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"Ms. O'Malley will see you now, " the Head Majordomo announced just as he stepped inside the drawing room.

The visitor, Chief Irisha Moretti of the Spa Police Department, stood up and nodded.

"Alright, " she said.

"Come with me please." Jerome turned heels towards the door.

The Chief followed silently as they went up the second floor of the Vitalis Castle. Once there, they turned in one hallway and then stopped in front of the door to the music room.

Jerome knocked twice, announcing their presence, and then he called out, "Sire, Chief Moretti is here."

"Come in, " a muffled voice sounded.

When they entered, it was Chief Moretti who blinked several times. It wasn't because she was surprised to see the Master of the Vitalis Castle present with his signature blindfold on and with a black panther near his feet, but because she saw Ms. Amanda Caitlin O'Malley, the woman who was under the witness protection program case, looking flushed sitting too close for comfort next to her supposed landlord; her bottom lipstick marginally smudged and the first two buttons of her blouse undone.

Amanda's eyes were lowered on the floor at first, but it lifted together with her smile when they saw each other.

Only virgins untouched and untainted would think that nothing was wrong with it.

She cleared her throat, attempting to speak, but the Master of the Vitalis Castle, Rexcord Alexander Vitalis, beat her to it whilst gesturing for the nearest sofa across them.

"Sit, please." He petted his panther along its trunk and waited for her to hit the sofa before starting again, "I believe you have something to talk about with Ms. O'Malley?"

"Yes, uhm...Mr. Vitalis, " Chief Moretti replied as she placed the folder she brought with her on her lap. Despite being a seasoned professional, she had her share of awkward moments, and this one rattled her a bit. She never expected that the Master and her witness would step beyond the boundaries of professionalism.

It wasn't her business though and there was never a rule for that so she just shrugged the revelation off her shoulder. "It's personal, but since you are our sponsor of the Witness Protection Program case, I might as well include you."

"Go ahead, " Cord urged.

This time, it was Amanda's cue to step in. She smiled even wider and stretched her hand for a handshake.

"It's been awhile Chief Moretti, " she stated. "I believe it was just three weeks ago that you placed me under the program."

The Chief chuckled a bit, stretching a hand too. "Yes, I've been so busy with the murder case that I wasn't able to contact you again."

"So what's the status?" Amanda asked.

Amidst knowing everything already, she was still curious of what this police woman would report.

"I'm happy to tell you that you are now safe from harm. We have caught the culprit, although dead but still, at least the case is now solved."

"The culprit?" Amanda glanced at Cord with a little bit of hint there. Garett, the rogue vampire biter sure was dead. He was the culprit but of course, they couldn't tell this to the police.

"Yes, our investigation narrowed down to a local mafia group. It wa

s true that the victim you saw dead was borrowing money from them and in return rigging the NASCAR races. We believe the reason for murder was because of that. The mafia wanted him silenced."

Amanda cleared her throat. The victim's shady life was unfortunate, but it seemed Cord used this to his advantage and beguiled the officers of the case and this poor police woman again to believe these conclusions on their heads.

"I see, " she cleared her throat. "That is good news."

"That's the reason why I'm here, Ms. O'Malley. I want you to know that you're no longer in the witness protection program. You're safe. This means you can now return to your friend's apartment. I believe you were just staying here in Belgium for the NASCAR race?"

Amanda somehow hesitated to answer. Well, that was the plan before she met Cord.

"Yes, I...I am, " she answered anyway, not lying.

"Hmmm, then here is your clearance papers." Chief Moretti took the said papers from her folder and handed it to her. Once Amanda took it, Chief Moretti turned to the Vitalis Master and said, "Mr. Vitalis, I thank you for being a generous host. It's been a pleasure working with you."

A little smile grew on Cord's lips. "So am I, Chief Moretti."

The Chief returned her attention to Amanda, making eye contact with her, something that she couldn't do with the Master because of his blindfold.

"If there are questions you want to ask me, then I'm open. Do you have one Ms. O'Malley?"

Amanda paused for a moment, contemplating but found that she didn't have one.

"No, uhm... I'm good. Thank you, Chief."

"Then, I believe I should go." Chief Moretti stood up and righted her clothes into position. "If ever you want a ride going to the apartment, let my office know. We'd be happy to provide-"

"No, " Cord abruptly cut off.

The police woman looked at him with confusion then.

"I'll take care of it Chief Moretti, " he continued.

"Oh, I...I see." But of course, she understood it perfectly. "Well, then, have a good day."

Amanda stood up and accompanied the police woman to the door. "Thank you once again, Chief Moretti."

"You're welcome, " the Chief replied with a nod and then walked away with the butler accompanying her.

By the time, the Chief was out, Amanda closed the door and turned to look at Cord with grave eyes as if she wanted to ask something but can't.

"You're staring, why?" Cord stated without even pulling his blindfold out.

Amanda's eyelids fluttered and she rushed to clear her throat.

"Nothing, I'm just wondering-"

"If I am going to let you leave the castle?" he finished for her, grinning.

"Yes, " was Amanda's reply, smiling a little.

"Do you want to leave?" Cord asked, signaling her to come closer with his hand.

She did but was a little bit wary. It was the first time she opened this topic to him and was unsure what his response would be.

"No, but...uhm, I will have to tell my step-father and Noman about wanting to stay here-"

"Forever, " he finished again.

Amanda bit her bottom lip, gone was her apprehension. It seemed the Vitalis Master knew how to answer her query and with certainty at that.

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