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   Chapter 6 The Telling

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Amanda exactly knew what he meant. She was a skilled driver. A pro even. And not to mention, she was not just a human. She was a strong witch. She had quick reflexes. Indeed, how could she allow such an incident to happen?

"I...I saw some visions during the race..." Amanda started, shifting her eyes towards the ceiling. Although their relationship was still new and fresh and out-of-the-ordinary, she knew she need to tell Cord the truth.

"Visions?" Cord parroted.

"Yeah, it was more like it, Cord. First it was a shadowy figure in the middle of the road. Second was a mother specifically wailing in agony. She was reaching out to me as if she needed my help."

Instead of becoming emotional, Amanda just frowned, confused with the second vision. When her mother was alive, she was full of energy, happiness and love. Sure her mother had suffered because of her biological father's death, but Amanda had never seen her in agony like that in the vision. She was a strong woman. She was a fighter.

What could the apparition of her mother in a supplicating state actually mean?

"And the last was..." Amanda trailed off, unsure whether to tell Cord about Matteo or not.

"Go on, " was Cord's response. He clenched his teeth ever so slightly, feeling the air in the room shift. He could feel Amanda's hesitation, but why would she be hesitant in the first place?

"The last vision I saw was Matteo, in the middle of the track. He looked so real and I really think he was at that moment. It's possible he used his mage powers to suddenly appear in the race track without other people including you noticing but that's just my hunch, " Amanda continued, furrowing her brows at the memory of him: of how suave he looked and of how eager he offered his hand to her.

"So, he is alive..." Cord murmured to himself, sounding disappointed.

Amanda, hearing this, looked up at him. "I thought you knew?"

He shook his head. "I just suspected he would survive your crystal blast that time. With your account now, it settles it. He is still alive and might be after you still."

Amanda remained silent. She remembered their last conversation through the phone. He basically assured her he won't do anything crazy on her agai

der your eye—"

Noman immediately signaled Amanda to zip her mouth. "Don't point it out to me, deary. It's embarrassing."

"You need some beauty sleep, " she continued with a cheeky smile.

"And a long bath. I reek." Noman sighed.

Amanda nodded magnanimously at him, agreeing with him without any hesitation.

"Thanks for sticking with me since yesterday, Dom. You're the best, " she stated once Noman stood up from his chair.

The one addressed pressed a finger on the corner of his right eye, acting as if he was about to cry.

"Now don't go on fattening my liver, Caitlin. You know I would do anything for my best friend."

Amanda beamed him a smile. "You're the best of the best."

"Pshhh, I know, " Noman replied and placed a quick peck on her forehead. Then, he faced Cord and though he was showing off an intimidating aura the whole time, Noman was unaffected.

"Take care of her for me will you?" he requested.

"I'm not going to drink her blood if that's what you mean, " Cord answered plainly.

Amanda almost choked at her saliva. Looking at the two, she'd never felt more blessed in her life since her mother died.

"Well, you better hold your word, " Noman crossed his arms and then, his stare on him softened. "But hey, Mister Vitalis, thanks for saving my best friend."

"It's a pleasure, " was Cords reply and it sounded genuine.

With a wink on Amanda, Noman turned around and went for the door.

"Ciao lovers, " he chimed just as the door closed.

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