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   Chapter 27 Turning to a Vampire

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Cord's hands sought her breasts and roughly squeezed them. Amanda winced and gritted her teeth. She hated how he did it, but she wasn't going to be emotional. She wasn't going to cry just because of his rough manhandling. Instead, she flashed him a sharp glare.

Unfortunately, it was the only thing she could do. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't fight him off. Aside from the shadows restraining her, she still saw him as the same man she loved. No matter what side he was showing, she still saw him as one person.

Ignoring her glare, Cord dove down to capture her lips. His kiss was bruising and aggressive. Amanda felt it different and uncomfortable, but at the same time, disturbingly a turn-on.

His hands moved down to reposition her legs. He rearranged himself in between as her thighs spread wide. Then, pulling himself out of their kiss, he stuck his tongue out and with one swoop tasted her flesh raw and wet. A groan escaped from his mouth then, taking pleasure on licking her.

Amanda couldn't help but close her eyes. She bit her lip trying to suppress her moan, but it was semi-unsuccessful. She was indeed in one heck of a complicated state. She wanted this, but at the same time, disliked it.

Cord's fingers slowly entered her, feeling her wetness and stretching her. Amanda squirmed under him, trying to close her legs but unfortunately couldn't. With another wicked grin, he aligned his cock near her entrance and then proceeded to plunge it inside.

Amanda stifled her moan as he rocked on top her with a rhythm that was truly his; truly Cord—dominant and confident with his masculinity. She was torn between liking it and abhorring it. This was him after all. Maybe a lot rougher than he usually does, but him nonetheless.

He grunted when he was almost at his climax. Amanda sensed this and she too was on the verge of hitting her peak. Painstakingly, she clenched her teeth and closed her mouth, allowing not a single cry of pleasure when they both achieved their orgasms together.

Cord, hissing, lowered his face to kiss her again. Under the wave of euphoria, Amanda's mind had clouded and without thinking, she angled her head up and clashed her mouth with his. They kissed so passionately neither of them minded what was truly happening, until Cord withdrew with an approving rumble under his breath.

"You're surprisingly open to this, witch. You're actually enjoying it. I could sense it. I could smell your desire. I could feel your heart thudding not of fear but of pleasure."

"Cord, you're still you despite turning into your cold, heartless persona. I will always be open for you, " Amanda replied despite hating how his shadows still restricted her from moving. Panting, she awarded him a loving gaze, but it was only met with a chuckle.

"Huh, big words from a witch who wouldn't bat an eye placing a curse on poor helpless people."

"The sin of one witch is not the sin of the many!" she cried. "Why do you kill them when they are innocent! They have done nothing wrong to you!"

"Simple, " Cord clucked his tongue and flashed her a proud smile. "I'm yet to quench my thirst for their blood. The curse had made me this way. I had embraced my darkness. I had embraced being a dark one."

One finger traced a lazy doodle on her neck while his gaze focused on the eye-catching lift of her carotid pulse.

"Witch as you are, I can't quite ascertain why, but your blood seems to simply sing to me, " he said. "Who are you, woman? What is your name?"

"I'm Amanda Caitlin Roand, daughter of Eloisa Hasting Roand; niece of Eloise Hasting, the witch who placed a curse on you!" Amanda found it awkward to introduce herself to him again, but she did anyway, realizing her name might jog his memory, but it didn't.

However, for the first time since Cord's dark side emerged, he showed a crack on his expression.

"You're my curse's answer..." he breathed out, "you're my end." The discovery hit him like a comet. Though it wasn't exactly the kind of response Amanda hoped for, it was still a response, and she was going to use it to her advantage.

"Yes, " she lifted her chin up and smugly looked at him.

"What an utter surprise this is." Cord lowered his head again and sniffed her neck, getting as much of the honeysuckle sweet scent she had.

"Drain me then, kill me so that you'd break your curse and return to your former life as a human, " she taunted. She wasn't quite sure why she said that, but with all things considered, she was also thinking of the welfare of the residents inside the house, especially the safety of her father. Like in the hotel, she was that ready to sacrifice herself for them.

