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Janaki's POV

After returning from 'Paradise' on the earth, we returned to our daily routines. The summer was in full swing as if the sun had made an oath to burn us.

I walked exhaustedly after the hot drive and rushed to the kitchen to fetch some cold water. My throat felt like Sahara desert with the twenty minutes drive from ICAI to home. I picked up the lemon juice instead, mentally patting myself for being prepared and gulped it directly from the pitcher which tasted like the nectar for a dying person. And after a few minutes of chilling near the fridge, I went to take a cold shower to get rid of my generous perspiration.

I plopped on the sofa with my laptop as there was a little homework in tally from our ITT classes. After about an hour I finished my work and started with household chores. I finished cooking earlier and was waiting for my beloved husband.

After getting back here, we decided to make Nandhini understand the importance of family and also to ask her to give Sanjeev a chance. She was always so calm with my husband. Even though I didn't like the idea of making him speak to her, I don't find any better way. She will boil in her rage from the mere sight of me. So I can't go with him which might spoil everything.

We need to do this to get rid of the deep guilt implanted in my husband's heart and also for my selfish reason to make us lead our lives peacefully without constantly worrying about whether she is plotting something against us or not. When he returned home, I was greeted with a big hug which I would never get tired of. After dinner, we settled in bed and I decided it was about time to bring up the topic. I rested my head on his chest and he softly stroked my hair.


"Yes, darling."

"When are you going to talk to Nandhini?"

I asked him even though I knew the answer as we discussed it earlier.

"Tomorrow evening ma. I didn't speak to her yet about meeting her. Hope she wouldn't turn me down."

I got a little annoyed at how he was so confident that she won't say 'No' to him. I hummed in reply as I didn't know what to tell and I won't lie that I am not getting little possessive over him.

"Why are you asking it now, darling? Any change in plan?"

"No, mama. I was just asking..."

I trailed off as he lifted my chin to look up at his eyes and he raised his eyebrow questioningly.

"Can you take Akash with you, Please?"

At last, I asked him the thing bugging me.

"Don't you trust me? They didn't even get along so well. How did you think she would be comfortable with him when I speak some personal things?"

I hate how he was so right. I was about to reply but he cut me off.

"Don't tell me that you trust me but not her!"

He challenged. I smirked as I wasn't exactly had that in my mind.

"No. I do trust her that she would do anything to make you believe whatever she tells and I don't trust you with her. And she was so emotional with her hormones and the knight in shining armour inside you will wake up to comfort her. I don't want that to happen. I don't want the last time to repeat. You can't really blame me for wanting my husband's ex to stay far away from my husband."

I muttered the last part. He responded with a big laugh. I looked at him annoyed with my nose flaring.

"That's not funny, mama!"

I scoffed and turned away. He pulled me onto his lap and made me straddle him. I crossed my hands across my breast to avoid any more close proximity as it would be dangerous when we are arguing over something as my mind and body will easily fell in his trap to betray me.

"I like it when you get so worked up with jealousy. But I don't have eyes for anyone else expects you, my dear vixen."

He stated in his husky voice making my cheeks go red. I fake huffed to show I am still annoyed and looked at his smiling face.

"You better have those eyes for only me. Else you won't have them in its place."

He smirked before uncrossing my hands and pulling me to a sweet kiss letting me know that his heart only belongs to me.

The next morning I was cooking food for us while the latest Tamil songs from YouTube were playing on its own, I got a call which made me reassure I was not dreaming. Because the caller Id shows 'Nandhini'

I re-verified whether it was my mobile and pressed the green button still in disbelief as a part of me tells that she might have called to swear me with all heavenly things in the world. I waited for her to speak first.

"Hello, Janu?"

I am surely hallucinating because she never spoke to me in such a warm tone and even when she pretended to behave nicel

tened to everything in awe which eased the situation and Sanjeev started to make conversation with Ajay and Akash. They seem cool and Vidhu got comfortable soon with Nandhini's presence as she still had her suspicion. Akash and Nandhini were the first people to bring the topic of lunch.

We decided to clear the furniture and sat in a circular form in the living room. Sanjeev looked puzzled but Nandhini pulled his arm to sit next to her. We self-served the food and enjoyed the yumminess with lots of crazy talks. After the great lunch, we decided to play cards with the minimal bet in single digits just for fun to decide who was winning. One by one withdrew from the game and the final round was so seriously went between Nandhini and Akash and the final winner was Nandhini. She told that she mastered the game by playing it online often.

We then played dumb charades and it was very fun as Zihan, I, Vidhu and Nandhini teamed up on one side and Other men were on the opposite team. We managed to give them dumbest movie name which they claimed as we were cheating them. We had coffee for the evening while watching Avengers infinity war to brush up the memory before going for the Avengers endgame movie.

Nandhini and Sanjeev left first and I asked mama to drop Zihan while Ajay took Vidhu. I knew they would roam for a while and they would have dinner together before Ajay drops her at the hostel. Nandhini thanked me personally telling that she had lots of fun with us today and Zihan was equally emotional to that pregnant woman and promised to come home often. Ajay and Prabhu mama were bonding nicely.

Akash and I had our alone time and we talked about turns in our lives. After Prabhu mama's arrival, he left telling he didn't want to watch another live porn remembering our little moment at paradise. Yeah, I decided to call that place 'Paradise' as it was just similar to that.

My husband seems to be in a very happy mood as I got showered with lots of kisses as soon as I locked the door after bidding bye to Akash. His guilt might have gone. He has realised that Nandhini would really have her happy life with Sanjeev as we saw today his care for her as we noticed Sanjeev watching Nandhini's every move and was so cautious to provide anything she needed. It was so cute that your partner doing everything without even uttering a word. Their long friendship and love seem to be created a deep understanding and bonding.

I walked into the balcony and looked at the clear sky. The twinkling stars were smiling at me knowing that I was so happy today. Everyone is happy today and I just sent a prayer to god to keep us in peace.

'Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But it's our choice to scream or to enjoy the ride.'

I decided to enjoy my ride irrespective of whatever happens. And I walked back into the bedroom to find my sexy husband laying there in nothing but boxers. I smiled smugly and started to make my way towards him who was displaying his hotness to me. I have a long night ahead and I gonna love every second of it.

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