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   Chapter 23 A Trip to the Past

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Amanda didn't take Matteo's offer to drive her to the restaurant. Instead, she asked her step-father if she could borrow a car from the large garage they had in the building. Mr. Arnold allowed it and gave her the only car exempted in the contract: a red Camarro that had been his first automobile when he established the Company. It had sentimental value.

With a grin, Amanda took the keys from the front desk and drove it out of the building like a professional race car driver she was. The restaurant Matteo picked was located a few miles away from the office. It was mostly surrounded with lush green trees and had a breathtaking view of the city.

When she arrived at the entrance, a valet took her keys and drove the car out into the parking lot. Matteo was already waiting in the foyer when Amanda waltzed in. He had two sparkling wine in hand, the first one he offered to her accompanied with a dashing grin.

"A toast to our first dinner together, " he said.

Amanda cautiously took it with narrowed eyes. "So smooth of you, Matt. You forgot our dinners and lunches in that beach house when you kidnapped me."

Matteo lowered his head and smiled sheepishly. "That was wrong of me, Cait. I hope those memories are behind us now."

"You've got a second chance in life. You should choose the correct path this time, " she remarked.

They clunked glasses and thereafter strolled into the interior of the restaurant well lit with teardrop light fixtures. For a fancy place, it wasn't fully loaded. Amanda could only make out a dozen people in total busily eating and chatting with their companions. They were dressed in formal wear much like her and Matteo, so the thought of being under-dressed never hit her.

Matteo guided her to a table for two located in the balcony overlooking the north side of the city. Amanda didn't mind the dim lighting in this side of the restaurant. It was essential for the magnificent view. However, she couldn't shake the feeling that Matteo was trying to make this dinner a romantic one.

"You do realize I'm only here because I want to know more about my kind, right?"

"Of course, Cait, " he nodded. "This is just me, trying to impress you. Not woo you again."

"I think they're synonymous, but I'll keep your word for it. Shall we order?" She opened the menu in front of her, but before she could even scan through the pictures, Matteo informed:

"I actually ordered for the both of us."

"Oh?" Amanda's brow arched.

"I ordered your favorite: lobster salad, tomato and basil chicken fettuccine and honeyed cucumber juice."

"That's thoughtful of you. Thank you, " she replied and then closed the menu. Placing her elbows on the armrest, she cleared her throat and met his gaze squarely. "If you don't mind, can we start? I really want to know about the history of witches."

She hoped she didn't sound that desperate. Or maybe too conscious about the time.

Matteo bit back a grin before answering. "Sure, but, in order for you to really understand it, you should see it for yourself, " he said, a little vague with his words.

Because of this, Amanda's brows furrowed.

"What do you mean?"

"You need to travel in the past, Cait. I need to put you in a trance and induce the memories inside you, " he replied with ease.

That sounded somewhat dodgy and Amanda knew it.

"I'm not sure that's wise, " she stated, frowning at him.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. I will guide you through it, Cait." Matteo placed a hand across the table, palms up as if waiting for her to take it.

Amanda contemplated for a moment. She still needed to put her walls up. Her trust on him wasn't a hundred percent, but for the sake of Cord, she'll have to go through it.

"Remember your promise, Matt." Her stare was firm and reprimanding.

"Yes, I will behave, Cait, " Matteo replied with certainty. "What I did in the past was unforgivable, I know, and I am trying to make amends. I will not touch you without your consent, believe me."

At least that erased

with her to solve the curse and the problem that had backfired on them—the creation of the dark ones. The vampires. But it turned out, Eloise was already a lost cause. She could not be saved from the demon energy that was within her. Eloisa severed her connection with her twin as a result.

With the fear of the dark ones growing more and more each day, the witch circle was disbanded. Some witches had regrouped and protected themselves. Others hid together with their families and spread all over the world. Some witches who hadn't had a family or a group to run to, blended in with the humans and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. This was what Amanda's mother did for over hundreds of years and it worked out just fine.

It was during this time that she met Ellis Roand, the Marquess of Tallinn, Estonia, fell in love and got pregnant with Amanda. To give her child a normal life, Eloisa decided to keep her from all things witch-related. She gave crumbs of truths from time to time, but never the whole story. To give her child a safe and protected environment to live away from the dark ones, she made a pact with a great mage, Lord Nikos, and offered her as his bride in return.

Out on the sidelines, Amanda cringed upon seeing her mother's pact with Matteo. Clearly, her mother didn't count on her daughter meeting and falling in love with the Master of the Dark Ones and vice versa.

Her mother's plea and desperation for her child to be protected wasn't lost on Amanda though. The next visions she saw next were a harrowing sight. It was exactly what she saw when she wore the witch necklace back in the Vitalis Castle: agonized screams for help, helpless tears, and grotesque lifeless bodies lying on the ground on a pool of blood. All of these were the works of the vampires under the rule of Rexcord.

Cord. Yes, him. Or at least his past self.

Tears then streamed down Amanda's cheeks as she remembered her beloved. What twisted fate it was for them to find each other and fall in love unconditionally. Was this part of the curse too because she damn believed it so.

"No, I will not give up, " Amanda stated to herself, her conviction strong.

With all the pieces in their proper places, Amanda willed herself to return to the present. There were appropriate questions she had prepared for Matteo to answer and it would be best she start asking him while early in their dinner.

However, as she opened her eyes, what she expected as a fancy table in front of her was replaced with a great chandelier in dim lighting. With brows furrowed, she shifted to the side and found that she was actually lying on a bed in a bedroom that was unfamiliar to her.

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