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   Chapter 18 The Proposal

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"What?" Amanda's step-father unconsciously stood up from the table with his mouth agape. He glanced at Noman who bobbed his head confirming the news and then he looked back at Amanda, his brows knotting.

A moment of silence filled the dining room. Amanda waited for her step-father to speak, to finish processing the life-changing news that she had ever so gently bombarded. She already knew he'd support whatever decision she chose. It was just a matter of soaking it all in.

"You should tell your mother about your decision, Caitlin. I bet she'll feel lonely when you leave, " was her step-father's calm words, breaking the silence.

She watched him claim his seat again and drink the ready glass of water near his plate.

"She'll always be in my heart, Dad, " she stated, touching his free hand, "and also, I can always come visit anytime if you want me to."

"Now I really am intrigued with this man you chose. Who would have thought a strong-willed, independent woman like you would do something like 'playing house.'"

Amanda averted her eyes on the ground, looking sheepish. Noman cleared his throat and shifted on his seat.

'If only you knew, Mr. Arnold, ' his mind blurted out silently.

"I expect him to ask for your hand in marriage later, Caitlin, " Mr. Arnold continued, in his fatherly voice, "It's at least the gentlemanly thing to do. Is he even a gentleman? Did he ask you to move in with him? Did he threaten you to do it? Does he have a clean police record? How about his STD history? Did you check it? Who knows, he might have different sex partners throughout his life."

Noman almost choked on his saliva after hearing those words. He looked at Caitlin, who remained silent but definitely stunned by the string of words her step-father spewed out from his mouth. For a silent man such as himself, never had they heard him talk like this before. He was definitely in his father mode.

"And his Facebook posts, his Instagram feeds. How many followers does he have? I hope he's not what most millennials call a 'fuck boy.' So help me Caitlin, I will not hesitate to pull you out of his house the moment I see nude pictures of him on Ebay."

"Dad, you are ranting again, " Amanda managed to break. She gave him a sorry face and a polite smile.

"I can't help it, Sweety, " Mr. Arnold sighed heavily. "You're my daughter. I want your safety and security always. I want the best man for you. A King if it's possible! Anyway, I trust that you are sure with your decision?"

"Yes, Dad, " she nodded confidently, "I could never be more sure with my decision. Rexcord...well, " she sighed and smiled to herself, "he is the right man for me."

"Okay, that's fine by me then, " Mr. Arnold blurted out.




After lunch, Noman bade goodbye to the two of them. Amanda changed her outfit from a long-sleeve shirt and jeans ensemble to a casual knee-length dress. She and her step-father then rode the family car to a private cemetery just outside the boundary of the city to visit her mother.

"When was the last time we've been here together?" Mr. Arnold asked as they walked side by side to a path leading to his wife's tomb.

Amanda hooked her arm around his elbow and embraced the bouquet of bluebell flowers with the other.

"Before I left New Zealand, Dad, " she answered.

"Hmmm, three weeks ago, " he mused whilst looking at the clear sky. "I'm sure the flowers you brought then would have wilted by now."

"Yes, I think so too, " she nodded, "that's why I took some from our garden."

Mr. Arnold watched as the petals of the flowers danced together with the wind.

"Your mother always loved those bluebells, " he remarked, feeling a little melancholic.

"She did, " Amanda answered whilst awarding him a smile. "She planted these on my tenth birthday."

Mr. Arnold returned a smile on her way and then continued to walk down the path. When

nd and smiled. "Can we defer the meet-up tomorrow? I really want to meet your man."

Amanda smiled back. "Yes, sure, Dad. I'm positive Rexcord will understand."

"Good. Thank you, Caitlin, " Mr. Arnold kissed the back of her hand and motioned for the driver to change routes; to the Wellington Best Point Hotel specifically where he planned to drop her off, but Amanda disagreed.

"But I thought you want to spend time with your man, Caitlin?" Mr. Arnold asked, confused by her request to return to their family house.

"Yes, I do, Dad, " Amanda replied, "but I want to spend time in the house first. I got some things to fix in my room." At the back of her mind though, she need not go to the hotel when she knew Cord would be wherever she was.

"Oh, I see, " Mr. Arnold relented. "To the house then, Keller, " he said to the driver.

While this was happening, back in Amanda's room, Cord was already waiting. This was a new place for him so he took this chance to check out Amanda's framed pictures of when she was young and when she still had her mother.

He studied one picture placed on the mantel of the fireplace where it showed the mother and daughter smiling towards the camera. They had the same sun-kissed beach hair, the same brows, but slightly different nose and chin. Amanda's were more defined, classic and elegant looking. As to the eyes, Amanda may have gotten the brown-violet color from her biological father as her mother's were a hazel.

Cord couldn't keep himself from smiling. She was indeed a beauty fit to be a queen. His queen.

He continued checking her room which was mostly painted with a light yellow shade on the walls. There were modern furniture present, some shelves of books on each side of the fireplace and a waterfall chandelier on the very center of the room.

Cord mentally told himself not to check Amanda's bedroom. Such an action he knew would be detrimental on his control when he was exercising his no-kissing, no-touching, no-making love rule. But of course, his curiosity won over. He just had to take a peek. He just wanted to see where she used to sleep and grow into a fine woman she was now.

In a bed that was innocent of a man's presence.

In bed where he hasn't been before.

Slowly, he pushed open the door and stepped inside. Immediately, he was greeted with her lingering scent. This was her room indeed. It was filled with the honeysuckle sweetness.

Not long after Cord entered, he instantly regretted it, for being surrounded now with the heavenly aroma of her, his nostrils flared and his seizures started kicking in.

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