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Nandhini's POV

"I lied that day about Janaki"

He said with an uncomfortable look.

What does he mean by 'lie'? No! How could he? What the fuck?

"Come again. I think I heard you wrong!"

My heart was racing.

"I lied, Nandhini. I dug my own grave by that. But what I am saying now is the truth. She was never involved in any of my actions. I asked her help but she denied telling me that you deserve a happy life. I was so angry that she dared to tell that to my face. That's why... I can't lose you. I was too afraid to lose you, Nandhini. Please unders..."


"Don't you dare lie to me just to get back to me."

I am seething in rage holding his shirt collar. I don't know whether to trust his words or not. He let out a sigh and held my shoulders.

"When I lied, you believed it. Now I am telling the truth, Nandhini. I just want her to suffer because she didn't help me to get you. I just stupidly framed her so her family will blame her for the wedding got stopped. But nothing went as I planned. She got married to him without taking any blame. Also, I framed myself as a betraying bastard in front of you."

I shakily sat on the sofa. I was more relieved that he didn't team up with her but the guilt was burning my heart for trying to destroy Janaki's life when all she wanted was good things happen to me. Even though I never intended to make her father suffer. I am the main reason for his heart attack. I can't let everything go with the single word misunderstanding though that's what happened.

God! I am going to become a mother in a few months. I don't want to be a bad mom to my baby. Tears flowing continuously as I was in the middle of an emotional tornado. He looked like someone crushed him but he was the one who crushed my heart.

"Nandhini, please listen to me. I am so sorry. I know sorry won't change the pain you felt all these days but please give me a chance to make it up to you. I will surely prove myself to be a good husband and a good father. I promise to you that I will remain honest and loyal to you till my last breath. I love you so much, Nandhini. My best and worst moments were with you. I want to make more of them in future with you. I knew I am not the best man a woman could wish. But I will try to change myself for the better.

My love for you will never fade, Nandhini. In the past twenty years, my love for you only increased and it never reduced even for a single second. We will get old and we might struggle to even walk but I will be there to hold your hand and I will make a joke to see your toothless smile and I would be admiring you even at that age. You are the beat to my heart, Nandhini. Without you, I can't live. I would be lost without you. I want you in my life to keep me sane. Please! I beg you to open your eyes and see the love you have for me. You can't be in denial forever when you clearly want me as much as I want you."

*After a brief pause that filled with silence*

"Okay! I have nothing more to tell. I don't know how to make you understand me. I don't want to put you into pressure to make a decision. But if you really don't want to give a chance to me, I will never come in front of your face. I don't want to be a walking remembrance of your pain and sadness when I wanted to be the reason for your happiness and peace. It's up to you now, Nandhini. I will come back tomorrow night. Tell me your decision and it will choose how our future is going to be. Take care, princess. It's getting late. Go to sleep. Staying late is not good for our baby."

He took his car keys and paused to look at me when he was at the door. With that look, he gave me a nod and left. He left; leaving me alone to make my life decision overnight. I made my way to his room and plopped on his bed. I don't feel like sleeping but my body was too tired. I cried my heart out. Then I managed to gather myself together to think about the decision I need to take.

His single lie made me lose interest in my life. But he did everything for me and he did them out of fear of losing me and anger on Janaki for not helping to him get me. He was the only one staying with me knowing the 'real me' after all. Can I afford to lose the only person that loves me unconditionally? He made promises and told me that he would try to change for the better.

But what if he hurt me again?

Still, he is the only person who could make my dream about living my life with a family. I can't risk to date another man who might not like my baby or he might change after getting his own. Even though I didn't see my baby, I feel him and I love my baby to the end of the universe and back. I may not have a great childhood or parents but I will shower my baby with love and care. When my baby grows, he/she will surely want Jeev to be around. He equally loves our baby like me. Do I really want my insecurities to win over my baby's happiness? I have gone through so much in these past few months. What else am I going to lose anymore? It would be his one last chance. If he fuc


I heard him whisper into my ears and his breath was tickling my earlobes. But I need to put everything clearly before him.

"I don't know whether I love you or not as of now. But I can't let you leave me forever. I always wanted you in my life. Maybe in future I would recognise the love you said or I might even grow to love you. It's not about our baby. It's me. I want you in my life. You already broke my heart once. So please don't do anything that would break me beyond repair. I wanted 'US' to build a family like everyone. I want to give our baby all the parental love that I craved for. I want you to be there for our baby's every milestone. I may not look the same, in fact, I am already getting fat. You may lose interest..."

His lips sealed my words and he pulled me to his lap and made me straddle him and circled his hands around my big waist.

"Don't you dare tell me that I would lose interest in you, Nandhini. Haven't you heard my words yesterday? You are my everything. My love for you will never fade, Nandhini. I love you so much and it hurt me so much to stay away from you. Even if you get double in size, my world won't cease to revolve around you, my love. Get my words into that stupid brain of yours."

He sealed his words with a deep kiss and left me breathless when we pulled away. He started kissing my neck and shoulder yanking my shirt. His hand went into my shirt and he groaned when his hand found my bare breast with hardened nipples.

He literally ripped my shirt open and planted his warm mouth over one breast and fondled another breast with his hand. He pulled his shirt and kicked his pants away in a swift motion. I ran my fingers over the familiar curves of his abs and arms. My body was heated up beyond my limit. I want him inside me so badly. I yanked his hair to savour his lips. He pulled away and looked down on the enlarged mounds due to pregnancy with an impressed and loving look.

He made me lie on my back and peppered soft kisses on my belly and kept his ear to listen to the baby's heartbeat. His face was expressing so much happiness and soon his eyes showed desire on seeing my bare upper body. He cupped my ass and lifted me up to remove the remaining clothes and we made love all night letting out all our pent up passion. And for the first time, I couldn't get myself to tell what he had was 'sex' because he made sure that I felt loved. He made me feel worshipped.

His thrusts were not hard but at the exact pace to increase the fire in me. His every peck were soft to show his care for me. He used my every soft spot to drive me towards the mindblowing orgasm which made my toes curl. He whispered how beautiful I look and how much he loves me while he made love to me. He filled me with his love while telling me he can't live without me. He made sure that I let out all my insecurities and fears along with my orgasms and gave me the thread to hold on, to develop trust for him.

At the end of our long passion-filled night, he helped me to clean up and slept next to me with his hand protectively over my stomach and made me rest my head over his chest. I felt the familiar safe feel and I knew he would always love and protect us. I felt so light after so many days. I welcomed the sleep with so much gratitude towards God for leading things and made me end up in Jeev's hands.

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