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   Chapter 17 Counting Down the Minutes

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(Minutes earlier...)

Under the Master's order, Jerome fetched the Vitalis doctor again from her laboratory. Mera immediately knew why. The odd couple were going to New Zealand by tomorrow and most likely, her Master was getting impatient with the cure of his so-called attacks.

Truth be told, she was working like crazy to find it, but it wasn't just that easy. She needed both Science and Medicine to come up with an answer, and even that not-so-common Metaphysics too. They were vampires after all. Everything was out-of-the-ordinary for them.

If she were to be honest with herself, she'd say Cord had given her another absurd task along with one other previously requested. It was to find a cure for their curse without requiring Amanda's blood sacrifice. She hadn't gone far into her research with that one. It was a challenge and one that she was willing to take. After all, she had her immortality to do all kinds of experiments.

"I've heard you're drinking often now. How many times exactly?" she asked the moment she stepped inside Cord's throne room.

The latter was alone just listening to the beautiful heartbeat of Amanda when the doctor walked in. He glanced up and from the shadows of his dais, he gave her an answer.

"Twice, thrice a week." The drink in question was next to him, on a coffee table that Jerome placed earlier. He couldn't stomach watching it, let alone drinking it, but he knew he had to.

"Make that daily, Cord, " Mera suggested, giving him a serious stare.

Cord cocked a brow and scoffed.

"Why are you regulating my meals now?"

"It is the only way to ensure that you don't hunger for Ms. Amanda again, " she replied pointblank. "It is a basic concept of Nature, Cord. The more full you are, the less likely you crave for food. Unless..." she routed her eyes on the crimson liquid and cringed her nose, "You prefer her blood."

Cord didn't show any reaction, but answer he did without missing a beat.

"I always prefer Amanda's blood. I crave it."

"But you don't have any choice. Do you want her to die?" she bit out.

She already expected his answer, so she had no choice but to be frank. Besides him being a hardheaded vampire, she was well aware of his apparent preference of the witch's blood. Back then, they didn't know the owner of the said blood bags. Now, they do. To her, it was a cruel twist of fate. For her master and for all those affected with the curse.

Cord was silent for some time. It was a no-brainer question. Of course, he didn't want Amanda to die, but something on Mera's words made him think thoroughly.

"You know what my answer is, so yes, I'll drink daily, " he stated, giving the doctor a cool stare, "every morning and evening even, but still, my diet doesn't answer why I'm having these attacks."

She released a long sigh in response.

"I'm still looking into it Cord, but by my initial assessment with your blood through a microscope, the cells are responding to an outside contamination, and when it does, it shivers and shrinks, hence the seizures and the pain you're feeling."

"What is this outside contamination you speak of?" he asked.

"It is unfortunate to say that I don't know it yet, Cord."

A muscle on his cheek ticked. He paused for a moment, honing his attention on Amanda's heartbeat. It was growing closer and louder. And with the scent of her blood, he knew it was only seconds before she breaks through the throne room double doors.

"We are running out of time, you know that, " he stated, double meaning in his words.

Mera heard Amanda's heartbeat too and understood him.

"I know. If you don't want to harm Ms. Amanda, then I suggest you don't accompany her to New Zealand. Stay here. Let Pamela and Calvin be her guard, " were her final words before the doors swung open.

"Cord, may I speak with you privately?" Amanda announced, disregarding the presence of the doctor.

"Of course, " he stated and with a final glance at Mera, he signaled her away.

Both women nodded at each other before the latter waltzed out of the room.

"You are avoiding me again?" Amanda started as soon as the door closed. She stayed at the base of the dais, choosing not to climb up just to touch him. The last time she was in this hall was when she still didn't know Cord was a vampire. She didn't know when he said 'honeysuckle sweet' he was pertaining to her. And she didn't know then that he was exercising fasting and that he was very hungry...for her.

"Only temporarily, Amanda. I can't harm you again, " Cord stated, choosing to sit on his throne too instead of giving her a kiss.

Amanda crossed her arms and gnashed her teeth. "You do know what tomorrow is, right?"


