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   Chapter 57 Epilogue

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***Four years later***

[This won't include the last chapter, Akash's POV]

Third person's POV

"Oh honey, I will come home soon, baby. I miss you already. *mwah mwah*"

Janu mimicked Akash's voice while he playfully glared at her but soon a smile crept on his face with a distanced look. He was so smitten by his wife. But Janu was so happy for her friend. Akash got married to Priya two years back. And she was his breath. The best part is their cute little bundle, Krish. Like his name, he will steal anyone's heart in a matter of seconds.

"Hey, don't tease me, Jaans. You were also like 'Oh mama, when will you come back? Your pumpkin and munchkins are waiting for you. Come home soon, darling... blah-blah-blah...' so quit teasing me and ask Zee whether he had spoken with Ganesh groups of companies. Getting their audit would be a turning point for our firm. And I have ordered the office boy to get some tender coconut juice for you. It was good for the babies as the climate was a little hot. Now get yourself out."

Janu glared at him for calling her pumpkin but smiled at his care and stood up to go to Zee's cabin with a sweet 'Thank you'. The idea of teasing him for calling her 'fat' with her fake tears was highly appealing as he would freak out if she cries but the fact that the juice was waiting in her cabin for her made her choose differently.

Lot has happened in their life. They all became proud Chartered Accountants. Akash and Ajay cleared their exam three years back and they started their own firm separately. Vidhu, Zihan and Janu cleared a year ago. Vidhu wished to do a partnership with her love and Janu had already decided to join Akash. There was no hard feeling between them for choosing a different path because from their heart, they knew their affection for each other. Zihan grew close to them and when Janu offered him to join, he happily joined them. Akash had worked really hard to bring up the firm to a decent state and now all three were working to develop the firm. This Ganesh groups of companies was a big catch and it will surely take them to the next level.

Prabhu's family had their doubts about Ajay from the beginning as he was often seen in the youngsters' group whenever they had come to visit and often he would accompany Prabhu, Janu and Vidhu to visit them. Likewise, Vidhu used to visit his parents. But elders didn't interfere as long as their studies were progressing. Last year, they both expressed their love for their families. And with mutual consent of their parents, Ajay and Vidhu happily got married a six months ago. They were so cute together as always. Ajay was taking care of her so well. And he was a great addition to the family. Vidhu and Ajay would meet Janu at least once a week. They are working to build their own firm which was giving a progressive growth rate. And Vidhu was very protective of Janu as always and would bite anyone who dared to make her shed a single tear. Ajay grew fond of this family and would tease Vidhu about having many babies. But they decided to have babies later after enjoying their married life for some time.

Nandhini and Sanjeev resolved all their conflicts with their family and they left to New York as they said. Before they left, they had a simple marriage at registered office as Nandhini didn't want to get a normal wedding with her baby bump. Their parent and friends only were present there. She was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Nivi. They will visit once in a year for vacation and the friends would spend some time together. She had become so responsible and... she turned into a great mother. That's what everyone could see.

Prabhu left his job as he said a year back and he opened a wonderful hotel seven months ago. He didn't let Janu see the place until the date of inauguration. God's willing, he could rent a good spacious place in the busy area of Chennai. He made the interior designer to give the best look for the hotel and the ambience was so good with a slight hint of mix with the nature inside the place. He named it as 'Hotel ecstasy' and the dishes served there accomplished the name. Like magic, he gathered cooks from the deepest corners of all over the state and the menu serves the best signature dishes from various places of Tamil Nadu without missing its remarkable touch. As he dreamed, he was giving high-quality food at an affordable price that made the hotel famous. For the best taste, people would be ready to pay any amount and the prices with us were just an extra topping for them. The middle-class people were most attracted to the hotel. And weekends would be fully packed.

Though Janu was very happy for his success, Janu envies the hotel for consuming most of 'their' time. Unlike his office timings, he has to attend his business from morning to night without weekend offs. So their personal time was reduced but both of them had the understanding and holding onto their growing love.

