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   Chapter 24 The Reunion

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"Where am I?" Blinking a few times, Amanda took in every detail of the room: the light fixtures, the color of the walls, the furniture and the carpet. Indeed, she wasn't in Cord's hotel room or even in her own bedroom and this brought her pulse working double time.

She sat up straight, frowning, immediately knowing what this exactly meant.

"Oh no, " she said, clenching her teeth. "Matteo just wasted what little trust I have for him."

Luckily, he had the sense to leave her clutch bag on a bedside table. She rushed to take it and pulled out her cell phone from the secret chamber.

"No signal, great, " she huffed after unlocking her phone screen. Calling Noman now would have been a good idea. Not like he could save her from being imprisoned inside a house again, but calling him about the status of the Vitalis Master would have been vital. The time registered on her phone was eight in the evening and she was supposed to be back inside the hotel room to take care of him.

She sighed and sprinted out of the bed with her clutch bag in hand.

"Seems like there's no barrier around the house, " she murmured to herself as she tried to sense Matteo's magic in every square inch of the place. "I think I can leave."

After finding the door, she unlocked it by crystallizing the locking mechanism. It was so easy, but Amanda found it suspicious. If Matteo wanted to keep her inside the house like the last time, then he would have heightened his security.

She rushed outside the room and into a hallway with wood paneling. It had two paths, right and left. Amanda chose the one on the right were at the very end of the hall showed a well-lighted room.

Just as she was about to step inside it, her breath was immediately caught in her throat. Her eyes rounded. Her body froze.

"Oh God..." It was the only word that she could speak.

Standing some distance away from her was a woman of familiar beauty and grace. She had the same height as Amanda, the same brown-violet eyes as her and the same shape of face. The woman's skin was just as rosy and healthy as Amanda remembered it to be before death claimed her and her sun-kissed brown hair, although with highlights of gray, was just the same as it was.

Amanda couldn't believe her eyes. Her mother, thought to be long dead, was standing next to the fireplace of the room, happily arranging flowers.

"Mom?" she muttered, her voice unsteady.

This got the attention of her mother.

"Amanda!" Eloisa cried out as she turned to her daughter. Her mouth reshaped into a big smile as she dropped the roses she was holding and crossed the room to give her a hug. "My little marchioness! You're finally here!"

Amanda, frozen on the spot, received her mother's embrace like a mannequin. She couldn't will her hands to move. She couldn't bring herself to reciprocate the gesture. She was too shaken to even process a warm response. Like the usual, her mother called her a 'little marchioness.' This was always her pet name and nobody, not even her biological father knew it. It was enough to sway her to truly believe this was her mother in the flesh.

" Ho...w?"

"Shhh, shhh..." Eloisa shook her head and comforted her with a pat on her shoulder. "I can feel you shaking, my dear. Take a deep breath. It'll help you."

Amanda did as told. She took a deep breath first and then studied her mother's face again.

"I'm...I'm out of words..." she said.

Finally, she was able to move her right hand and touched her mother's cheek. They felt supple and warm and solid hinting that she was truly alive and not a ghost.

"'re supposed to be dead. How?"

Eloisa gently swept a loose strand of hair away from Amanda's face and graced her a warm smile.

"A good mage resurrected me from my grave, Amanda, " she answered.

This caught Amanda off-guard. "What?" her eyelashes fluttered. "Matteo did this to you?" Without even giving a name, she already knew who her mother was pertaining to. "Why?"

Eloisa's forehead wrinkled.

"I'm surprised you're doubtful, Amanda. You of all people should be happiest knowing I'm alive again."

Amanda looked down and briefly felt ashamed.

"I am just surprised, mom. I don't think Matteo could actuall

leading look, "Please stay here, Sweety. I want to spend more time with you. Matteo needs to talk to you about the wedding too."

Amanda tried her hardest not to blanch in front of her mother. She glanced at Matteo who showed a secretive smile on her way.

"I really need to go, mom, but I'll be back. I promise, " she stated as sternly as she could.

Eloisa relented. "If you say so."

"Let me drive you then, Cait, " Matteo stepped in and offered.

Amanda was quick to shake her head. "No. It's not necessary. I have my own car remember?"

"But are you sure you could find your way through the road? This house is pretty much secluded to the rest of the city, " he pointed out.

If it wasn't for her mother, Amanda would have sent him a sharp glare. Instead, she just lifted her chin and gave him blank look.

"The last time I checked, we were in a restaurant, Matt. So don't think I overlooked that. Just give me the keys to my car, and I can manage on my own."

"How about let Matteo transport you to wherever place you want to be? As a mage, he could do that. You don't need to drive all the way back to the city, " Eloisa chimed in. If she sensed the animosity between the two, she didn't show it.

Amanda briefly smiled and shook her head. "Thanks for the advice, mom, but I really prefer to be on my own for now. I'll see you again soon."

Eloisa touched her daughter's cheek, a swell of pride hit her. "You sure have become an incredibly independent, beautiful woman, Sweetheart."

"You made me into one, " Amanda replied. She then turned to Matteo again and extended her hand, palm up. "Matt, the keys please."

"Come with me, " Matteo answered after a brief pause.

After a kiss on the cheek, Amanda left her mother. They passed by another hallway where it led to the garage area of the house. Matteo pressed four numbers on the keypad attached to the doorframe and then the metallic door automatically opened with a buzz.

They both stepped inside with Matteo entering first. He took out a key from the key holder bolted on the wall at the right and handed it to Amanda.

"Thanks, " Amanda stated. She stepped past him without so much as a goodbye kiss and unlocked her car with the remote.

She started the engine, did a couple of revolutions first, but just as she was about to step on the gas pedal, Matteo materialized next to the driver's side window and leaned forward towards her.

Amanda looked up and gave him a questioning look.

"Remember Cait, " he said, his eyes aglow. "Your mother doesn't know about you and the Vitalis Master. Let it stay that way."

She pressed her lips firmly and clenched her jaw.

"She may hate the vampires for now, Matteo, but I intend to change that very soon."

And then, she drove the car out of sight, leaving Matteo clenching his fists.

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