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   Chapter 28 Thirsting His Woman

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(Six days ago...)

(O'Malley Residence)




"So she's protected by a mage..." Cord muttered to himself when he sensed the mage's power in the residual heat it emitted when Amanda disappeared. He scrunched up his nose then, disgusted of the word. He had a distaste for such beings in the past and that hadn't changed one bit in the present. He hated them as much as he hated the witches.

Mages — they tend to be cynical and arrogant. A wolf in sheep's clothing. They hold too many secrets for their personal gain. They protect witches from vampires in an act of good faith, but in truth, they only do it for the many advantages they could get from the witches. Cord had killed a dozen of them over the centuries and one thing remained the same — their blood taste bitter and unpalatable. Not his interest at all.

With a scoff, he turned towards a group of pictures nestled on a shelf. It showed Amanda on her teens and when she was in college. He stared at one with her in a race suit, leaning against the hood of an F1. She had a proud grin on her face and her eyes spoke of depth.

"What an interesting woman you are indeed, " he said, touching the picture with reverence.

A knock on Amanda's bedroom door wasn't even heard yet but Cord knew already someone was behind it. He could hear the woman's steady heartbeat with his heightened hearing.

"Miss Cait? Are you alright? I think I saw shadows enter your balcony, " she voiced out with concern.

Cord grinned at the midnight snack Fate had given. He'll have to make do with the house staff if he can't drink from the owner herself.

He waltzed to the door and confidently opened it with a wicked grin. At the sight of the maid, he immediately used his beguiling ability for her to stay silent and coax her inside the room. The maid, under his mind control, did enter like a soulless mannequin. In there, Cord's fangs elongated once again, ready to bite her neck.

Luckily, Calvin swooshed in just in time before he could extract blood from her.

"Cord! What happened?" He entered the bedroom from the balcony door and stared at Cord's naked back with wide eyes. He was followed seconds later by Pamela, Charlie and Mera with furrowed brows. "We came back when we felt the mage's powers. Where is—"

Pamela quickly interrupted him by touching his arm.

"Calvin, look, " she said warily and stared at the scene before them. Her advice was not to look at the maid in a trance, but to look at Cord and the obvious change he was showing.

The four of them immediately stiffened.

"You're interrupting my midnight snack, cousin, " Cord slowly turned around and looked at them, his eyes glowing red. The maid was released from his spell and fell right away onto the floor, unconscious.

"Master Cord." All four knelt on one knee in haste. Their eyes were cast down, their heads bowed low, and not a single one of them dared to meet his gaze.

"Mera. Pamela. Charlie. Calvin. Hmmm, this is a surprise, " he slowly moved towards them with his eyes trained on their lowered heads. "Let me guess, you're here as escorts."

"Under your orders, Master Cord, " Calvin explained. He could feel the change of Cord's aura. It was darker and deadlier than before. The kind that wouldn't think twice killing him should he crack up a joke. It was the same as in the past.

"I'm still wrapping my head around what has been currently happening, " he moved towards Pamela and Mera and then continued, "but I'm sure someone could help make the process a lot faster."

His shadows slithered under Pamela's fingers and knees, putting her in a tense moment right on the spot.

"Pamela, stand. Show me what I need to see. Show me about that witch, " Cord ordered.

Pamela shakily stood up and pulled her black gloves off.

"I can only show you what you already know, Master Cord, " she reasoned, a little confused of his order. With him turning back to his dark self, had he really forgotten all about Amanda?

Cord reached for her elbow and squeezed it tight.

"Do it. Now, " he said.

Pamela, knowing him, tried her hardest not to shiver. She extended her arm towards his face and then touched his forehead, flooding all memories of Amanda and him as per her point-of-view.

While the process was ongoing, Mera looked at Calvin with determination. One glance alone and Calvin knew. They needed

entire form in the full-size mirror: wavy hair that was partly unkempt, not a touch of make up, in a chemise that hid the basic parts of her as a woman. Good. It was enough. But to fight with the evening cold once she's out of the house, she'll have to borrow one of Matteo's trench coats.

Amanda took one that reached her knee. It was made of cashmere, the color red. Quite suitable to the occasion that lay ahead.

Using an available bedroom slipper, she waltzed out of Matteo's room in a hurry, crossing hallways and passing rooms and staircases until she reached the living space that was next to the garage. She almost released a relieving breath, happy that there was no Matteo to deter her, but as soon as she twisted the doorknob towards the garage, Eloisa passed the room and saw her.

"You're up, Sweety, " she stated, throwing a rather forced smile on Amanda's way. Furrowing her brows, she examined her daughter's look, her attention falling on the coat she wore, and then shook her head. "What do you plan on doing?" she asked.

"Mom, I'm sorry but I must go, " Amanda replied. Hurriedly, she twisted the knob and pushed the garage door but then she heard her mother yell.

"You can't go!" There was a hint of worry there, of desperation, but it was enshrouded by the authoritative voice Eloisa used.

Amanda looked at her and arched a brow.

"Matteo forbids it, Sweety. Plus, you can't go out of the house wearing just a chemise." Her mother's voice dialed down a little softer, but still it came out forced. Amanda noticed it and mentally noted it.

"I'm leaving, mom, " she answered. "Matteo can't forbid me and I don't care what I'm wearing."

Turning around, she walked forward and into the key box of the garage. Knowing Matteo, he had an extensive collection of cars and wouldn't mind if she took one to use. She sensed he also created a hiding spell around the house and probably created one that would hinder a person from leaving the house—her specifically—but she wasn't worried. She had enough anger and motivation to nullify it.

"Amanda, I forbid you to go!" Eloisa cried out just as Amanda took a shiny silver key from the box. "Surely you'll listen to your mother."

"Mother?" Amanda shot an accusing glare at her. "Are you really sure you're my mother? Because if you truly are, you wouldn't force me like this. My mother may have betrothed me to a mage, but she'll understand once she sees my heart. I love another man. I care for the another man. And with that, she'll respect my decision. She'll accept him even if this man is the vampire master."

Eloisa clenched her fists. "I am your mother, Amanda, " she stated, about to break into tears.

Amanda scoffed and shook her head.

"I don't think so, " she said. "I maybe blind at first, but I see it now. You are nothing like my mother, Auntie Eloise, but nice job acting like her. Quit it with your fake tears."

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