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   Chapter 15 Exercising Restraint

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The bright morning light filtered through the white curtain inside the Master's chamber as soon as Arissa opened the casement windows.

Amanda, able to get a straight, uninterrupted sleep the entire night, cracked an eye open. She expected that Cord would be next to her, or at least already on his favorite chair delicately observing her like he usually does, but he wasn't.

She cringed, finding it weird. Never had he missed a night since they started their odd relationship. He even ordered her to sleep inside his master chamber instead of her own room so that they'd grow closer. He hadn't skipped a chance on watching her sleep the whole night through too and for this, it left her asking, why? His absence was indeed an unusual thing.

"Good morning, Miss Cait. You're breakfast is ready, " informed the maid cheerily, unbeknownst of the pile of confusion inside Amanda's head.

She sat up and rubbed her neck as if she was missing a certain feeling there, or specifically, Cord's addictive caresses and that sweet, sweet bite.

"Do you happen to know where your Master is?" she asked, looking at Arissa with anticipation.

The latter nodded. "Yes, Miss Cait. Master Cord is inside the throne hall as we speak."

Upon hearing this, Amanda inwardly grumbled. She was about to ask another question again but deferred it instead. The maid didn't need to know that she was gathering information about his whereabouts or that she was missing him. She basically never saw him or even talk to him since yesterday afternoon which was heavily unusual.

"I see, " Amanda routed her attention to the floor, biting her lip briefly. "Well, uhm, anyway, I'll freshen up first before I eat breakfast."

Arissa bowed her head low in agreement. "Sure, Miss Cait. I'll fix the bed in the meantime."

In the bathroom, Amanda stared at her reflection in the mirror. It was only just the other night when they made love wildly inside this area after that disturbing event. She thought they had made up then, and as well-minded, rational adults would have moved on. She had moved on, but in Cord's case, it seemed he hasn't.

Or was it that she was just overthinking things?

She nodded at her reflection and muttered out with determination, "Relationships need open communication in order to workout. A vampire and witch relationship is not excluded. I'll have to ask Cord about it then."

Her pep talk was interrupted when she heard a sound of her cellphone from across the room. Wanting to answer the call, she turned around and opened the bathroom door only to find that Arissa was already holding it and approaching her.

"Miss Cait, you have a call, " she informed whilst handing the gadget to her.

"Thanks Ris, " Amanda took it and went back inside the bathroom.

"Hello, this is Caitlin, " she greeted, pressing the small of her back against the granite sink.

"Hi, Cait, " came a husky reply from the other side of the line.

Amanda's eyes rounded.

"Matt!" she cried out.

Matteo chuckled in response. "Don't be surprised. I still know your contact number after all."

"Why are you calling me?"

"I just wanted to tell you I'm at Wellington now. Your father called me to check some paperworks, " he answered; the sound of race car engines revving up was heard on the background. Amanda got chills just by hearing it. It was reminiscent of home.

"Oh, I see, " she said, a wistful sound was thick on her voice.

"When will you return home, Cait? Your dad is missing you."

"Maybe a few days from now, " Amanda replied. She disregarded his low-key way of saying he was missing her too.

"Then I'll be waiting, " Matteo chirped.

"Uhm, I need to go, Matt. Say hi to my father for me."

Amanda wasn't able to hear Matteo's reply thereafter when a certain presence intruded on her privacy. Her hands that had held the phone lowered to the sink as her hazels rested on Cord's whole being alone.

He appeared without opening the bathroom door, standing next to the glass shower box where they had spent many a time bathing together. Judging from the way he looked now, he had changed his yesterday's clothes of a gray button-up shirt to a tailored suit and black slacks. He had no blindfold on too and as far as Amanda could remember, he had opted the black strip of cloth out since she returned from the hospital.

"You're talking to him again, " Cord pointed out as he raked her form up and down. The way he did so was intense; jealousy seeping through and another emotion that had been sawing at his bones for this past twenty-one hours — desire. And desire only directed to her. He hadn't planned on showing himself to her until the very last day before their departure to New Zealand, but his weakness won over. He wanted to see her if only just for a brief moment.

