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   Chapter 19 Crave for You

I CRAVE FOR YOU By JMFelic Characters: 16042

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Cord grabbed a nearby chair and steadied himself as his muscles undulated painfully under his skin. Despite burying them deeply inside his mind, visions of his transformation into a dark one and his rampage in the past started appearing along with the seizures.

It started off as a single memory of when he was once human. He was sleeping soundly, in the realm of dreams when midnight hit the clock. In his thirtieth birthday the curse would begin, that was what the witch, Eloise, said and indeed, it happened.

First, Cord's mesmerizing bluish-green eyes had changed into obsidian. He groaned, clawing his naked chest as he felt his insides tearing him up apart. His skin, already a pale complexion, turned even paler, all manner of color drained from its pigments.

Second, his human heart stopped beating. He could feel the fibers shrinking, tightening until it lay dead like a stone.

In intense pain, Cord tossed himself out of the bed, falling onto the floor with a loud thud. He gritted his teeth and this time, with his now-sharp nails, clawed the floor sending splinters of wood onto his face. Not one drop of blood emerged from his cheeks. His skin was unscathed. It had drastically toughened.

Third, his gums pulled and ached and then his enamels vibrated. His canines elongated thereafter, top and bottom, until it pricked his lips. Blood leaked out of the wounded spot. Some streamed down his chin while others went inside his mouth. It became Cord's first taste of blood and it was burning his throat.

He growled loudly as he could as if it would make any difference. His hands, from digging the wood floor, reached up to strangle himself. He bucked and tossed his head back all the while his fingers squeezed his neck. He was going to kill himself. Death was the only way to be freed from the curse, but unfortunately, the transformation wouldn't let him. It was already too late....

Back in Amanda's room, the seizures continued. His weakening knees couldn't support him any longer, so he fell down on all fours on the marbled floor. He wheezed and gritted his teeth, trying as much as he could to ride out the pain without losing his self-control.

"Shit, " he muttered as he heard the faint heartbeat of Amanda and her step-father indicating their arrival in their residence.

He squeezed his eyes shut and focused on tuning out the seizures, but instead, he was met with another round of flashbacks of his past....

The clock hit one minute past twelve. An eerie silence filled the room as Cord recollected himself. His breathing, from being labored earlier, now steadied, but he couldn't feel the rush of air into his lungs. He couldn't feel his heart too yet it was so heavy inside his chest. His whole body felt warm still, just like how it was when he was still human, but his sensations had heightened. Everything had heightened: his hearing, touch, taste, smell, except his sight.

Just as the curse dictated, he had lost his eyesight.

How many times had he regretted not killing himself, Cord had lost count. His thirtieth birthday was supposed to be cause for celebration, now it had turned into a day of damnation, not only for him but for all those people who were present at the time of the casting.

In the next few days, he refused to seek out blood to nourish his body, hoping that by starving himself, he'd lose his immortality and die. However, it wasn't meant to be. The curse was just too strong.

Until it came to the point that he could no longer bear it, he left the confines of the Vitalis Castle and wandered aimlessly into the estate's forest. He tried hunting animals first, sucking their blood dry until the animals were nothing but dried carcasses.

It wasn't enough unfortunately.

Cord needed more. He wanted more.

And that was when his rampage started. He had his second taste of human blood from a passing coach carrying a teenage daughter of an aristocrat. She was frail and vulnerable. She didn't put up much of a fight when Cord sank his fangs into her flesh. She was drained in the end.

The third victim was the coach's driver: a lanky man in his forties. He crashed the coach first before running for dear life. He hadn't got away that far into the forest. Cord was quick to catch him despite his blindness.

The ensuing victims came rapidly like clockwork. Cord disregarded the pile of bodies in his wake. He wasn't even concerned that this had caught the attention of the local townspeople. Jerome, his vampire butler, was the one dutifully following him and cleaning up the clues.

It was in the Town of Luttina in the border of Belgium and Netherlands when he met his first family of witches. They mostly studied plants for potions instead of practicing magic. He drained them of blood one by one, sparing

up to this surprising progress.

The touch of Cord's lips was shy at first, almost reverent. Amanda could feel him suppressing his passion. She moved a little, testing the sweet outline of his bottom lip with her tongue. Maybe this would get him all fired up.

It did.

He groaned and in just one second, he explored her mouth deeper, casting all his restraints aside.

Tossing her worry that her step-father might see, she hopped onto his waist and wrapped her legs around him.

Cord was quick to balance their weights. It wasn't hard.

If he could teleport them together with his shadows, he would have done so in that very moment, but he couldn't, so he opted on walking as fast as he could towards her bed whilst still locking lips with her.

Once there, he dropped her on the mattress and joined her seconds later.

"Cord, yes…" Amanda whispered as he lapped her neck, trailing his wet tongue down her throat, "more."

Her hands moved to undress him starting by removing his coat. He reciprocated by pulling her blouse off of her.

Her generous breasts came into view covered with her black brassiere. He groaned in satisfaction. His hands cupped her full, placed his face against her cleavage and licked her skin.

Amanda moaned and arched her back. Her hands moved to thread her fingers along his thick mass of hair, delighting how he had made a buffet out of her chest.

Cord unclasped her brassiere from the back. The two globes spilled, her hard nipples begging to be tasted.

And he did, covering his mouth with one of the pinks. He encircled his tongue around it first, slowly, surely, then sucked her full like there was no tomorrow.

Drunk with ecstasy, Amanda wrapped her legs again around his waist. She grinded against him, putting pressure on her mound as it hit with his hardness.

"Cord, please, I want you, " she cried, one hand snaking down to capture his shaft.

He tensed.

Her hands felt good. It felt really, really good, but….

"Damn it, Amanda, " he grunted, realizing his mistake that instant. He wanted her more than she'll ever know. The desire to make love to her in that moment, inside her bedroom, on her bed was agonizing, yet he couldn't continue. Not now when too much was at stake.

With great difficulty, he pushed himself away and stood up, huffing; his eyes aflame showing the turmoil inside.

Amanda fell speechless.

"I'm sorry, but I can't, " he stated, pain roped in his voice.

Then, he disappeared; his shadows bringing him far, far away where he could cool the burning of his body.

Back to Amanda, a little bit of sadness and disappointment overtook her. She sighed deeply, putting her panting to rest and straightening out whatever heightened sensations she had.

With Cord's disappearance, she could no longer feel the warmth inside the room. She pulled out her blanket on top a layer of pillows and wrapped it around herself.

A coarse grunt escaped her lips just as her head hit the mattress. Salty water filled her eyes. She quickly wiped them away with the back of her hand. It, however, continued to stream down her temple as she stared blankly into the ceiling.

"Oh God, Cord…I crave for you."

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