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   Chapter 13 Pleasure and Guilt

I CRAVE FOR YOU By JMFelic Characters: 12320

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"Petting the animal again?" Cord muttered as soon as he saw Amanda with Bagheera.

He had half expected her to be inside the bathtub, alone, naked and cleansing herself of the dirt from the hospital.

Seeing her now, it seemed she had indeed taken a bath judging from the still wet locks sticking to her neck and the bathrobe she wore, but she wasn't alone. Apparently, his traitor pet had been quick to ask for her attention.

Amanda hummed her agreement without looking at Cord.

"Bagheera missed his daily belly rubs so I'm giving it to him now."

She continued petting the animal who lay at her feet, next to the sofa she was sitting.

Cord's teeth clashed. He pulled the blindfold off and dropped it to the floor. The way her cleavage peeked and her breasts pressed up against her thighs, it made him wish what he was seeing wasn't just white and gray outlines alone. That he wished they were in full color; the pinks, the browns, the reds, everything.

However, he couldn't just ask Amanda for her blood. She was after all still a patient who needed full recovery. He had to be considerate at least.

"Any more attention on him and I'll not think twice throwing him to the zoo." But the jealousy bubbling inside him while looking at his pet, he unfortunately couldn't contain.

Amanda quickly stopped and stood up.

"You wouldn't, Cord, " she frowned at him.

Cord neared her and caressed her cheek.

"You should know by now I'm a jealous vampire, my witch."

Amanda grinned. "Oh, I certainly do."

She stepped closer, erasing what little distance left between them and placed her hands on his chest.

"Kiss me, Cord. I know you'd been holding back for three days, " she encouraged, using a seductive voice that meant she needed not only a kiss but more. So much more.

Bagheera now felt out of place. With a slow growl, his paws hit the surface of the marbled floor, going straight towards the receiving room door leaving them alone.

"Then I'll use this night to make up the times we have lost, Amanda, " Cord murmured against her ear. Once the panther was out of sight, he ordered his shadows to close the door. Any interruptions would be unwelcomed now, and may just be detrimental. He'd likely kill the intruder on the spot.

"Cord..." Amanda moaned as his lips snaked along the plane of her neck. Goosebumps erupted on her skin as she felt the wetness of his tongue against her throat. She had missed this feeling for three days. To pass the time in the hospital, she'd daydream about them making love. Those were wonderful moments, but this moment right here, right now couldn't contend to it.

Cord's lips finally found its way into Amanda's. Their mouths clashed with force, each one hungry for the other; each one pouring their need to be sated. There was no hesitation this time. No Noman or nurses or any other interruptions to consider this time.

Amanda angled her head to the side so Cord could have deeper access into her mouth. At one point, they stopped, threw in a quick smile and then went back devouring each other.

Amanda's hands find their way into the buttons of his coat. She unbuttoned them without a hitch, consequently giving her a good view of his lean muscles under the black shirt he wore.

'Nothing has changed, ' she relished the thought. His body was just as she remembered them. And certainly more.

Cord, on the other hand, was quick to untie her robe. She had white lace underwear on just as he deduced. With the outline of her half naked body next to him, a muscle down under had just misbehaved. It had turned rock hard.

Amanda lightly chuckled in response, clearly seeing the alluring effect of that

dth away. She had already accepted that fact. It was the price for going against her whole being as a witch.

"Stay still, " Cord whispered again. He cupped her chin and angled her head to the side just as he lowered his mouth into the half-clean wound.

The towel on Amanda's hand dropped to the floor. She let out a soft moan as Cord licked the surrounding area first, cleaning the dried blood.


Once done, Cord moved to cover the wounds with his mouth. He sucked it gently and tongued the indentations of the flesh — the manner of which he did so was close to intimate. Arousing.

All of Amanda's apprehension and fear had wiped out that instant replacing it with the need for intimacy. For his adoring touch.

"I could hear your heart beating so fast, " Cord stated once he was done. His mouth lingered at the helix of her ear, almost ready to dive onto caressing her again.

The wound had disappeared, leaving not a trace of bruise or scar or clotted blood.

"I'm sorry for suddenly biting you, Amanda. I truly am."

Amanda watched his nakedness in the mirror. Those rippling torso he had; the lean muscles he had just overworked earlier; his stance of a proud master to his subjects. He was painfully beautiful.

And with his body pressed up against her; the way her curves complimented perfectly on him, she could definitely say they were both made for each other.

"Apology accepted, " she stated, eyeing him now in a different light. With the help of her ingested blood, he was now seeing her in full color and as a human.

She turned around to face him and searched for the depth of his eyes. She found them and they were humanely beautiful.

"Let me make amends, Amanda, " Cord traced her cheekbones with his lips. One of his hands found its way into her opening while the other had cupped her breast. "Let me take away the fear I just planted in you."

Amanda's legs parted, accepting his invitation. "Ohhh... Cord." She tossed her head back and relished the way his human fingers moved, coaxing more wetness on her opening.

They shared a long, hard kiss again before he lifted her up and brought her to the shower box. In there, he made amends and the fear that had grown inside Amanda had little by little weakened.

As the night grew older, their bodies intertwined again and again. The fear inside Amanda disappeared once morning came, but to Cord, the guilt of biting her without her consent lingered.

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