Amanda huffed and released the gadget.

"He called me, Cord. The phone was ringing. I was bound to answer it."

"Do you have any idea how that is making me feel?" he asked in a heartbeat, not at all ashamed to confess.

Amanda held back a giggle. She wanted to press herself against his chest, ran her hands through his hair and plant a morning kiss on his cheek but she controlled herself. She wanted to tease him a little.

"Yes, you're jealous and angry, and from the looks of your eyes, you want to break my phone, " she replied with a smirk.

Cord returned the gesture with a grin.

"Very accurate, my witch."

"But I won't let you break my phone, Cord. It has sentimental value."

She crossed her arms to her chest and leant against the sink again.

"Do you still trust him after all he has done to you?" Cord asked, shifting their conversation three-hundred and sixty-degrees different. Amanda didn't mind it though. She had basically rehearsed her answer many times in her mind should he ask that question. What she did mind was the fact that five minutes had passed and still he wasn't showing any signs of touching her or even as simple as nearing her.

She could see the need and love in his eyes, but he was still not acting out that need. 'What was wrong with him?' her mind stressed out. 'Was he teasing her too? Or playing the game of chase?'

"It's complicated, Cord, " Amanda released a cleansing breath, tossing out the wild thoughts in her head. "I've known Matteo for so many years. He has been a good friend to me and Noman." She hissed and rolled her eyes heavenward when she saw him tense up with her words. "Yes, I know he had done bad things to me—to us—but I'm hoping he has learned his lesson. Would it be wrong if I give him a second chance to mend his mistakes?"

'Yes, it's wrong, ' his thoughts blurted out. It was the quickest comment Cord could make out in his mind. If his selfish side were to have any say, it would be exactly that, but of course he couldn't say this out loud to her.

"As long as he doesn't kidnap you and attempt to take you by force, " he stated, wanting to close the gap between them, but thought otherwise. It was the hardest, most burdensome self-sacrifice he had done.

"Thank y

ou for being open-minded." Amanda stepped forward, choosing now to take action. The distance between them was killing her already. She wanted his warmth. She wanted to feel that manly rigidness against her tender skin.

"Compromising is what I have grown to perfect over the course of years, Amanda, " he stated, managing to control the rising temptation of her, "but know this, I'll always, always be on guard when it comes to him. He had helped you escape that time in the North Wing, and for that, I'm thankful, but I wouldn't hesitate to kill him once I see the need. He will not harm you again. And he will not take you away from me."

Amanda pressed her palms against his chest, feeling the hard muscles there. She lifted her chin up and moved closer to whisper on his ear.

"He won't. I've learned my lesson too you know."

"Good, " Cord muttered, tensing up with her closeness. How much more does he need to suffer? He knew Mera's advice would be impossible to follow. It was hard to stay away from Amanda when all he longed to do was to shower her with attention.

"Where have you been, Cord? You didn't return to me last night, " Amanda queried. She sensed his growing anxiety. She sensed him stiffening. It was unlike him.

"I know. I had...important matters to attend to, " he answered.

"A downside of being the Master of Vampires, I'm sure, " she remarked, still reading his body language.

"Yes, " Cord nodded.

In a sudden move, he stepped to the side, away from Amanda. Her hands that had rested on his chest hung in the air. Her eyelids fluttered, surprised.

"Er…where are you headed to?" she quickly asked, stopping him from reaching the bathroom door.

"The throne hall, " was Cord's reply. He clenched his teeth. He had to leave now or else his little restraint would snap.

"But you were just there before you came here, " Amanda voiced out in confusion.

"Something else needs my attention, Amanda."

"I need your attention now, " she added and that was it. The resolve that he had put up had broken down. Distancing himself from her was impossible.

"Kiss me, Cord."

Amanda breathed out, the sensuality of her plea hit Cord like a euphoric wave.

