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   Chapter 31 Undoing the Curse

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"Courageous words for a newbie witch!" Eloise's lashed out, snickering as if she wasn't affected by Amanda's threat. Using her shadows, she teleported out of the burning automobile and into a clear area some distance away from Amanda. Blood had dripped down her forehead, streaming along the bridge of her nose and into her upper lip. She just licked it clean, then wickedly grinned at Amanda again.

Amanda took this as a challenge. The woman may look like she was unaffected by her lacerations and burn wounds, but clearly, she was at a disadvantage now.

With her supercharged crystals, she launched again towards her aunt, gnashing her teeth all the time and giving her death glares.

Eloise just stood appearing as if she was doing nothing, but in reality, she ordered her shadows to form into tendrils along Amanda's path.

Amanda saw this but was undaunted. She continued running, her hands sparkling, ready to get her revenge.

The tendrils of shadows caught her ankles, quickly immobilizing her, but instead of worrying, Amanda only glared at Eloise more and within seconds, illuminating crystals formed around her, each one as sharp as the other. It speedily flew towards her aunt. She had just learned of this skill out of sheer will and she was pleased of the effect.

Eloise was caught off-guard. Drawing both of her arms up to shield her face, she managed to dodge the crystal bombs by summoning some more of her shadows.

Amanda knew she'd do exactly that, so she continued creating floating crystals and bombarding it towards her.

From the sidelines, Pamela and Charlie looked at each other.

"We're lucky she's on our side, " Pamela stated, a feeling of chill creeping down her spine at the thought of Amanda's wrath coming down on them if she weren't their Master's lover.

Charlie nodded and went back to witness the great battle of witches.

Calvin and Mera watched the fight too, but they were more concerned on the situation of Cord.

"Let's just hope he'll fight the darkness off this time, " Mera stated, looking down at Cord who was still crouched low, his forehead still pressed against the ground.

"He will, " Calvin stated. "If he can't, I'm afraid Amanda will have to set him straight."

"What are you trying to say?" Mera's brow rose.

"She might use her powers to kill him. It's that or the humans in this city will face Cord's unquenchable thirst."

Mera swallowed hard. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that."

Back to the fight, Amanda continued her long-range crystal blasts. From an audience point of view, it looked like she was winning, but Amanda knew better. She could feel the tendrils of shadows tightening around her legs. It was trying to paralyze her again exactly like what happened before Matteo lifted the hiding spell of the house.

She focused on her feet, multitasking now, sending crystals on her ankles and toes while constantly attacking Eloise with her ability. Unfortunately, she was already too late with the former. The tendrils had already spread on her legs, effectively immobilizing her on the spot.

A wave of electrical heat traveled all over her body, shocking her and stopping her attacks.

Eloise, who managed to protect herself by using her shadows, took this advantage. She jumped up high and while mid air, she teleported, reappearing in front of Amanda, snickering.

"Now, time for you to die, my darling niece!" she bellowed.

Amanda struggled to maintain her balance. The electrical pain continued to shock her, it was truly incapacitating, but she refused to give in. Taking in a deep breath, she spread her crystals all over her body, changing her appearance like before back in Cord's hotel suite—a body made of diamonds.

She flexed her arm, aiming to touch Eloise's chest, just as the latter extended her hand with a purplish glow of energy around it.

The scene made the vampire audiences worry. Calvin furrowed his brows and readied himself to swoosh in between them, just to protect Amanda. However, a sudden appearance of Cord behind Eloise made Calvin gasp. Quickly, he checked his back and found that their Master wasn't on the ground anymore.

"He's back, " he murmured to Mera with a pleased grin.

Mera nodded at him and commenced to watching the 'beginning of the end' unfold.

"Just in time, " she said.




**Minutes earlier...**

The moment he had his first blood meal, Cord had embraced darkness. He had come to accept it, thinking that resistance was futile. It had fed him with undeniable strength over the past centuries and had created a barrier to his fragile, unbeating heart. Darkness became his solace.

Even though on a rampage, revenge was always in his mind. He had partly received that when he killed every witch in sight, and all the more when he found Eloisa's daughter and drained her life and powers. Still though, it didn't make him satisfied. He wanted more and darkness fed on this emotion.

Over the course of centuries, it had been that way, until of course his fated meeting with the Little Amanda and the darkness inside him was repressed, waiting for that moment to gain control of his mind once again.

And it did, through the help of Eloise's shadows every time it attacks Cord's body. The seizures had created a crack on Cord's control and his dark side took advantage of it.

Once Pamela showed him his memories with Amanda, he felt something shift inside him, and yes, it helped him remember his beloved, but not quite. Darkness still held the reins, and it was nowhere near letting go, or at least until Eloise stepped in to take back the shadows...

Groaning and crouching on the floor now, Cord had a moment of shock. His shadows—so long had it resided in his body—had now left him. He hadn't counted that it would actually happen, more so to find out that this unknown enemy he had been aware of was actually the former master of the shadows.

