when he was merely ten years old. As an orphan, he traveled around the world begging for food and shelter wherever he went.

One day, by chance, as he was begging on the street as usual, Martial World Austin ran into an acclaimed steward of Sun Sect who was responsible for seeking talented people and recruiting promising disciples.

At the steward's request, Austin showed him what he had learned. Experiencing so many hardships and encountering various kinds of people while begging, he had acquired some level of capability to protect himself and keep himself from harm's way. The acclaimed steward was very impressed by his performance. He brought him to Sun Sect, and from that day, he formally became an outer disciple of Sun Sect.

After three years of systematical training, Austin's talent in martial arts was gradually being recognized by all.

In these three years, he had succeeded to climb up to grade nine of the Energy Gathering Realm.

Reaching grade six of the Energy Gathering Realm had been an accomplishment for Austin. And yet, with enough practice he had scaled to grade nine in a short time. He earned a broad range of compliments and was reputed among the top disciples throughout the sect.

In the Prime Martial World, there were five realms in the cultivation base. From lowest to highest, they were the Energy Gathering Realm, Vital Energy Earth Realm, Vital Energy Mysterious Realm, Vital Energy Sky Realm, and Vital Energy Imperial Realm.

Although no one had witnessed it, there was a rumor that there were more realms beyond the Vital Energy Imperial Realm.

At the sect, an annual ranking exam was held for the di

sciples. The disciples who had won in the exam would be promoted to the next realm.

Austin was quite certain of his success considering his remarkable performance. He did not expect that others were plotting against him. In the end, he was severely beaten and had lost all of the cultivation bases he had accumulated so far.

Along with his severe injury, his mind gradually entered into a deranged state, which was in some way, similar to how Austin of the Earth acted when he lost both his job and his girlfriend. Seeing no hope in Martial World Austin, the sect's management team decided to abolish his position as an outer disciple and demoted him. This was how he became a grunt disciple.

Now, returning back to the reality, after awaking from the three day's unconsciousness and after the battle of those ten larger balls against the eight smaller balls, the body of Austin of Prime Martial World had been occupied by Austin of the Earth. With the mix of the two different memories pouring into his mind like a torrent, the man's head felt like it was being hammered and that it was going to explode. On the one hand, he knew that he was Austin of the Earth, but on the other, he also had the memory of Austin of Prime Martial World.

It was like a person who had the memories of two lifetimes, the memory of his current life and the memory of his past life, which was so weird that it left Austin perplexed.

Knowing the state he was in, and as much as he needed time to adjust, Austin understood that he had to accept the life he was thrown into. So, without fighting it, he decided to look at the whole incident from a positive perspective and tried to steady himself. This decision eased Austin's headache. He gradually felt himself accommodating to this new body.

'Well, it seems impossible to return to Earth for the time being. In that case, I might as well live here as Austin of Prime Martial World.

How unlucky is it that Austin of Prime Martial World and I had been cruelly treated? Now that God has given me another chance, I will grasp it and seize this opportunity.

I will exploit the cultivation talent that this body had achieved in the past to make a better and more wonderful life in Prime Martial World.' Austin studied his body as he reached a decision.

"Tin, you have slept for three whole days. You must be starving. Here! I brought you two steamed buns. They got a little cold on my way here. They might even be a little stale, but it's better than starving. Try and have one of these at least."

After saying that, Evan held out his hands. In each, he held a steamed bun for Austin to take. His request drew Austin back from his trance-like state.

It wasn't until Evan mentioned food that Austin realized how hungry he was. His stomach rumbled at the sight of the steamed buns.

Gingerly, Austin leaned forward and took the buns from Evan's hands. Then, he stuffed one into his mouth and almost gulped it down in one breath. He did not even taste the food.

"Evan, you have been so nice to me. You are the best friend I have. I will never forget your kindness," Austin said as he gazed into Evan's eyes with sincere gratitude.

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