He clenched his teeth and cursed inwardly to himself, 'Fuck.' Then, with a quick grab of her head, he claimed her mouth and ravaged her with heavy kisses.

Amanda submitted herself to him. She clasped a fistful of his hair on one hand while the other pulled his shirt up. She found the compact planes of his abdomen, quaking and tightening as she started touching them.

Cord let out a pleasured growl from deep within his throat. He shoved Mera's advice at the back of his head and caressed Amanda with abandon. His hands busied themselves and undressed her as speedily as he could garment per garment.

Amanda mimicked his movements all the while their lips locked.

In their haste to strip naked, Cord hit a cushioned chair behind him. He stumbled back but instead of falling onto the ground, his buttocks hit the chair.

Amanda's lips quirked upward. "Stay there, " she ordered and then knelt in front of him, her hands reached up to his belt.

"A punishment for my Master, " she drawled as she pulled his slacks down. The thick strain of his boxers immediately welcomed her eyesight.

"Amanda..." Cord warned. He lifted her chin up and sought her eyes. "Too much is at stake if you do this."

She nodded. "Then control yourself. I know you can."

He tightened his hold on her shoulder. "You're putting too much trust on me. I can't even trust myself now. What do you think I tried to avoid you for?"

"Ah, so you admit you were avoiding me." She pulled down his boxers and gripped his length when it automatically bobbed up.

Cord inwardly groaned. "I can't...hurt you again. I'm unstable."

"You won't hurt me, " she replied, her eyes filled with confidence. She lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and delivered him the rawest bliss he could get from her mouth.

Sharp groans escaped many times from his breath. Without blinking, he watched her as thoroughly as he could with his gray and white outlines. He compensated for his blindness. He didn't want to miss out every movement as she licked every inch of him.

When the moment came for him to explode, he tossed his head back and ground out Amanda's name. His seed spilled in front of her, sticking to her hands and chest. It was a sight that had him wishing he could see it in full color.

"See? You handled it pretty well, " Amanda pointed out, a ghost of a proud smile painted her face.

Cord let out a throaty growl. This witch was undoing him, but he loved it. "Care to join me in the shower?"

Amanda nodded. "I'd love to."

He lifted her up bridal style and brought her to the shower box across the bathroom. In there, they continued their love making against the glass wall—doing long, playful foreplays, panting and groaning until Cord penetrated her. With the primal position, he had complete control of the pace and depth of his thrusting. Amanda accepted him muscle per muscle until they reached their peaks all the while the lukewarm water poured down on them.

Amanda, from wrapping her legs around his waist, lowered herself on the floor. Soaking wet with the water, she managed to break a pleased smile before stepping out of the box. Deep inside, three words were bubbling up. She knew she had to say it, but she couldn't. Not now at least.

Cord watched her as she sauntered into the cabinet where the bathrobes were kept. He was happy enough nothing had happened while he was under the influence of his orgasm. She was unharmed just like she said. And he was able to control his dark side this time from coming out.

Could he actually hope that this would continue on until his doctor could find a treatment? Yes, he could. There was no harm in hoping anyway.

"Stay with me, Cord. Don't go, " Amanda requested as she turned to face him again, this time wearing a robe.

He stepped out of the box, neared her and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"I will, as you wish."

"Thank you, " Amanda returned the gesture by planting a kiss of her own on his jaw line.

The whole day went about without a hitch. The lovers spent their time together making up with the lost hours they had. It was as if their normal pace had returned. Cord had himself wishing this would last.

But it never did.

At the stroke of two in the morning, Cord felt the seizures gradually displaying on his body. There was no visceral pain this time, but it was enough to lose his focus. It was enough for his dark side to break through.

Amanda was sleeping next to him, her hands spread on either side. Her chest was moving up and down, showing a delectable cleavage partly covered by her top.

Cord, seeing an opportunity, crawled on top her and secured her in place. His red eyes glowed as he took all of her in: a beautiful witch, an easy prey. Her sweet scent hit him like an avalanche. It made his fangs grew longer; undoubtedly ready to pierce her skin.

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