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Sanjeev's POV

I waited for her to speak. But she was just staring at the darkness outside. We are currently in my room's balcony. The flame she ignited before two days was still burning inside me. I don't want to know the reason why she went to meet him. I just felt... betrayed. We are not in an official relationship but she will always be my woman.

I knew she craves for pistachio ice cream and raw mangoes. So I called my men to fetch those things immediately. That's the least I could do now. The doorbell went on and I allowed them to keep them in its places and they went out with a nod after I ordered them to send someone immediately to clean the mess. I quickly went to take a shower in a guest room as I smell awful. I took two pills for stopping the thumping in my head. Fucking hangover! I quickly threw some t-shirt and sweatpants and ran to my room to check her.

The sight in front of me melted my heart; she fell asleep in the swing and looking like a Goddess. I slowly lifted her without waking her up. Her hands circled my neck in sleep. Her ever intoxicating smell making my nose flare. I made her lie down on my bed and covered her with duvet. She turned and laid on her side. I quickly sent her mom a text to not worry about her whereabouts and mentioned she was here with me. I walked over to the other side and hopped in and moved next to her in the spooning position. I buried my face in the crook of her neck after planting a kiss on her forehead. I could not describe the warm contented feel swelling in my chest in words while I was rubbing her stomach. Our baby!

Its been a while since I got such a better sleep. But my queen has the power to do magic to me. I never tried cooking but I want to cook something for her today. It's already seven in the morning but she seems so tired. I went to the kitchen and rubbed my hand preparing myself.

What shall I cook?

Yeah! I have my best friend to help, YouTube!

*After several minutes*

What the fuck! It's shown so easily in that damn video but here I couldn't even toast a piece of bread without burning my hand. And I had a few cuts in my fingers while I tried chopping some damn onions. The kitchen looked as if it has gone through a tornado but I couldn't do anything other than a few black toasts and burnt eggs. I should have called my cook to prepare the food instead. The beep sound in my microwave oven reminded me to take that mug cake out of the oven. That looked so easy and I did as I saw in the video. God knows how it would taste! I opened the door and clutched the handle and pulled it out hastily.


What the hell! Oh, my poor hands!

I dropped the mugs as it was too hot to hold with bare hands. I didn't know that it would be hot. I kept it inside for just five minutes. 'Phew! It's common sense Sanjeev!' my inner voice argued. I am keeping my hand under the tap water. Fuck! Cooking doesn't seem to be my item. I swear to never enter the kitchen again.

I called my maid and cook to come today immediately using my pinky finger as that's the only one I got spared from the war in the name of cooking. I took a few ice cubes and rubbed between my palm. Fuck! It stings like a bitch!

"Woah! What have you done here?"

I heard my Nandhini's voice followed by her melodious laughter. Before I could hide my hand, she caught me red handed! Literally, my hands were red! These are not proud of war scars! God! This is so embarrassing!

She carefully walked near the counter and examined the whole kitchen and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. She very well knew about my amazing cooking skill because once she asked me to keep water on the stove and did exactly as she told. Later she gave me an hour lecture to not using my least common sense to not lighting the stove.

"You know you can't cook. Why did you make this disaster here?"

She asked me while applying some cold cream from the first aid box. This place is mine for just namesake; she is the one who knew where all the things were kept.

I wanted to dramatically reply her like they say in the movie that 'I did it for you and will do anything for you'. But I kept silent. She sighed after a minute realising I wasn't gonna reply. She started to scold me for hurting myself while I admired her care for me. She walked over to the mess I made in the name of food. She took a spoon of the egg before I could protest she put that into her mouth. God! Save her! As I expected she spat them into the trash bin and rushed to the wash basin to rinse her mouth. She coughed continuously and looked horrified.

"How much salt did you add in that?"

She asked me with a controlled smile. What happened? I thought I added enough.

"Five tablespoons. Isn't that enough?"

I asked her in confusion. She started laughing as soon as I answered.


She asked in between her fits of laughter. I just nodded and turned my head away in embarrassment.

"You know five pinches of salt would have been more for that two eggs. But... You added... f-five tablespoons of salt? I am never letting you cook anything for our child..."

She continued her laughter clutching her stomach. I admired her lovingly. It's so good to see her laughing like this. And she mentioned the baby as 'our child' for the first time.

"If you so badly wanted to feed me, you could have ordered the food, You know!"

She spoke with a small smile and her eyes failed to hide the sparkle that appreciating my efforts.

