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   Chapter 2 A Passion for Singing

I CRAVE FOR YOU By JMFelic Characters: 5644

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She was done with looking at him with the blindfold so she pulled it out of his head once she was but inches away. The black panther sensing the two's heightened emotions ran out of the room to the open balcony.

"You have a subtle way of persuading me, Mr. Vitalis, " Amanda said whilst they looked at each other eye to eye.

"And you have a subtle way of showing me that you don't want to leave, my witch, " he pointed back, easing his hands now on her waist. He stood up, cupped her chin and whispered on her ear, "Where were we, Amanda?"

Amanda acted clueless, giggling deep inside.

"Ahh, yes, I was about to strip you naked before the Chief arrived, " he added.

Amanda angled her head to the side when Cord's tongue darted on the plane of her neck. Goosebumps immediately erupted all throughout her body.

"I think that she knows we are lovers, " she said whilst keeping her eyes shut, loving the sensation and wanting more.

"And I intended it to happen. That way I don't need to beguile her to inject the truth, " Cord replied, his breath fanning her throat.

"God, you really are sneaky." Amanda smiled, offering herself more for him to devour.

"And I'm proud of it, " was his easy reply.

He continued caressing her, moving down to her cleavage with still the use of his mouth and tongue.

"Cord hmmm..." Amanda relished on the sensation.

What she felt now was the exact thing she felt before the Chief arrived. She was just in this room, waiting for her, but then Cord materialized from the North Wing and started seducing her.

She of course couldn't stop him then like how she couldn't stop him now. It was something they had wanted to do since Cord began to be more involved in his North Wing residents.

It was clear there were witches in hiding still and half of the North Wing residents consisted of vampires who wanted nothing but revenge and the desire to take their witch abilities. A few of them unfortunately escaped from Amanda's petrifaction blast and that was what Cord was busy about.

Effectively, it took his time from being with her all day long. Amanda wasn't complaining though. It was for the best of his people and in effect, hers.

"I want to make love to you in every space of this house, Amanda. This music room included. I want to hear your passion for singing, " he drawled.

Taking the blouse off, Cord felt how heated her body was. She was willing under him, offering herself more in his prelude to love making.

"You're my conductor. Guide me, Cord, " she whispered on his ear.

With that, his fingers slipped inside her skirt, into her underwear that was already in need of him.

"Mhmm..." Amanda moaned, feeling his fingers reach her sensitive spot.

He rubbed it with vigor just as he found one taut nipple waiting for him when he p

ulled her one-strap brassiere down.

The contact together shoot up fireworks in her mind and she moaned again, harder and longer this time.


Now a full-pledged witch, she had almost her senses heightened. Everything was sharper for her, bolder and she was enjoying every bit of it without guilt. Yes, the issue of her 'family' lineage was still there, flowing ever so strongly in her blood. She should have avenged those witches killed in the past, kill the Master of Vampires for them, but she couldn't do so.

Cord was special for her. More than special. He was beating inside her heart.

With just a step backward, they both dropped to the sofa. Cord hit the foam first and then followed by Amanda, straddling him. She roped her arms around his neck. He squeezed her breasts and kneaded them like the perfect bread dough. They continued devouring their mouths like crazed supernaturals breaking their promise of celibacy.

"Sing louder for me, my witch, " Cord groaned as he unzipped his pants and set free his hardness.

Amanda, feeling the solid length of it touch her softness, bit her lip and positioned herself for his taking.

"Ahhh!!" she moaned once Cord's erection filled her to the hilt.

A rush of heat filled every part of her. Cord, with his vampire sense, heard the swoosh of blood as it brought ecstasy hormones all over her body.

He pounded her. She rode him. And that became a vicious cycle of divine f*cking.

"Bite me, Cord..." Amanda gritted her teeth as she whispered her order on his ear. "See how flushed I am under your touch."

Cord released a small smile. "As you wish, my witch, " he said and his fangs sank deep into her flesh, right at the crook of her neck.

"Mnnnhh!" Amanda pressed her forehead against his shoulder. Pain was absent. What she felt the whole time his enamels pierced and his mouth sucked was pleasure. Pure pleasure.

"Cord...yes, yes!" she voiced out, unable to bear the sensations he was giving her both at the top and below.

Cord continued on sucking her blood until he felt his heart beating once again and his eyes returning its sense of sight. When he released her, he saw her indeed flushed and ready for his passionate attention.

Eye to eye, they both relished each other. Amanda loved how Cord watched her with his human eyes, while Cord loved how beautifully red she appeared on top him.

"Your staff will have one hell of a cleaning after we leave here, " Amanda chuckled a little.

Cord grinned at her and then thrust his groin up with enough pressure she felt his ardor that instant.

"That's exactly what they want, " he managed to say with a grunt.

Amanda, with bold eyes, rode him again. Heady breaths and erotic sounds filled the music room thereafter and it persisted like that for the whole day.

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