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   Chapter 21 A Glimpse of the Monster

I CRAVE FOR YOU By JMFelic Characters: 11529

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As expected, the door to Cord's suite was locked, but Amanda wasn't concerned. She rummaged through her sling clutch bag and looked for the card key, silently thanking herself she didn't leave it on the table earlier. She found it seconds later, the extra one she took after they checked in the other day. She held it against the automatic lock and after a beep, the door opened.

What greeted her when she entered the room was Cord, on his knees, his elbows and forehead touching the foot of the bed. If anything, it looked like he was praying, but Amanda knew better. He was in pain and possibly even in the middle of fighting his dark side from emerging.

She heard him grunt and groan, saw him heave and clench his fists to the point that his knuckles turned white. His profile was a picture of agony and torture, and her heart sank for him.

Why didn't he tell her he was suffering all this time? Here she was, trying to disregard his warnings and rules and even so far as to deliberately play a seductress in front of him when all the while he was truly in pain. She knew he was in pain, but to this extent? The thought of it made her guilty.

But she trusted him and his strength. She had great faith he'd overcome this problem of his. Was she wrong to think then?

"Cord, let me help you, " Amanda spoke up, inching closer to him.

"No! Stay away!" Cord shouted, his voice like a growl of a wounded lion. He kept his eyes shut, his forehead still pressed against the mattress, trying to stabilize his control. If it would break, then it's game over.

The seizures attacking him now were different than the usual. It was more pronounced, more audacious. Could it be because he hadn't taken Amanda's blood for quite some time? Or was there some other reason behind it?

Amanda, despite his warning, still pressed on. She said she wanted to help, and probably by heeding his words and leaving him alone, would actually be the right thing to do, but Heaven knew she couldn't do so. If he was suffering, then she'd gladly suffer with him.

"Cord, drink from me. Do it. If it would help you control whatever it is that's happening to you, do it. I give you my consent, " she stated, gathering up all her courage.

Cord shook his head and hissed. "No. You know I won't, Amanda." He was unyielding.

Amanda clenched her fists and knotted her brows. She understood his side. She saw what he was trying to do, but unfortunately, the situation now was different. They were in a hotel, in a public place where he could be easily seen as unnatural. More than that, lots of people would be in danger should his dark side emerge. She couldn't have that.

"Your fortitude and willpower is admirable, Cord, but you know you have to. Not only for me but for the people in this hotel. We are not in the mansion anymore where Jerome or Pamela or Calvin could help you, " she reasoned, clenching her fists.

Silence punctuated the air around them and this bitterly dragged on for quite some time.

When Amanda couldn't stand waiting for his reply, she took a few steps towards him and placed a hand on his tense shoulder.

"Please, Cord..." she begged.

When still he didn't reply, she knelt next to him and readied her neck, clearing it from any strands of hair.

"Cor—" she spoke but a gasp quickly replaced it when his head snapped to her.

Eyes of the brightest red stared maliciously at her. Then, a sardonic smile followed. It was

e looked like in his past life. He was this cruel, this hostile and unmerciful to his victims. All she could see in him was darkness: potent and destructive.

How could a curse so old could make a monster like him?

She thought of the possibilities despite disliking it. What would have happened if she wasn't able to disable him? Surely, he wouldn't stop with her blood on his veins. He'd likely find more and more, and that wouldn't be good.

Amanda noticed her eyes welling up with tears. She wasn't supposed to cry, but her emotions turned traitors. It got a hold of her without her approval. In haste, she wiped them dry with the back of her hand and then continued her attention on Cord.

Slowly, she turned him over so that he'd lie supine and face her. The look of his serene face immediately stabbed her heart. Cord was no monster, she reasoned. He was a victim and he was lost. He needed a ray of hope and she was determined to become that ray of hope.

"I swear, I'm going to find a way to break your curse, Cord. Believe me. I will."

The ringing inside her clutch captured her attention and it made her look up. With a sigh, she left the bed, picked up the clutch from the floor and pulled her cellphone out.

'Are we still eating lunch today?' her father's voice emerged from the speaker.

Amanda bit her lip and glanced at her unconscious patient. 'Uhm, I'm really sorry, Dad, but we can't. Some...something came up. I'll see you later in the office instead?'

There was a long pause on the other side of the line before Amanda heard a long sigh. 'Okay, Caitlin. See you in the office, ' he finally said. 'Don't worry, I won't judge. If it's a lover's quarrel, just make sure you both fix it before anything else.'

Amanda pressed her lips together and nodded. "Thank you, Dad, for understanding."

Once the call was done, Amanda dialed Noman's number and waited with bated breath while his phone rang.

'Yo, Sweetcheeks, what's up?' Noman replied enthusiastically after a few seconds.

'Dom, ' Amanda breathed out, 'I need you badly. Can you come to the Wellington Best Point Hotel right now? Room number 312.'

'Hmm, sounds like its grave, Cait. Sure, I'm on my way, ' he answered without hesitation.

Amanda's shoulders relaxed. 'Thank you, Dom. Really.'

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