"Yes, I know. But it's not healthy to eat hotel food. That's why I tried cooking."

I said with a sheepish smile. She rolled her eyes and threw all food into the trash and kept the dishes into the wash basin. She walked to the living room and made herself comfortable on a sofa. I took my sweet time to admire my queen. She had become little chubby in these past four months but she looks hot as ever and delicious as always! Damn! Control yourself, Sanjeev. She seemed to be in deep in her thoughts.

"You didn't come to see me for the past two days."

She stated, looking at my eyes. I stared back.

Does she really care? If not, she wouldn't be here, right?

She ignored me or kicked me out whenever I went to see her. Now here she is, all bothered and worried that I didn't show up for two days.

Is that why she cried yesterday? She might have thought something would have been wrong with me. At least it's good to know that my absence affects her. It also means I still have a chance to redeem her. Right?

"Fine. You don't need to tell me."

She scoffed as if we are in the middle of a no

fucking hot. It's been a while since I slept with someone. I was highly active in my sex life but it was sucking now. I am getting bothered now. I should control myself when he comes back. He might come out in just towel and I could peek at his muscles which would be still drying from the shower. Yum!

Fuck! What the hell am I thinking! Stop this immediately, Nandhini.

I slowly made my way back to the kitchen as I didn't want my desires to get best of me. I waited for a few minutes and he came down looking for me. I was munching my new found favourite Lays - hot n sweet chilli. He shook his head with a smile on finding me eating. Fuck manners! I am shoving the chips into my mouth and enjoying the sensation of flavours blasting in my mouth. His eyes narrowed a little and scanned me from head to tow and he licked his lips. I knew that look and I was secretly satisfied that he was too frustrated just like me when I noticing the growing bulge in his pants. A small smile broke its way through my poker mask on noticing that. We are like fire and fuel now; it just needs a little touch to burst into a big flame. But I need to clear things before getting intimate.

"I want to go back to New York. I don't want to be here anymore, Jeev."

I looked at him for his reaction. He flashed a confused look but the earlier magic broke with this announcement.

He reached out to hold my hand in his. Despite the shower, his hand was so warm. I allowed him to hold my hands as he sat next to me on the sofa.

"Okay. When do you want to go back? What are you planning to do with the boutique here?"

That's not the reaction I expected. Something is off. He rubbed my knuckles in circles but still not making eye contact with me. I sighed as I knew that I have to give him a detailed explanation. Also, I need to know whether he still wants me.

"I want to leave my past and want to start anew! For my baby. I didn't even realise what I am turning into. I am turning into a murderer, Jeev. My thought of revenge from Janaki would have killed her father. He never did anything to me. But I am one of the reasons for his health deterioration. I literally hate everything around me. No one is there for me at the end of the day. I know I'm acting like an ungrateful bitch because my parents tried their best. And I was the one who ruined everything. But there is always a void in my heart despite their presence. Because they just think of me as one of their responsibilities.

And my thatha genuinely cared for me. I couldn't look at his face after he broke the news to our family. He thinks I am the reason so he went back to Kanchipuram. He would have felt used. My parent's too looking at me accusingly. I did plan to take revenge on that witch but that day I didn't have any idea that things would turn like this. I don't care about Janaki anymore. I do care about Prabhu. But I don't want to risk my baby's future for my personal reasons. I don't want to do anything here anymore. I want you to be there for my baby. Only for the baby though. I am going to use my saving to make a new life there. I will leave the boutique to Priya and I knew she will run the business well.

I am so tired of everything, Jeev. I am tired of myself. I feel suffocated. I just want to... breathe. I don't trust you after what you did. You failed as my friend at the second you joined Janaki to ruin my life. But I don't want my baby to grow up without a father figure. I may be selfish about this decision but you are going to make the final decision in that matter. I will be leaving in a month or so. I need to re-apply for visa and the process will take time."

I was tired at the end of the speech. I yawned and looked up at his face. He was silent for a whole minute while soothingly rubbing my knuckles.

"Don't be hard on yourself. It was not your mistake about his health condition. Leave the past in past, Nandhini. And I have something important to tell you. I don't know how you will react. But I need to let it out. My anger on my inability and stupidity is killing me. I can't even look straight at your eyes. But just remember I love you so much and nothing is more important than you to me. I will do anything in my power to be with you."

Tears welled up at his confession and my curiosity was at its peak. I nodded my head at him to continue without knowing he was going to drop big dynamite.

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