But Cord only laughed at her words.

"Woman, being a human again is not my concern anymore. I have long past that frail body. I am much better off as a vampire, " he stated. Using his thumb, he pressed her carotid artery so that it would pulsate even more against her skin.

"You however are another story, " he added and roamed his eyes on her naked form; from her head, down to her breasts and then to her clean-shaven womanhood past his half erection. "It would be a waste to kill you. Don't you know I could turn you into a vampire?"

Amanda knew, but she and Cord had a mutual silent agreement never to talk about it. It was unnecessary, a risk and certainly not an answer to his curse. Plus, she couldn't see herself as a vampire. Never.

"I'd die first before that happens, " Amanda's nostrils flared. Now she felt fear starting to crawl inside her.

"Oh Amanda, believe me, with your fiery attitude and desirable beauty, you would fit right in, " Cord went on. "Once

but Amanda was quick to raise her hand up.

"Matteo, can I have a moment with my mother please?" she said in a stern voice.

Matteo and Eloisa exchanged glances, and then he nodded. "I'll return when you're done."

Once the door closed, Amanda's attention returned to her mother's who was already looking at her in confusion.

"What's this, Sweety? What is it that you want to tell me?"

Amanda gathered her courage to speak as smoothly as she could. She didn't want her mother to sense any kind of doubt inside her. She wanted her mother to sense only the truthfulness of her heart and nothing more.

"Mom, I'm in love with the Master of Vampires, " she blurted out without delay. She squeezed back her mother's hand and stared at her without blinking. "And he loves me too. Believe me, when you died, all I did was stay low, away from any untoward attention and away from the dark ones, but it just so happened I met their Master and I—"

"You're telling me you're in a relationship with a vampire?!" her mother interrupted, her tone a little bit higher than Amanda would have expected. "And not just a vampire, but the Master?!"

Still, Amanda kept her cool.

"He had changed, mom. He is no longer the cruel, hateful vampire you knew him to be. Even his subjects, they all have changed. They don't just drink a human's blood without their consent. They are civilized now. They have feelings. They care. They love."

Eloisa frowned and shook her head.

"That's exactly what they show you in order to fool you, Amanda. They appear to love you but in the end, they will drain your blood and take your witch ability. Was your experience six days ago not already an enough proof of these vile creatures' intent?"

"Let me prove to you that they are not our enemies now, " Amanda stated. "What happened six days ago was just a minor setback. Cord would never hurt me. He loves me."

"I didn't bring you up in this world just to love a vampire, Amanda, " Eloisa stood up and pointed to the door. "Matteo is here for you. He's the one who loves you true. He'll make a fine husband for you."

"No! As much as I love you, mom, you can't force me to marry a man I don't love! You of all people should know that." Amanda pulled herself and sat up, her back against the headboard. Her eyes were a mixture of rage and hurt. She couldn't believe her mother was adamant on pushing Matteo to her.

"I'm doing this because I want you to be safe from those vampires, Amanda, " Eloisa replied. "I want you to live not with fear but with happiness."

Just as the door opened, Amanda cried out with all her might.

"Matteo is not my happiness!"

The man in question stood mute on the threshold, meeting Amanda's gaze again; his was filled with controlled anger and pain while Amanda's was filled with determination. There was no guilt involved. Why would she be guilty when she already made it clear to him that she didn't love him?

"Matt..."Amanda muttered softly, trying to abate the tension slowly simmering with the silence of the room.

Matteo, in response, briefly laughed and shook his head. "It's okay, Cait, I understand, " he said, but he didn't meet her eyes. He retreated and closed the door again.

Eloisa, who saw the exchange, frowned even more.

"Reflect on my words, dear. Don't be blind, " she stated and then walked out of the bedroom, following wherever Matteo was going.

Amanda huffed and pressed her palms to her face. A bead of tear escaped from her eye, but she quickly wiped it away.

No, she wasn't going to cry. Not for this. Not for Matteo or her mother.

"I'd rather be blind and truly love the man I want, than to have sight and be forced to love a man I don't want, " she muttered to herself through clenched teeth.

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