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Akash's POV

Life will never give us a warning about anything. And anything would happen at any moment. I looked at the beauty lying gloriously next to me. I kissed her forehead and circled my hand around her waist. Life has its own twisted way of making coincidence and it would give you a beautiful result or ugly scars. My mind took me to one of such moments which gave me a beautiful eternity.

^ Flashback ^

I was driving to Nandhini's boutique. That woman had left two months ago to New York with her husband, leaving the business behind her manager. Her store's audit was handled by the firm where Jaans was doing her articleship. It was the firm where I did my articleship and I referred her there as I knew she was good at auditing subject rather than taxation. Vidhya and Jaans decided to do their intern in different firms as they had different field of interests and also it would be useful for them to discuss various practical cases they face. Vidhya moved in with Prabhu and Jaans.

I called Jaans as I couldn't locate the store where she had given me the address. She directed me to the store and asked me to come inside as she had some final work to do. Prabhu has gone to a project presentation at Mumbai. And Vidhya too had some work till late evening. So Jaans called me to pick her up because her bike was in the service centre.

I parked my FZ outside the store and went inside. The store had a classic look. Maybe I could bring my mom here one day. She would love to shop here. A lady came and asked me what I would like to see. I politely told that I was here from the audit firm to pick up a friend. Then I spotted Jaans waving at me from what seems to be an office room. I walked inside and I came face to face with a familiar face. Her face lit up and her lips curved into a smile. She looked so beautiful but I couldn't recall where I met her.


She whispered and looked a little confused but it was overwritten by the happiness in her face. Sometime your heart would behave crazily and I was at such moment on seeing her twinkling eyes. I couldn't bring myself to speak.

"Hey super-senior, do you know each other?"

Jaans waved before my face brings me back to the earth. I stared at the woman and back to Jaans not knowing what to say. My mind knew her but couldn't recognize her completely but I had that very familiar feel.

"You don't remember me, right!"

She stated narrowing her eyes and tilted her head slightly crossing her hands across her breasts. I scratched the back of my head desperately trying to remember her.

"You look very familiar but I couldn't recall where we met. I am really so sorry."

I apologised hoping she would tell but she went silent.

"Yeah! He was getting old. See, you are having memory issues, super senior."

Jaans choose the worst moment to make fun of me.

I glared at her and she shrugged her shoulder and went back to turning some pages in a file and wrote something in the notebook kept next to it. I looked at the woman from her head to toe. No doubt, she was one hot chick! But how did I forget such a hot woman? I mean I won't flirt with a random woman but she knew me very well. Then how come I couldn't remember her.

"May I know your name please?"

I asked. She gave me a pointed look which made me gulp. But went to work with Jaans after showing me a chair to sit. Is it normal to feel nervous around a woman like this? I wiped the sweat and stared at her to get me to remember her one way or other. They finished in a few minutes and Jaans bid bye to her and I gave the mysterious woman a nod and left the room. Jaans was smiling smugly when we made our way out.

"It's a big shame to forget such a gorgeous woman, Akash. Maybe you are really getting old."

She teased me. I didn't reply as I was embarrassed myself.

"What's her name, Jaans?"

I asked her to see at least her name would ring something inside my head.



I tested the name but it only increased my curiosity about her instead of bringing any memories. I shrugged it off and went to Jaans's apartment. We spoke for a few minutes over a coffee and I learnt Priya was so helpful and cooperative for Jaan's audit works. And Jaans gave her the title of 'efficient woman'.

s my parents were trying to fix a match for me. I agreed half-heartedly for the proposal of my parents choice. But you decided to come in front of me right before the date of my engagement. I realise I could never get you out of me as you are embedded deep in every cell of my heart and brain. I cancelled the engagement. Because I thought that, at least I have a chance to try now for what I wanted.

Haven't you noticed my love for you? I have been waiting for you for the past six years. I can't wait anymore for you to understand my heart and acknowledge the love in your heart and then for you to bend on your knees to propose me. I love you, Akash. I want to live the rest of my life with you. Only you! Always it was you!"

I was stood there totally like an idiot when she confessed her love. She looked at me for my reaction. And seeing me sitting still, she shook her head and tried to stand up. I don't know what came over to me, but the next second, I cupped her cheeks and pressed my lips on hers. She gathered my shirt near my torso in a tight grip and closed her eyes. I let her go after a minute and hugged her tightly.

"I love you too, Priya. I am so sorry for hurting you all this time. You were so beautiful and innocent when you come in front of me with that card. I didn't want to take advantage of your innocence as I thought we won't have a chance to meet after I complete the schooling. I didn't want you to get a heartbreak at your younger age. But I never thought you are loving me so much that you waiting for me all these years.

When I met you for he first time in the boutique, I felt time froze as you are the only one mattered to me for those seconds. I was pulled like you were the gravity. But then your eyes showed familiarity and I am so sorry for not recognising you soon, Priya. I was so drawn to you but I was too afraid whether you would have the same feel as me. So I waited to know whether you love me or not. I love you, Priya. I love you so much. I too can't imagine a life without you. But you should have lots of patience to endure my craziness!"

She was grinning and looked at my lips after I confessed her. How can I deny my love's wish? I bent to kiss her again. We pulled away out of breath smiling at each other.

"Will you marry me, baby?"

If you thought it was me who asked that, you are wrong. Priya proposed to me. My smile grew much bigger.

"Yes, baby. I will marry you."

I replied and pulled her to a tight hug.

^ End of the flashback ^

And that was the best decision I ever made in my life. I passed my final exam this time with my lucky charm and opened my own firm. After six months, I started getting a decent number of clients and I asked my parents to speak with her parents to get her hands in marriage. They agreed and I was now happily tied to my love for eternity!

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