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   Chapter 25 The Lovers in Bed

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Cord reached Racetech in no time, materializing on the roof of the building as fluidly as usual. Without delay, he closed his eyes and felt for the unique heartbeat and scent of Amanda. He couldn't sense either of the two and that made him groan in displeasure.

He was confident he'd find her here, but as it seems, he had come too late. If he remembered correctly, the meeting with Matteo was in the afternoon and it was already late in the evening now. She could be anywhere with him by now if she was bold enough to accept whatever proposal he offered.

He didn't trust Matteo. That opportunistic mage would likely use his charms and lies the moment he gets a chance and Cord not accompanying Amanda was that chance.

Using his unrestrained eyes, he scanned the whole area within the three-mile radius. He couldn't sense her heartbeat still and that pissed him off. Honing his sights on an eighty-storey tower, he materialized there and started his search again. Within the next five seconds, Cord felt a faint but familiar beating. It was just beyond the city boundary, muffled by the insect and animal noise.

He opened his eyes and stared straight into an area of overgrown trees two kilometers away from where he stood. Amanda was driving, he could tell, but she was hidden by the branches and leaves.

He could tell that she was also alone. Good. He wouldn't be able to control himself from ripping Matteo's heart if he was with her.

For a few minutes, he monitored Amanda as she drove through the city streets roof down. She looked at ease, her long hair flowing as the wind hit her face two hundred miles per hour. She was swift with her control on the wheel, something he just appreciated with his sight restored.

Although he wanted to, he tried his hardest not to materialize inside her car. He wouldn't want to scare her and distract her from driving. Instead, he just heightened his hearing and sight, respectively enjoying the comfortable thumping of her heart and her breathtaking beauty.

Once Amanda reached the street going to his hotel, Cord grinned. She was on her way to him and he was going to give her a well-deserved greeting of her life.

With just a snap of his fingers, he disappeared from the tower and reappeared in his hotel suite. He checked for Noman's presence and luckily, he was gone. He wouldn't have hesitated kicking him out that instant.

As he caught a glimpse of the cracked wall in his bedroom, he winced. It served as a memory of his uncontrolled side. Maybe retreating to his protected wall and prohibiting himself again with touching her might be a wise decision, but at this very moment, in this very room, in this wondrous sighted state he was in, the thought of holding her was more tempting than anything else.

With his back facing the door, he stood near the chaise lounge, looking at the sweeping view of the city past the floor-to-ceiling glass wall. At some point during Noman's stay, he must have swept the curtains to the side to reveal such beauty. Cord certainly hadn't noticed such element in his room since day one of his stay.

He painstakingly waited for Amanda to arrive, all the while noting for her scent and heartbeat. When they got stronger and stronger, he slowly turned to face the door, his undivided attention already locked on her.




Amanda hoped she'd meet Cord inside the suite. If he was looking for her, then he had likely captured her scent and would have been smart enough to realize where she was headed. For obvious reasons, she couldn't meet him inside her old bedroom in her family house, so she chose the only private place available—the hotel room.

Once she entered using her card key, she saw the man—vampire—she was looking for. She immediately flashed a smile, happy to see that their minds connected.

With the city lights as Cord's background, he looked like a dark angel in a sea of stars—a half naked angel. The lean muscles of his chest, shoulder, and arms tightened under her scrutiny. She may haven't expected him to look like this but it was definitely a welcomed sight. His face was devoid of any emotion other than longing and desire, and she felt it. Damn, she felt his need to the core.

Her eyes never wavered as it connected with his bluish green ones. There was a mixture of red too, indicating he was still a dark one. The way he looked at her now was more potent and intensive than before. She felt as if this time, he was truly looking at her like a man who wasn't blind for centuries. He had no apprehensions whatsoever. No fear of losing his sight once again. These both excited and terrified her.

"Cord..." she breathed. She slowly walked towards him, acting like a coy maiden on her first night with a man, but Heaven knew how her heart bounded erratically against her chest; how she just wanted to jump right away and shower him with kisses.

"Amanda, come to me, " Cord extended his hand, offering her to take it along with all of him. It was the only confirmation she needed.

Without hesitation, she rushed towards him, holding both of her arms up for a big embrace. Cord grabbed her waist as soon as she was within reach. Their lips locked immediately, their tongu

With an enemy in hiding, you're fortunate you were able to return to me unscathed."

"Cord, I don't want to lose you again too and I will do as you say, you can guard me however and whenever you want, but I have to go back to Matteo's house, " she informed. "My mother is there, recuperating. She may have answers to your curse. I have to talk to her again."

"Your safety is my priority, Amanda. My curse is irrelevant."

She shook her head adamantly and out of anger, she sat up and stared at him as gravely as she could. With his sense of sight restored, surely he could see now how serious she was. He didn't need to listen to her increased heartbeat, or feel her trembling hands, or hear her disapproving voice.

"To me, it's not, " she said. "It's only a matter of time before your dark side takes over again. I care not about myself. I could always sacrifice my blood for you but will that quench your thirst? How could you ensure me that you won't go on a rampage and kill the guests in this hotel? Much worse, the whole of Wellington? Or New Zealand?"

Her acute anger was met with a cool head. Cord admired her willingness to sacrifice herself and admired her genuine concern for the innocent public, but it seemed she had forgotten one crucial fact they both couldn't deny.

"Amanda, you don't need to sacrifice your blood to me. You could always kill me, " he pointed out with a calm, serene face. "You could do it. Kill me. I would happily give my life to you."

With that said, Amanda remembered their time together in his bedroom balcony where he had easily sacrificed his life too just to prove his love to her. As a result, her anger vanished that instant and her frown changed into an expression of hopeless surrender.

"My God, I'm not sure who is more stubborn, you or me, " she breathed out, breaking into a weak smile. "But until then, I'll not give up on finding a cure for you."

Cord gathered himself up to meet her eye to eye. He took both of her hands within his palms and squeezed it tight.

"What good have I done to deserve your love, Amanda?" he asked in a poignant, unsure way.

That would have brought her crying, but she just gave him a sweet smile instead and answered without hesitation, "Easy. You gave your heart to me."

It was all the answer Cord needed. He looked at her with desire-filled eyes and answered back with most certainty, "You own it for eternity."

He grabbed the back of her head, leaned forward and claimed her mouth as feverishly as he could.

Amanda let herself be guided by him as they joined back on the mattress. Cord was underneath her with his pants still on. She straddled him, pressing her wetness against his still-erect cock. With their slightly heated conversation earlier, it was amazing how it hadn't deflated for just even an inch.

She withdrew from their kiss and trailed kisses down his neck all the while grinding her hips against his erection. Cord muttered an oath, clearly relishing the onslaught of sensations she had bestowed on him.

Her mouth moved down lower after it attended to his nipples. She grabbed the waist band of his pants and pulled it down for better access of his cock. Cord grunted at the realization of what she was about to do.

"Look at me, Cord. Sear this memory into your brain, " she advised, her sensual lips descending to capture the head of his cock.

The Master of the Vitalis Castle tried as much as he could not to close his eyes thereafter.

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