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   Chapter 14 The Waiting Game

I CRAVE FOR YOU By JMFelic Characters: 10809

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Jerome knocked on one of the double doors of the study, signifying his arrival along with a female vampire his Master wished to see. It was early in the afternoon that same day. The sun was high in the sky and the air was hot and humid. Not a sign of rain was threatening to pour down.

Although Cord knew most of his subjects were inside their dark rooms welcoming a deathlike sleep, he ordered his butler to fetch one that could help him with his...dilemma.

Amanda was with Arissa in her old bedroom, busily preparing her luggage for their departure five days from now to New Zealand—to a place where it wasn't Cord's comfort zone; to one of the countries where he had once been rampaging and killed more than a dozen witches.

Knowing this, he needed treatment asap, or at least to learn more about what was happening with his body, or more like his shadows. He couldn't forgive himself for the ghastly behavior he did to Amanda. It didn't sit on him well that he couldn't control himself that time. It was as if he had returned to his former dark self—craving for power and blood—and that his shadows actually rejoiced it, behaving erratically and wildly.

Cord couldn't risk that event from happening again and so he needed to talk to the only person he knew who would likely find treatment.

"Sire, the doctor is here, " Jerome informed after he pushed the door halfway.

Cord cut his attention from the scenery outside his arched window and looked over his shoulder.

"Let her in, " he bade and then turned towards the wingback chair next to the burning hearth of the room.

The one called 'doctor' stepped inside with a clicking sound of her two-inch heels. Her hair was a short cut, almost in a bob style but with soft layers to frame her round face. She didn't wear a doctor's coat as opposed to being called one, but she certainly acted as the castle's doctor due to her ability to see through what was happening inside the person's body. It was like a CT-scan, but a much better version of it. She got this ability not from a witch but from a shaman who willingly gave it to her eight centuries ago as a gift for saving the shaman's son.

She hated violence and would prefer staying inside her laboratory in the mansion than joining parties in the North Wing. This had spared her from Amanda's wrath last week. Plus, she was actually a real doctor of the Vitalis Family in the past; one that unfortunately was inside the mansion when the curse was cast.

"It's the first time you called for me, My Lord. How could I be of service to you?" she stated once she was a few feet away from him. She looked down at him like a mother would to her son—with a glint of warmth and kindness—and even gave out a soft smile that created a few lines around her eyes.

"Mera, " Cord started in a calm but lordly voice, "do what doctor's like you do. Assess me and find whatever it is that seems odd."

The doctor's brow arched.

"Odd, meaning?" she asked, her assessing eyes kicking in.

Cord pressed his lips and remained silent. He didn't want to elaborate it further. It made him uncomfortable. It made him feel...weak.

But Mera clucked her tongue in impatience.

"You've got to tell me the story, 'Little Cord

He wasn't sure if it was the right move to make. He wasn't even sure if his sanity could take it but such sacrifices had to be made for her safety. It would be an ordeal. He simply loved to feel her skin, taste her lips and claim her whole being in the heat of passion.

"I have no choice, " he ground out.

Mera walked towards a valise that Jerome had left earlier by the door and stood next to it. It was full of medical paraphernalia useful to her—some ancient, some modern.

"Let me get some blood samples, My Lord. Science might help solve this problem of yours."

Cord nodded but cringed. What an irony it was. He hated needles and to top it off, Mera had to use the thickest needle specially designed to prick through his unnatural skin.

"Do so, and make sure nobody knows about this. Hold your tongue."

She understood his directive, but she could only hope and pray that she could find an explanation about his predicament and maybe create a treatment soon before his dark side emerges again.

"I will. I promise, " she agreed.

Directing her attention to the valise, she opened it and pulled out the necessary equipment needed to siphon his blood.

She neared him then and did the routine preparations while Cord silently sat, his attention rerouted to the flames on the hearth; his eyes looking somewhat distant but alert.

A blackish blood appeared from the tube when Mera successfully hit a vein. The color itself signified that the red blood cells in his body lacked of oxygen. It was an expected turnout. Vampires like them didn't need to breathe in order to survive. Their hearts were not beating. They were basically the walking dead.

But they needed nourishment, clothing and shelter like humans do. And they feel pain, different emotions and crave for companionship and sex like humans too.

What a twisted, moronic, merciless curse it was, made by dark magic that was just as mysterious as being a vampire.

"I'll update you once I get a breakthrough, " Mera stated once she got enough blood specimen in her tubes. She stood up and placed them inside her valise.

"It is a waiting game now, " Cord remarked.

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