Like Akash mentioned, two little munchkins were inside Janu and she was six months so far and still struggling with second trimester's nausea and fatigue. Both of their family was so happy about the arrival of the new members. Prabhu was in ecstasy to know his vixen was carrying his offsprings. His care for her increased to ten times. As much as Janu would like to get her hormones in control, she couldn't help it burst at a few moments. But later she would cry for being rude to her husband. And he found her tears worst as it was so hard to console her, in comparison to her temper which he would easily handle. Sometimes Akash would lend his hand to help Prabhu with his experience.

When Janu went to check Zee, he was drowned into a file and was looking so exhausted. This young man made his grandpa proud by passing his exams with flying colours and his smart work was well contributing the firm. He confirmed to her that he had arranged a meeting tomorrow with Ganesh companies and returne

when he saw her looking at him in worry and trying to reassure him with a smile through her pain. He whispered encouraging words into her ears all the time.

Janu being a stubborn woman didn't let out a cry but ground her teeth swallowing her pain and listened to the instructions of the doctor. A cry left her mouth at the transitional stage with so many changes happening to her body. A healthy baby boy came to the surface of the earth first with a cry and the couple felt every moment of the pain was worth on seeing the face of their first born. Soon a sharp pain hit her and she went through the process once again. A healthy baby girl was placed on her chest and with that, she lost her conscious. He didn't leave his wife side. She was cleaned and changed. Soon the cleaned up babies were brought inside and everyone visited the babies with so much of happiness. His face was so bright on holding his daughter while his grandfather was caressing his first great-grandson. The new feel of parenthood felt too much for Prabhu.

Janu woke up exactly when her son started to cry. He was so emotional already and was so proud to see the motherly instincts kicking already with her and helped her to feed the baby. She admired those two adorable munchkins wondering she brought them to this world and they were part of her blood and flesh a moment ago. She held Prabhu's hand tightly with the 'after-delivery-relief' and pulled him to kiss his cheeks. He kissed her forehead with a loving smile. He almost stayed glued to her except a few phone calls for the next five days with her in the hospital. Vidhu was there at their home to invite the new tiny guests with 'aarthi'.

The couple decided to name their son, 'Amudhan' and daughter, 'Aathira' which was astrologically beneficial for the babies. The couple managed to help each other with parenting and both of their mothers were so smitten by the babies and decided to give hand to the couple.

Their love grew with the time passed and they did their best to bring up their children with the best behaviour. But the smart twin would sometime pull their private moment in front of everyone making the couple turn red in embarrassment. But they started taking extra care to behave in front of them. And Krish was not any less than that, by proudly exposing his parent's mischiefs. And he appointed himself to take care of the twins and he did a great job on that.

After two years, Vidhu and Ajay were blessed with a cute son, Vinay. At the same time, Akash and Priya gone for seconds and got a beautiful daughter, Anusha. Prabhu and Janu were contented with the twins or should I say they had enough with the naughtiness and twice the trouble just mimicking their younger versions which horrified them. But the time proved how they could be a great parent by raising their children by teaching the values of life and relationship rather than teaching them the importance of money.

Live the life blessed by God to us happily. We actually don't need someone to make us happy; it's our choice to be happy. So don't let anyone falter that beautiful smile on your face!

Author note

Dear cupcakes, I hope you liked the epilogue.

Thank you very much for giving your time to this book and rendering your support.

I have no words to describe my feelings. It was so overwhelming. I am reaching a great milestone in my life; here I am completing my first book with so much love.

Books are the greatest but simple magic for letting us live a fantasy just by turning the pages. I love to read books very much because it was an escape for me from my real life. Not that I have a troublesome life; but I love to roam around the fantasies and adventures rather than the boring robotic life. It was great to know I was capable of making someone live such a fantasy with my words. Thank you once again for everything!

Loving you soooooooo much, cupcakes.

May God bless you with a great, healthy and happy life!

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