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   Chapter 11 Pieces of the Puzzle

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It was a sunny morning and the throne hall of the Vitalis Castle had been partially lit by the offending ball of fire. Jerome of course didn't want to get caught up by the sun's rays and get fried up, so he moved forward as cautiously as he could to where his master usually sat.

Normally, Cord's shadows would block the sun's rays out, but now, they didn't. Or it was that the Master himself didn't care of the bright light and chose not to block it.

Jerome couldn't ascertain why his Master did so, but he chose to keep the question to himself.

"Master Cord, Calvin wishes to talk to you, " he announced once he was a few feet away from the dais. This part of the throne hall at least had the safety of the shade.

Missing a blindfold, Cord opened his eyes and stiffly nodded.

"Let him come in."

Jerome dipped his head down and afterwards went back to the throne room kitchen. Calvin was already waiting there. With Jerome's signal, he entered the hall choosing to walk this time than just swooshing in. Plus, he was also feeling cautious with how the sun's light was dangerously spread inside the hall.

"What's up with you?" Calvin spat as soon as he was a stone's-throw away from Cord. He cringed at the sight of the Master of Vampires. Cord wasn't physically weary-looking, but his aura was different and Calvin could clearly see it. "You look unlike yourself, Cord. Is this because of Amanda's absence? No boner lately?"

He joked, at least to lighten the mood, but the Master of Vampires disliked it.

"Sometimes I wish you weren't an indispensable member of my family so that I could just kill you on the spot for your antics, Calvin, " Cord announced, a tick on his jaw appeared.

"Aww, Cord, I love you too, " was Calvin's reply, disregarding the threat in the former's words.

"What's the progress on the task I gave you?" Cord asked, going straight to business.

"Charlie beheaded one biter. She had no choice, " Calvin started. "The biter killed a homeless person sleeping at St. Elm Street. Plus, she attacked us."

He noticed the appearance of Cord's pet panther from the back of the throne and it made him stop. It fluidly moved beside its master and Cord was gracious enough to pet its head.

"The other three escapees are now waiting for your judgment, Cord, " Calvin started again when he noticed the deafening silence around them. "One had killed a prostitute in the middle of sex while the other two were just about to do the same before we barged in their rented apartment."

"Such boldness, " Cord muttered, clenching his jaw.

Calvin felt uneasy. Something was definitely not right with his cousin but he couldn't put a finger on it.

"Bring them to me. I want to hear them squeak when I end their worthless lives, " Cord added. He petted his panther's head again but this time, sharp claws jutted out from his hands.

Calvin saw it and realized that 'that' something he felt earlier was a spark of a dark energy reminiscent of a time when Cord had a rampage. It brought him to chills, but despite this, he bowed and gestured for Charlie who was waiting at the threshold of the throne room kitchen together with the escapees.

Wounded and hungry, the three escapees were dragged across the hall and into the base of the dais.

"You really think you could get away from me?" A slender finger tapped with precision against the destroyed armrest just as Cord asked. He glared at the escapees without mercy: one young woman with auburn hair who had been one of the maids of the Vitalis Family before the curse, and two men both in their late thirties, used to be gambling partners of Cord's father way back in a time when they were all normal. Well…humans.

One of the men grew courage and stood up, looking back at Cord without hesitation.

"Trace had us brainwashed, Master Cord. We were contended with our way of living in the North Wing. We were loyal to you. We followed your rules."

"Then why would you run away and leave the mansion, break my rules and start terrorizing humans for food?" Cord asked, the sound of his voice particularly low and cold.

"We were...afraid, Master Cord!" the young woman cried out. She looked cachectic, almost to the bone without the nourishment of blood.

"We don't want to die, " the earlier man said. "We loved being vampires, but when that witch released her spell on the North Wing, we had no choice but to leave else we would have turned to petrified wood like Trace, Garett and the others."

"She's the reason for it all, Master Cord. She has disrupted our way of life!" cried the other man who chose to kneel in front of Cord.

"She's a witch! She deserves to d

t you."

Instead of getting offended, Amanda shook her head and let out a chuckle.

"Wow, I'm both fascinated and terrified with your slyness, Cord."

Cord moved to caress her cheek again, but after some time, his fingers lingered to the plane of her neck.

"You talked with Matteo earlier. What did he say?"

Time to be truthful it seems. Amanda wasn't planning on lying to him anyway. As Master of the Vitalis Castle and Lord of the Vampires, he had the right to know what happened to one of his opponents during last week's scuffle.

"He was clueless about the visions when I confronted him, Cord. Meaning, he wasn't the one who created it. You are right. The visions could have been conjured to distract me and catch your attention, but the question now is who?"

A moment of silence passed by between the two of them: each one trying to puzzle the clues they have on hand, but after a while, Cord cut off the silence.

"What else, Amanda?" he urged.

"Well, he also told me something about a family member who saved him from my spell blast in the North Wing, " she added. "This supposed family member also tended his gunshot wound, Cord."

"A family member?" he parroted.

Amanda shrugged her shoulders and eased back against the car seat, letting her head fall behind the cushion.

"Yeah, sounds ridiculous right?"

As twisted as it looked, Cord actually smirked.

"Not at all. It's another mystery I want to solve about you, " he said.

"The only family I knew was my mother who had long died of natural causes. My other relatives, as you may know, are also dead: you killed my cousin Arriana; her mother was torched by an angry mob of villagers. Any blood family I have, if there are even any, could be in hiding from your kind. Matteo must have found someone who had the courage to come out of her hiding and work with him."

"You are surprisingly calm talking about it, " Cord pointed out after her telling.

Amanda scoffed. "Well, it's not like I made a bond with them. I hadn't even met them because my mother and I hid when she found out about the dark ones."

As if the words were like a matchstick, it consequently ignited the long sleeping ember of truth about their statuses as enemies.

Amanda noticed the look of guilt on Cord's face then.

"If it's too late to ask your forgiveness..." he said, but then she quickly placed a long finger against his lips.

"No, it's alright, Cord, " she stated, shaking her head. "You don't need to. I'm fine. We were both victims of the curse."

Cord released a deep breath. He pulled out something from the car's secret storage area under the seat and gave it to Amanda.

She cocked an eyebrow in response.

"What's this?" she asked, taking into account the familiar design and color of the object.

"Tickets going to New Zealand, " Cord clarified.

"But two tickets?" Amanda took it from his grasp and read the names written on it. She expected her name and Noman's to be present, but the other one was different entirely. It read: Rexcord Alexander Vitalis.

"I'm coming with you, Love, " Cord worded smoothly.

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