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   Chapter 5 A Sigh of Relief

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Amanda was taken to the nearest hospital via ambulance: the Clinical Reine Astrid, wherein there she was hurriedly put in the trauma unit and placed in all monitoring machines. The head of Amanda's pit-stop team and her father's close friend, Mr. Janus Fowler, rode with her in the ambulance and he was now nervously standing in the waiting room, dialing her father to inform him of the unfortunate accident.

A few moments later, Noman and the rest of the pit-stop team arrived and were ushered to the waiting area too. Noman couldn't hold himself any longer and cried in a corner, feeling worried as hell with Amanda's condition.

He still hadn't seen the Vitalis Master to at least give him the assurance that Amanda was protected during the crash and for that, it made him worried all the more.

By midnight, the resident trauma doctor informed Noman and the team that Amanda was stable and was now transferred to her private room at the fourth floor of the hospital.

All of them were relieved but as per guidelines, they had to wait until morning to visit Amanda. In the end, Noman was the one who decided to stay in the waiting room, choosing to wait until the first break of morning to be able to see his dear friend.

Cord however didn't wait that long. Using his shadows, he snuck inside Amanda's room and immediately went to her side.

He held her hand, the one that was free from any tubings, and squeezed it tight. Thanks to his shadows, Amanda only got some minor scratches on the face, arms, legs and chest. Some bruises were visible under the dim light of the room, but they were not that much to take note of.

With Cord's hypersense, he could see that she hadn't broken anything too and that her blood was flowing just right inside her veins. Nothing was blocking it. Nothing was life threatening. And that eased Cord's worry.

"You do realize I will have to kill myself if you die, right?" he uttered to the sleeping Amanda. The beep of the monitor was the only sound that answered him then. "I can't live without you, Love. Please wake up soon."

Cord stayed until the first light of dawn hit the white curtains of her window. He teleported out just as the morning shift nurse walked in and checked Amanda's vitals.

By nine in the morning, Noman arrived inside her room. He let out a shaky but relieved breath after seeing his friend sleeping soundly. He chose to sit on a leather chair a few feet away from her to kill time. Before he could sit down, he noticed the leather cushion with

d, "This is a hospital after all, Sweet Amanda. Cameras are everywhere. Your room is near the nurses station even. I can't have anyone having a heart attack if they suddenly saw me inside your room."

Amanda chuckled from within. "Hmmm, you have a point. But hey, like mirrors, I thought cameras don't register your kind?"

"Pssh, stop believing those nonsense things about us. It's fake. How do you think Calvin fixes his cactus-like hair if he didn't have a mirror?"

Amanda chuckled at his remark, setting the mood of the room light.

Cord started to walk again and this time he stopped at Amanda's right. He placed a gentle hand on her forehead and began to sweep it back and forth, his little way of showing his affection. He'd love to kiss her of course, but refrained in respect to her condition.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

Amanda heard the concern in his voice. If it had been another person, they'd mistake it as his ruse.

Despite the blindfold he wore, Amanda knew he was looking at her with such intensity. It made her all tingly inside.

"I'm fine, Cord. Nothing seems to be broken, all thanks to you."

"Good, " he said.

"Your shadows appeared just in time and prevented me from taking the impact. I could feel them cushioning me." Amanda took his hand, the one that touched her forehead, and squeezed it tight. "Really, thank you for saving me. Despite having a thousand years of life, it might be the end of the line for me if it weren't for you."

"You're welcome, Love. You know I'd protect you always," He knotted his brows and looked at her with hard and calculating eyes through the blindfold. "How could this happen?"

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