"Then, will you accompany me or not? I could always take Jonathan with me if you're that worried with my safety."

Cord quickly shook his head.

"No, I will come with you, Love, " he stated and then, despite his restraint, he stood up, climbed down the dais and neared her, "but I'm going to have to impose a no-kissing, no-touching, no...making love rule."

His eyes were on her, feasting her, unclothing her all the while he walked in circles as if he was laying claim on his prey.

Amanda felt the heat rush through her. She felt cognizant with every step he took; felt cognizant with the heat of his gaze; but utterly feeling ambivalent over what he just said. Were their self-restraints really that strong?

"I am torn, Cord. You know I want to touch you, kiss you, and make love to you. Are you sure that's

agreement. "I hope he lives up to my expectations."

"Oh, he sure will, Mr. Arnold, plus more, " Noman interjected. Amanda awarded him a kick under the table.

"Hmm, with Noman's comment, now I feel very excited, " Mr. Arnold remarked, clueless of the two's sneaky glances.

"We'll have dinner in his hotel restaurant, Dad. Does seven in the evening sound good?"

"Seven it is, Sweety, " Mr. Arnold agreed. "I can't miss this chance to finally meet a man who has captured your attention. But you know, this news would likely devastate Matteo."

Amanda's eyelids fluttered, caught off guard by his statement.

"Oh, well...he's fine with it, " she managed to say whilst routing her eyes on her now-empty plate.

Her step-father gave her an arched brow. "Oh really? Last time I checked, he was trying to woo you."

"Uhm, how about you, Dad? How's our business going?" She quickly diverted the subject. Apart from being uncomfortable talking about Matteo, she just didn't want to remember his many transgressions against her.

Mr. Arnold, somehow suddenly remembering something, showed a surprised face.

"Oh right! I was supposed to tell you the good news, Caitlin."

"What good news?" Her curiosity was stirred.

"Speaking of Matteo, since three days ago, I had officially sold the Company to him."

"What?!" Amanda's mouth dropped. "But you loved your Company! You love working. You love your cars! Why would you do that?"

"Woohow, cool down, Sweety. One question at a time please." Mr. Arnold leaned back against his chair and waved his hand in between them.

"What's going on, Dad?" she asked.

Noman, on the other hand, kept himself silent, choosing to listen to their father-daughter conversation, but he was definitely as surprised as Amanda's was about the development.

"I decided to sell the Company to him because it is the right thing to do, " Mr. Arnold explained. "I am getting old, Caitlin. I want to use the rest of my days traveling. Plus, Matteo is the best choice. He was my only choice. Luckily, he accepted when I offered."

"But dad..." Amanda gave him a sad look.

"I know, Caitlin. Being with cars, racing, smelling the fuel are all my element. It is my life, but I also want to try different things. Look at you, you have moved on. You found a man worthy enough to be introduced to me. Like you, I also want to move on to another chapter of my life."

Amanda remained silent. She didn't know what to say. On the one hand, she liked the notion of her step-father traveling. Even though he didn't express it, but she knew the death of her mother had affected him greatly. Him traveling would fill in that void.

On the other hand, she didn't approve of Matteo managing the business. He was good with his job, true, but if anything, she'd love to manage it herself. Race cars, racing and engines were her element. But then again, with her final decision to move in with Cord in Spa, she wouldn't be able to fulfill her obligations as the CEO so, even though with a heavy heart, she decided to accept her step-father's decision.

"I understand, Dad, and I'll support you, don't worry, " in the end, she finally relented.

"Wow, just like that?" Her father seemed to be taken aback. "You're not going to fight your rights to own the Company? I thought you love it?"

"I do, but..." Amanda trailed off. She looked at Noman who in turn gave her a boost by nodding. "Remember the man I'd like you to meet?" she continued, eyeing her step-father again.

"Yeah, what of him?" Mr. Arnold replied, his shoulders now looking tense.

"You see, I plan to move in with him in Spa, " she paused and gave him an innocent smile. "For good."

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