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   Chapter 9 A Disturbing Dream

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"Here's the list you ask me, " stated Calvin right after he swooshed himself into the throne room.

Cord was already waiting for him there. Once again, he couldn't keep a shuteye when there were still the issues of vampires escaping the mansion.

"Is this complete?" he said, eyeing the white and gray outlines of Calvin through his blindfold.

Calvin bobbed his head.

"Yes. All residents in the North Wing are listed there. They are categorized as alive, escapee, and deceased after the incident days ago. I summarized it all and found out we have four escapees."

"Four escapees?" Cord parroted.

"Yes, but they don't pose a threat, Cord. These vampires had not ingested any witch blood so they possess no abilities that would hinder their capture."

Cord remained silent, leisurely planning on whatever torment he could give these escapees once captured.

"Give Charlie and I four days and we will bring them back here to receive your judgment."

At the mention of the name, Charlie Roan, a distant cousin of Cord on the father's side appeared from the open door of the throne room's kitchen. Jerome was behind her and with a light bob of his head, urged her to approach the base of the dais.

She did so with conviction.

She was one of those North Wing vampires who initially lost trust of her Master, and now, she wanted to redeem herself. Calvin and Jerome, seeing her sincerity, wanted to help her achieve it.

Calvin glanced at her once she settled beside him. As a petite girl with a short bob, he towered her, but that didn't mean she was one unskilled vampire. She, after all, killed a witch with poison hands, took her ability and claimed it as her own.

Cord didn't seem to mind her trespassing their private meeting. He just watched her as his shadows danced all over the hall, ready to inflict pain should she disrespect him.

Charlie saw the threat and the omnipotence of her Master and decided to kneel before him.

"I am at your disposal, Master Rexcord."

It was a minute of silence before Cord replied.

"Very well, " he said ushering a triumphant grin at the corner of his mouth. "Show me your loyalty."

Charlie took a deep, relieved breath. "Thank you, Master Rexcord. I will and you will not regret it."

Cord turned to Calvin and continued.

"Also, bring Heather with you, and I'll give you two days. Surely, they hadn't gone that far. If they broke my rules and killed any humans for blood, then take their lives on the spot. But..." Cord paused and seemingly entertained a wild idea. "On the other hand, let me do that. I have punishments fit for these ingrates — or in the modern world, shall we say — fucktards."

"As you wish, Cord. Everything is clear. I'll see myself out." Calvin religiously bowed his head low before teleporting out of the room with Charlie in tow.

Once alone, Jerome entered with a wine glass on a silver tray.

"Master Cord, your drink, " he informed, lowering his eyes to the floor.

A disgusted look settled on Cord's face momentarily before taking the drink from his butler. He sensed though that something was bothering the man.

"You have something to say Jerome, what is it?" Cord urged whilst sniffing the crimson content of the glass. Smelling a not-so-fragrant smell thereafter, he scrunched up his nose again.

"I'm just worried about you, Milord, " Jerome started, still directing his sights on the floor. "You had been abstinent on any blood other than Ms. O'Malley's for years now. If you drink that, wouldn't you get any adverse reactions?"

"No, I won't, " was Cord's quick reply. Wherever his butler procured the new blood bag, he didn't care. He just had to ingest now before his hunger pangs returned with a vengeance. "Blood is blood, Jerome. No matter who the owner is. I just preferred Amanda's greatly than any other persons. However, I can't always r

when the door closed. She glanced at Cord who slowly neared her.

"Cord, please, " she said, trying to convince him again. She took his hand, the one that was nearest her, and squeezed it.

"No, the bodyguard stays, Amanda, " Cord answered whilst looking down on her. " you want me to stay here until you discharge?"

Quickly, she shook her head. "No! That can't happen. You're too much of a high profile."

Cord tipped her chin up, traced the edges of her jaw back and forth, and then transferred to the corners of her mouth.

Amanda softly released a pleased sound from within her throat. She pulled his hand down just as Cord stooped low to meet her face.

They shared a long kiss then, one that was intense and with a few strokes of Cord's tongue against hers.

Amanda's free hand moved to capture his head. She pulled a good mass of his black locks, creating a bit of strain on his scalp.

Cord enjoyed the treatment though. He pushed her forward and they went tumbling down the bed with still their mouths locked.

But with their hurried movements, a certain medical equipment was affected. The intravenous metal pole that accommodated the solution of Amanda's line fell down. It hit the floor with a loud clinking sound and consequently pulled taut her line.

"Okay, maybe we need to finish this when we get back to the mansion, " she stated, chuckling.

Cord, silently grinning, moved to stand whilst ushering her to sit.

"Back to the matter, I don't doubt your capacity to protect yourself, Love, " he said, lifting her chin up again so that he could see her blushing face. "I've seen and tasted what you can do first hand. I just want to double the protection. We don't know yet who we are dealing with if indeed we have an enemy in hiding."

Amanda didn't want to argue anymore. Plus, she understood his point.

"Yes, I understand, " she nodded and this time, resigned herself to having a bodyguard which she knew, a certain professor would also be happy.

"Good, " Cord gave her a pleased smile.

That night, he remained in his usual area of the room: the leather chair, and welcomed an offer of a proper sleep.

Amanda was sleeping too, in her bed, and entertained a dream of herself. Seconds later, she gasped loudly and sat straight up. She scanned the room and found that Cord was still in his chair, sleeping like a log.

All was well in reality. Good.

But what wholly disturbed her was remembering her dream.

A dream of herself getting restrained by Cord's shadows and the fact that her neck was gushing with blood.

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