What a twisted fate it was, but a twist he was willing to accept. Now, he was gaining back the control he had ever so wanted. His one last hurdle was to fight off the darkness still leeching inside him.

His whole body was in pain because of the shadows' disappearance, but he cared less of it. It was a welcomed pain. Clenching his fists and pressing his forehead against the garage floor, what he wanted to fight off was the wave of darkness trying to envelope him, trying to cloud his mind. It wasn't winning, but it wasn't conceding either. Worst case scenario, it could take him years to fight it off, and maybe even place him in a coma. That wouldn't be good in an immortal such as him.

He was acutely aware of his surroundings; felt the rough and cold floor with his hands and forehead, smelt the tires burning, felt the intermittent gusty wind around him, heard metals screeching and wood crackling. It reminded him he was still alive.

But what ulti

rning husky and mischievous.

Amanda's cheeks warmed.

"Oh my..." she pursed her lip.

"Not that I'm saying we create now, but I certainly want to make love to you now." He cupped her chin again and tipped it up.

Oh yes, he was about to deliver another passionate kiss on his witch, but then Amanda blinked fast and withdrew.

"Cord, please, hold that thought. I need to do something, " she stated with urgency, her face suddenly filled with worry.

In a second, she left Cord's side and ran towards Mera who was kneeling next to the very frail mage.

"Matteo..." Amanda softly said as she joined them on the ground. "How is he, Doc?"

Mera shook her head immediately. "Not good."

"Cait..." Matteo managed to croak out.

"Matt." With threatening tears on the corner of her eyes, Amanda bent her head further to hear his voice. Some distance away she could feel the Vitalis Master's eyes on them, but she wasn't worried. She knew he'd understand.

"Seeing you that happy...with him, I rest in peace, " Matteo weakly muttered.

"Don't say that." Amanda shook her head. Tears quickly fell down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry...for everything, " Matteo went on.

"Matt..." She grabbed his hand and pressed it against her heavy chest. "You can't die."

"Send a...blissful grave with a...kiss, Cait, " he requested.

It was an audacious thing to ask, especially with Cord watching, but Amanda was more than glad to comply. However, instead of kissing him on the lips, she pressed her lips on his forehead.

Matteo's eyelids closed. His last expression on his face was pure contentment and peace.

Once Amanda pulled back, she broke out into a silent cry.

Mera, being the doctor that she was, took it upon herself to verify Matteo's death. With a grave look, she nodded at Cord and Calvin.

Pamela was sensitive enough to usher Amanda out of the ground. "I'm sorry that this happened, " she muttered sadly.

Cord stepped forward to receive Amanda to which she was much grateful for. She pressed her head against his chest again and cried silently for the mage.

"He was a good friend, " she stated after a few seconds.

Cord looked at the lifeless body of Matteo who was being arranged by Mera and recalled the many instances when their paths crossed and heated conversations ensued. He didn't like the mage per se, but he knew Matteo would have been a good man through and through if they weren't rivals.

"I don't doubt it, " he stated.

"Shit, Noman is going to ball his eyes out, " Amanda added, remembering her friend.

"Not if Jonathan is with him, " Cord pointed out.

With this, she looked at him with a silent understanding. "That would lessen his pain, Cord. Thank you, " she stated and smiled a little despite her wet eyes.

"Let's go back to your father's house, " he suggested. Although Pamela has fed lies on his mind about our whereabouts for these past six days, he still needs to see his daughter alive."

"I think so too, " Amanda nodded and smiled even bigger this time. At least she didn't need to explain anything to him. "But I got to heal. I can't have my father see me with wounds and dried blood."

"Mera can heal your wounds, " Cord stated. He looked at the doctor who by now was standing next to Charlie, ordering instructions on her ear. She looked back at Cord after and then nodded.

In the kitchen of the house, Amanda sat on a tall stool, waiting for Mera's healing to end. Once this was done, Cord offered his hand for her to take.

"Let me take care of the dirt and dried blood on you, love."

Amanda took his hand and stood up, but once her feet touched the floor, she wasn't in Matteo's house anymore, but in her bedroom, inside her family's house. She glanced at Cord, her brow raised.

"I didn't think you could still teleport, much less do it with me, " she stated.

The corner of Cord's mouth tipped upward. "I acquired the full shadows remember?"

Amanda grinned. "That's convenient, but it seems you're taking advantage of it so soon."

"And I'm about to take advantage of it again, " he lifted her up from the ground in one swoop and carried her bridal style. "Let's go to the shower. You wouldn't want your father to see you this dirty."

A chuckle escaped past her lips. "You're so sly, Cord. Just tell me you want to make love to me."

Cord's blue-green eyes rested on her with depth, with so much emotion that had her heart pounding erratically inside her rig cage.

"I'd rather show you in full color, " he said and with that, they disappeared.




The End.

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