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   Chapter 20 The Meeting

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Under the moonlit night, Cord watched over Amanda as she slept. The door to the bedroom was open, but he didn't enter. Instead, he decided to stay on the balcony, observing a reasonable distance away from her.

He had cooled down the heat in his body in a mountain some kilometers of distance away from the O'Malley house. He had punched a lot of trees, kicked a number of boulders into pieces, and even resorted to using his hands, beating his erection to the point where all his pent-up sexual tension was released.

Once done, he was back to having a clearer mind, but he knew he couldn't fool himself. He still wanted her and that want was ever a burning flame.

Until he'd find a solution to his problem, he'll have to continue drawing a line between the two of them. Amanda's safety was his top priority after all.

When morning came, he waited for her to wake up before he entered her room. He wanted to see if he was still welcomed inside it after his anticlimactic exit last night.

"Good morning, Cord, " Amanda greeted, showing him a smile that erased his reservations in an instant. Despite what he did to her, she was warm to him; her eyes holding not a single accusation.

"Good morning, Love." Cord entered the room with three long strides before he stopped near the vanity mirror. His eyes unabashedly glued to her.

Amanda shifted in bed and yawned. She sat up thereafter whilst covering her breasts from his view. "I'm sorry you have to see me like this. I didn't feel the need to change clothes last night." She opted not to tell him she had cried herself to sleep. He didn't need to know. Plus, the last time she had drenched her pillow with salty tears was when her mother died. Both were not just a good topic to handle in the morning.

Cord, on the other hand, continued to look straight at her, daring not to let his eyes roam past her chin. He was well aware she was still half naked. Throughout the night, he basically watched her toss and turn, innocently exposing her breasts and slender legs.

"You don't need to apologize, Amanda. I may have placed those rules between us, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the other pleasures in life."

It was the safest answer he could make, but if he was truly honest with himself, watching her naked like that in front of him, made him want to claim her then and there. Good thing his sight only provided him outlines and no color. At least that much, it would hinder him from acting out his desire.

"If that is so then, I'll take a bath. You may wish to watch me, Cord, since you can't join me." Amanda stood up, disregarding to cover herself while she walked past him into the bathroom.

There was obviously an invitation in her voice and a hint of mischief. Clearly, the witch was testing him.

After a strangled breath, he ignored her invitation and decided to stay on his post the whole time she showered and changed clothes.

Amanda waited for Cord to join her. She had basically used all her charms in order to capture his attention. Surely, he won't be able to restrain himself much longer. However, when it was clear he wasn't going to cave in, she decided to move forward and focus herself with the day's agenda. There was so much to do today anyway, enough to keep her occupied.

She briefed him as to the events of the whole day. The plan was for him to return to the hotel, ready himself, and go to the hotel restaurant at twelve noon where she and her step-father would be waiting. Afterwards, they would go to their Company's headquarters where they'll witness the transfer of ownership to Matteo. The rest of the day, Amanda planned to tour Cord around the Capital's tourist spots and maybe even introduce him properly to her mother's grave. It was a concrete, full-proof plan.

Cord nodded, no questions asked. He didn't even mention he had already introduced himself to her mother yesterday after they visited the graveyard. The more public places they go, the better. In that way, all his thoughts would be diverted to keeping her safe from their still-to-be-identified enemy. That was if he or she or they followed them in New Zealand.

"See you there." Without hesitation, Amanda neared him and planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Yes, I'll see you there, " Cord replied, giving her a lingering look as she walked out of her bedroom.




'Dad, I'm on my way. Pick you up fifteen minutes from now?' with a yogurt in hand, Amanda texted her step-father. She wasn't surprised when she went down the kitchen only to be informed by the maid he had already gone to work earlier this morning. It was their usual daily routine

see that coming and it seemed that her step-father too had the same reaction.

"Oh…wow…I didn't expect you'd say that Rexcord." His eyes fluttered to Amanda, looking for any sign of approval. When he saw none except shock, he looked back at Cord and cleared his throat.

"I'm not sure… Your offer sounds promising, especially in respect to Caitlin, but I made a promise to Matteo actually and I'm a man of my word."

Cord leaned backward against his chair and pressed his lips together. "I see, " he said, hiding the disappointment in his voice.

Amanda, now half-recovered from her shock, wanted to voice out her thoughts but the male server bringing her ordered wine interrupted her.

"Madame O'Malley, presenting the Special Edition Chateau Margaux 1787 as per your request."

Amanda tossed a smile on the server's way and nodded. "Thank you, Sir."

There was a long silence as the server popped the wine in front of them and poured a liberal amount on each of their flutes.

As Cord watched the red liquid stream down the glass, a sudden ache of his fangs called his attention. He realized then, he hadn't taken his blood bags as per Mera's direction. His last ration was before they left for the airport in Spa. It was two and a half days ago.

Without delay, the aching in his fangs tripled. This quickly became an outlet for his seizures to appear.

At the first sign of pain, Cord squeezed his eyes shut. No doubt, despite the sea-colored contact lenses he used, it would still show the glowing red in his eyes—a definite reaction to the pain. If Amanda's step-father would see, it would be a big problem.

Then, his fangs stretched. He would have growled right then and there if he hadn't managed to control himself.

Amanda noticed the sudden change of his posture. She reached for his right hand under the table. It felt clammy and tense. She squeezed it. He squeezed back.

It was an enough sign of danger.

"If you'll excuse me, Mr. O'Malley, I need to—" Cord stated whilst standing up, but he couldn't finish his sentence.

Amanda, to the rescue, rose and quickly grabbed his shoulder. "I need a private word with Rexcord, Dad. Would you be okay if we leave you here for a few minutes?"

Mr. Arnold found the suddenness of their actions odd, especially that Cord didn't seem to look at him in the eye anymore. However, he didn't think too much of it.

"Sure, Sweety. I'll be fine, " he answered. He looked at the sparkling wine in front of him and grinned widely. "Take your time. I'll also take my time with this sweet, sweet drink here."

With Amanda still holding Cord's arm, they walked hastily out of the restaurant. They rounded to a corner where the hotel elevators were lined side by side. They picked one that was empty.

As soon as Cord stepped inside the conveyor, he immediately used his powers to teleport himself away from her.

Amanda blinked hard for a moment, but after realizing what had just happened, she pressed the eighth floor of the hotel. She didn't need for Cord to tell her where he was going. She knew he was in his suite.

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