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   Chapter 8 Taking New Sides

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At the stroke of nine in the morning, Amanda knew Noman was coming. It was visit hours after all.

When a knock on her main door sounded, she expected it was him and indeed she was right.

"How's my witch?" Noman asked nonchalantly as he stepped inside the room.

Amanda gave him a smile and sat up. She had already told herself not to inform him about her bodyguard. After all, Jonathan was in the balcony, away from view, unless Noman would want fresh air and open the balcony door then that's it.

"Hi, Dom, " she cheerfully greeted. "I'm doing good. How's your sleep?"

"Great darling. I feel better now, rejuvenated, " he answered whilst putting a paperbag full of fruits and crackers on a table.

"And your papers?"

"Almost done." He turned to meet Amanda's gaze and then gave her a grin. "And how about your night last night? Did the Master climbed up in your bed?"

Amanda groaned and threw a pillow at him. "No, of course not!"

Noman chuckled, returning the pillow on her bed. "Just checking. You're still injured after all."

"We just talked and...may had had a little bit of argument, " she confessed, directing her eyes down the floor.

"Ohhh, juicy, " Noman's ears immediately perked up. He neared her and perched on the edge of the hospital bed. "About what? Tell me the details."

"He doesn't want me to leave Bath. Basically, he wants me to stay indefinitely inside the mansion after my hospital discharge."

Amanda's telling earned a scowl from her best friend.

"But you need to return to New Zealand!" he complained.

"I know, " Amanda sighed. "That's exactly what I told him."


She tossed him a forlorn look.

"You could move a heavy boulder with a fork but not him."

Noman twisted his lips and rolled his eyes heavenward.

"Gosh, Caitlin, his possessiveness is both a turn-on and a problem."

Amanda jabbed his shoulder in response.

"I'll try asking him again later, and well, among other things..." she trailed off, thinking of a certain vampire outside her room.

This caught Noman's attention even more. "What? What other things?"

Her eyes betrayed her and unconsciously stared at the balcony door. Good thing her best friend was still oblivious of the bodyguard's presence.

"Oh, nothing of import, " she replied quickly. "Just the usual stuff when I move in with him."

"Speaking of which, oh God, I

d vampires, but with what was happening now, she thought otherwise.

"Well then, introductions had been made, " she announced, standing up from her bed. "Why not you go back to your station, Jonathan?"

"Yes, Ms. O'Malley, " the one addressed dutifully nodded.

"Wait, what?" Noman voiced out, quickly halting the man with a palm up. "Caitlin, you want to roast this poor creature there and under the sun no less?!"

"He is immune to the sun, Dom. He'll be fine, " Amanda crossed her arms to her chest, making sure her intraveous line wouldn't kink.

"Nope, that just won't do!" Noman shook his head. He turned his attention to Jonathan and snaked an arm around his elbow.

"Here, come inside. You shouldn't listen to witches. They're all vengeful."

Amanda rolled her eyes heavenward and kept herself from laughing. She was supposed to be angry with him for messing up her decisions, but she just couldn't. Truly, this was her best friend in action. Once he laid eyes on a target, he'd never stop until he charms him.

"Sure. Just go on ahead and act as if I'm not here, Dom, " Amanda flipped her hand midair when she saw him guiding the poor helpless vampire onto the leather seat.

"Pshhh, Caitlin. You should be more kind to your bodyguard, " he chastised. "He'll be taking care of you until your discharge. And I'll be happy to accompany both of you too."

"I thought you want me to stay in your apartment?" she quipped, one brow up.

Noman acted clueless. "Did I say that? Hmmm...I don't remember."

"Oh God, " Amanda shook her head and took in a deep breath.

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