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   Chapter 26 A Twisted Night

I CRAVE FOR YOU By JMFelic Characters: 13991

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For the first time since Cord and Amanda arrived in Wellington, their stay had finally felt like a vacation. Spending time together never had been great. Four nights had passed since Cord's return of sight and so far, they hadn't faced any problems or consequences with it. No Matteo to be cautious about. No unknown enemy to think of.

They took this opportunity to travel around New Zealand, commuting through trains and buses, and even rented a car to fulfill Amanda's wish to drive through the hills and countryside. By nightfall, they would either rent a hotel room or camp outside the field under the moon's mystical light and the wondrous sea of stars.

Cord took this chance to get to know Amanda's home country better. The last time he visited here was to sate his hunger only. Now, he wanted to see what the land offered. He found the mountains of Auckland rich and teeming with vegetation and wildlife pretty much like Belgium. Some parts were secluded and only reachable by helicopter, some were within a network of cities. The former had him considering putting up a second home for Amanda. Maybe give it to her as a gift. Maybe even set-up a family of their own—that was if his curse would be lifted. Though he knew it was an impossible wish, it was at least worth hoping for.

His blood meals had also gotten fewer which turned out to be convenient while they were traveling. Amanda had offered her blood too, daily even, but with the five days they were together, he only took her offer twice. The last was last night after another heady love making. Fortunately, his seizures had remained dormant since he regained his sight. Cord should have been very happy with it, but he felt it too good to be true. Certainly, he thought, there was a catch.

On the fifth night, they were back in Wellington. Amanda decided to stay in her family house since her father invited them for dinner. This time, Amanda had no apprehensions as to their meeting. Clearly, Mr. Arnold liked the Vitalis Master more than she possibly could hope for.

Their dinner turned out to be easy and smooth. Her father asked a few questions here and there and Cord was composed enough to answer it without a hitch. By the time they finished eating, Mr. Arnold was happy to invite him to stay inside the house. Amanda and Cord exchange furtive glances, but in the end, the latter declined the offer under the guise of work-related pre-appointments. He left by private car of the hotel, or so it seemed.

Amanda and Mr. Arnold had a father-and-daughter bonding first before they retired to their bedrooms. When Amanda entered her room, Cord was already waiting for her just as expected.

"Your father seems to fawn over me, " Cord stated, remembering the more-than-necessary attention he was receiving from the man. It was his first receiving such from a human—an understandable effect since he had always been self-contained inside his castle.

Amanda hook her arms around his neck and answered, "Well, he always said he wanted me wed to a King, and it seems, in his eyes, you're the closest to that title. Or..." She looked at him with mock suspicion and grinned, "you didn't use your beguiling ability on him now, have you? Like you did with Chief Morretti, hmm?"

He tossed her a mock hurtful look and shook his head, "I honestly admit I did that to the Chief but with your father, no. I choose not to ruin his mind in respect to you."

"Good answer, Master Vitalis, " she placed a peck on his cheek and stepped back. "At least now, you as a blind man is out of the equation. And you certainly don't need to use contact lenses when meeting him too."

"This is just a momentary respite, Amanda, but I'm more than pleased to take advantage of it, " he answered, studying the way she moved across the room to the bathroom door.

"You might want to take advantage of our time here, " she hinted, looking at her bed.

Cord picked up her hint and a pleased grin formed on his lips.

"Control your screams then, my witch. We wouldn't want your step-father to hear it."

Amanda entered the bathroom with an inviting look towards him, a clear sign to follow. He gave her privacy first and wa

y snatched one and fumbled with the wrapper.

He was too late however. Another wave of seizures followed and that was what snapped his control.

Cord, under the control of his dark self, slowly stood up with the shadows enveloping him from head to foot. It had stopped convulsing, appearing like it was exalting him. He looked up and grinned, instantly pinning his attention on the sleeping Amanda.

"Ahh, yes. How lucky of me to be in this situation, " he said to himself as he walked to the left and joined Amanda in bed.

He straddled her with both of his hands on her waist, testing the curves under the bed cover.

Amanda, feeling his touch, thought it was an invitation to another wondrous love making. She moaned first and smiled, then popped her eyes open. Her delighted expression soon changed into panic.

"Co—!" she cried, but was cut off.

"Shhh... shhhh..." Cord covered her mouth with one hand and lowered his face to meet her frightened and surprised gaze, "try to behave lest you want your bed to be bloody, witch, " he threatened.

Amanda, wise enough to listen, stilled herself, but at the back of her mind, she was readying her crystals to form on her fingertips.

"I certainly didn't expect you to hide so much power, " he stated, his voice filled with menace. "I want it all. Last time, you caught me off-guard. Now, you won't be so lucky."

His shadows moved and engulfed Amanda's wrists. It soon turned into cuffs, pulling her hands away from his arms and locking them in place over her head, inevitably disabling her crystals from reaching him.

"Hmmmh!" Amanda found this a disadvantage. She wriggled when he withdrew his hands to pull her bed cover, but she found herself unable to fully move. His shadows had actually restrained her body too.

"What's this?" Cord stated, surprise filling his face. He stared at her full breasts first with a flicker of desire and then completely pulled her bed cover off of her. Consequently, she was exposed all over, her body tensing under his scrutiny.

"What's your relationship with me?" he asked, confusion filling his face. "Why are you naked?"

"I'm your lover!" Amanda cried out. Sure she understood him forgetting about her being a witch, but as his lover? What had become of his memories?

"A witch! My lover?" he parroted, chuckling in disbelief. "Now that's a twisted story to tell." He leaned forward and whispered on her ear, "For all I know, you're just seducing me, trying to get into my pants so you could have your revenge."

He straightened again and gazed at her naked form in hunger.

"I don't care what's your purpose though. While I abhor your kind, I certainly won't back down on a good lay." He flashed his teeth into a wicked smile. "I'm going to enjoy taking you, woman."

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