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   Chapter 12 The Outsider

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Amanda released a quick breath of disbelief. Her eyes did a double take at the tickets on her hand and then a smirk appeared on her lips.

"Wow, you're actually coming with me? The Master of Vampires is actually coming with me?"

She couldn't believe what she just heard. They hadn't gone that far into their relationship, but she was sure he disliked traveling and meeting new people. If he did it so for her, then it was a grand gesture, but still it didn't fail to amuse her.

Cord grinned at her, proud that he was able to elicit exactly the kind of response he expected. He opened his mouth to reply, but then was stopped short when the driver of the limousine buzzed his message through the intercom.

"Excuse, Master Cord, Miss Amanda, we have arrived."

Amanda handed him back the tickets.

"Hold that for me, " Cord said and then opened the car door.

As soon as their feet touched the cobblestoned ground, Jerome who was waiting patiently for their arrival, stepped forward and neared his master.

"Master Cord, Pamela wants to talk to you, " he informed after doing a short bow towards Amanda.

"It could wait until tomorrow, " was Cord's dismissive reply. He grabbed Amanda's hand and off they climbed the stairs to the entrance door.

"No, it couldn't, " Pamela stated, appearing from one of the columns near the door. She sent Cord a grave look, sending a silent message that she needed his attention stat.

Cord sensed the urgency and so he faced Amanda and said: "You go on ahead."

Amanda was curious, but wasn't in the mood to hear any problems pertaining to the vampires in the castle, so she agreed, giving him a nod.

"Amanda, it's good to see you again, " Pamela neared her and gave a quick hug.

"Likewise, Pamela, " she smiled, noting the ungloved hands of the enchanting woman and just as expected, Amanda noticed the change of Pamela's facial expression when their skins touched. From one that was passive earlier, a look of horror and sadness crossed her face now.


well read his mind even if he was bedridden.

"Do you want me to investigate this further?" she asked, eyes beaming with anticipation. "Maybe your remaining subjects could give a clue." She enjoyed doing the detective work more than the others and she'd likely fight for that job tooth and nail.

Cord nodded. "Do that, Pamela. It is imperative we know who this outsider is."

"Do you think Sir Alfort was dealing with Matteo? He could be the outsider, " she deduced, her suggestion wasn't impossible at all.

A few seconds of silence followed.

This was the second time the cockroach mage had been linked to Cord's problems and he didn't like it.

"It's possible, but I want to keep an open mind and be ready for anything, " he answered. "While all I want is to step down in this throne and rid myself of my responsibilities as your Master, I still would want to keep my shadows with me. No one could handle these powers other than myself."

"Of course, Cord. That's exactly why you're our Master." A smile spread on Pamela's face. "I'll return once I get a breakthrough on this case."

She gulped the rest of her champagne and started towards the door without waiting for Cord's reply.

She didn't need to. She knew he had been counting the seconds until the end of their conversation so that he could be with his witch again.

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