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   Chapter 30 Prelude to Death

I CRAVE FOR YOU By JMFelic Characters: 13410

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"Don't underestimate what I'm capable of. Come at me and you'll see, " Amanda dared, gnashing her teeth as she said so. Beads of sweat gathered around her nape as she was immobilized by Eloise's shadows. She tried to wriggle, at least to get a bit of inches free from the shadows, but they were unrelenting. The more she moved, the tighter the shadow's twisted around her limbs.

Some distance away, Matteo was still writhing in pain. She wanted to run to his side and help him, but knew she couldn't. Even blinking and breathing was hard to do.

"Wohoho, such fat words, " Eloise cackled, angling her chin up. "I know what abilities you have. Actually, it's even enough to defeat me, but do you really think I didn't come prepared?"

Amanda frowned even more. This woman was really pushing her rage to the fore.

"On the first day you slept here, I had placed a spell on you. I placed invisible shackles on your powers so you won't be able to use it. Plus, I had already started siphoning your life essence in small quantities. I'm sure you felt the exhaustion when you woke up earlier. But then again, you could have woken up on day one, but I didn't let you." She tipped her head towards Matteo and continued, "Lover Boy back there didn't even notice I had been controlling your waking hours. He is too trustful for his own good."

"If that's the case then why do you have to wake me now!" Amanda yelled. "You could have killed me while asleep!"

Eloise puckered her red-painted lips.

"I was tempted to, you know. Many, many times. But, I didn't want to risk Matteo noticing your oversleep. Also, I had been waiting for the blood moon to arrive." She looked up at the garage ceiling as if she could see the full moon past the roof turning a deep shade of red. "Right about now actually, " she then grinned. "It's the best time to siphon your life essence in one go. The blood moon blesses our powers, my niece. It energizes us. Or to simply put it, it energizes me."

Amanda wriggled again and tried to summon her crystals on her fingertips. It was unsuccessful. Truly, the Shadow Witch had restricted her of her powers.

"Now, now stay still, " Eloise tsk'ed. "This won't be long."

She approached Amanda, each careful step and swaying hips a picture of her pending doom. But she couldn't celebrate yet.

A sudden explosion reverberated inside the garage. Amanda felt a concentrated energy blast in one direction only and it was towards Eloise. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Matteo's expensive cars, at least three of them, half destroyed and noticed the wall with a gaping hole burning in flames.

Eloise was nowhere in sight and she couldn't sense her energy too. Good. Following that, the shadows disappeared and Amanda was happy enough to be released of the confinements.

She quickly sprinted to Matteo's side, hoping he was still holding it together.

"Cait...lin, go!" he immediately shouted once Amanda knelt beside him.

"Matt!" Amanda hesitated to touch him. He looked in pain. Blood was coming out of his mouth and ears.

"What're you...doing?!" he urged with dead set eyes.

Amanda shook her head vehemently. "I won't leave you!"

She knew Eloise was still alive. The invisible shackles restraining her powers were still present and an enough clue.

"I...lifted the hiding spell and the barrier of...this house, " he struggled to pick himself up from the ground. " going to Go with...him. Leave I'll...take care of Eloise."

"Not with your present condition!" Amanda squeezed his shoulders. "You're already incapacitated as it is!"

"Cait, all...those things I said are true. I truly, " he held her tear-stained gaze. It pricked his heart that despite all the wrong things he had done to her, she still shed tears for him. She still cared for him. "But...I also know...defeat, " he continued. "I have accepted it already. You...are meant for...Cord. I know...he'll happy."

Amanda's face w

shackled her powers. She was going to save him. She was going to save her beloved.

Under the full moon's bright red light, she felt her power growing. Eloise did say it would energize them. Amanda was the moon witch after all and she was going to take advantage of it.

Born out of strong will, her invisible shackles had come undone. Eloise's spell had broken. Amanda was free now to use her powers and so, clenching her fists filled with a high dose of crystals, she charged towards her aunt who was still in the middle of a daze.

Stretching her arms, she went straight to Eloise's neck, but before her fingers could contact her skin, Eloise flitted her eyes open and despite taken aback, she was able to summon her shadows to shield her from the crystals.

It had turned into a stand still for a few seconds--the shadows and crystals refusing to give way--but Amanda injected more of her magic until a crack in Eloise's shield appeared.

A blast of energy, of white shimmering light and black mist, covered the whole surroundings thereafter. The Shadow Witch was thrown out of her footing, getting air time for two seconds before landing head first onto a burning red Lamborghini.

Amanda quickly went to Cord's side just as four vampires appeared a feet away from them.

"Calvin! Doc!" she stopped mid run and stared at them with relief, "Help me! Get Cord out of here!"

Calvin and Mera stared at their Master with worry. Cord looked like he was fighting his own battle; his forehead pressed against the floor, his eyes tightly shut, teeth clenched, and his hands in a tight fist. They were unsure whether to touch him or not. He looked like he was about to combust.

"We will help you Amanda, but we can't interrupt Cord. He is...fighting it, " Calvin stated, stepping forward.

Amanda stared at him and nodded, knowing what exactly he was talking about.

"Let's take this bitch to Hell, " Pamela muttered next to Charlie. Amanda shook her head and glanced at the burning car wherein a silhouette of a woman was forming.

"Thank you Pamela, Charlie but this fight is between me and my aunt, " she stated.

"Too overconfident, ain't you Sweety?" Eloise chuckled as she extricated herself out of the wreckage. She had received numerous deep scratches and third-degree burns on her skin. It looked ghastly and painful, but surprisingly she just ignored them.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you, Eloise, " Amanda stepped forward, her expression and stance ready for a second battle. "I'm going to make you pay for desecrating my mother's image! I'm going to make you pay for ruining many souls! I'm going to make you wish you were not resurrected!"

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