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Prabhu's POV

I blinked my eyes open and got greeted with the great sight of my gorgeous vixen laying next to me covered only in a blanket just above her full breasts. I studied her beautiful face and I couldn't help but groan at the sight of her swollen lips and hickeys on her exposed neck. My morning boner was getting more alive just by looking at her. I moved closer to her and put my hand around her bare waist and pulled her closer to me. God! she was so warm and soft. She snuggled closer to me with a sleepy whine which turned me on more. Why she had to torture me like this?

I placed a soft kiss on her forehead carefully not to wake her up and stroked her hair softly and waited for her to get up. I planned to take her to watch the sunrise on the beach but we were so tired from last night. So I didn't want to disturb her sleep. After a few minutes, she stirred and a smile appeared on her face with her eyes still closed.

"Stop staring, Mama. It's kinda creepy."

Her croaky voice came out in a whisper and she opened eyes lazily and looked up at me with a smile.

What did I do to get so lucky? So beautiful.

God, I love her so much!

I leaned forward and pressed a long kiss on her cheek. I heard her giggling. She softly stroked my cheek and sat up covering her breasts by holding the blanket and looked at me mischievously before removing her hand and doing her hair in a bun while that sorry excuse of blanket slowly yet seductively slipped off her. I gulped at the delicious sight in front of me and licked my lower lips.

When she was about to get up, I caught her wrist and pulled her down with force. She landed on me with a yelp and hit my chest playfully. I flipped us and hovered above her from the side with a smirk. She looked away but her cheeks started turning red in anticipation. I leaned and planted a few open mouth kisses on her neck. My hands slowly trailed down tracing uneven patterns on her skin leaving the trail of goosebumps. She squirmed but remained still letting me devour her.

I softly massaged her sides and cupped her left breast and fondled her softness under my palm and took her other hard nipple into my mouth and rolled her bud between my tongue. She groaned at my kiss arching her back to take her more. I did as she wanted and I could feel myself poking at her side.

I hovered above her and slowly trailed my kisses to her stomach. I opened her legs wide and found her dripping wet from my foreplay. I looked up at her eyes; they were so filled with desire making me my cock twitch. I lowered my head towards her glistening folds and blew cold air right at her clit. She let out a low moan and her hand came to grip my hair. But I pinned her hands near her chest and slide my index finger inside her.

Damn! She was so hot and wet inside!

I moved my finger very slowly and heard her whimpers come out of her mouth. Soon another finger added to the action as I loved watching her dripping with her love juices for me. I curled my fingers and speed up a little and watched her breaths getting uneven.

I lowered my mouth and licked her clit and sucked it. She stiffened and l felt a rush of her hot orgasm around my fingers and she let out a breathy moan. Damn you vixen! I licked her clean enjoying every drop of her and hovered above her. She was breathing hard and yet didn't come out of her orgasmic trance. I teased her by rubbing my cock aimlessly over her slit and pinned her hand over her head and kissed her lips hungrily.

She circled her legs around my waist and pulled me closer but my cock slipped over her slit and rubbed her sensitive clit making her groan in frustration. I chuckled at her impatience and removed her legs to open them wide before positioning myself at her entrance. And I filled her as she expected while the whole cabin filled with our moans and groans for the next few minutes.

After the good shower, we cooked simple food and spent the day roaming around the place. It was weird but good to be alone without any contact with the rest of the world. Just us! I never knew the word US would sound so sweeter! We spent the time speaking anything and everything without any interruption. I could get lost in her almond eyes for eternity! Silence never felt comfortable before. Now we cherish our every moment together with equal love and passion. But we can't stay here forever. Maybe we could peacefully spend a few weekends here. We planned to bring our family here one day since this place was just wonderful and magical. We watched the sunset on the beach and camped there for the night. We were talking about random topics.

"Hey mama, think thoroughly before you answer. We are going to see our future. Where do you want us to be after ten years? Like your future plans for us?"

Her eyes shone in the moonlight. We are sitting next to each other with a small bonfire in front of us with the calming sound of waves surrounding us.

"Let me think. Meanwhile, tell me what do you want it to be?"

I questioned her back and waited for her reply when she scrunched her nose cutely and thought about her answer.

"In ten years... I want to set up my own CA firm... If any of our circle wanted to join, I would gladly do it in partnership and make us financially stable. I want to go to a big world tour with everyone in our family includin

ne hitting my broken heart with a hammer again and again.

I was so afraid of losing her. I was terrified of losing her to some useless man. At that party, I planned to take her right in front of her fiance to let him know who she belongs to. But unfortunately, that man slipped away by the move made by his cousin. I didn't get her to drink that day. She had already drunk some spiked drink. I gave her fertility pill and fucked her raw all night to ensure I plant a baby safely inside her. I got my doubt as the wedding date got closer and she didn't show any symptoms.

So I sought the help of Nandhini's most despised enemy, Janaki. She was hot but she would never stand a chance before my Nandhini. I thought she would happily help me as I saw them catching us while we were grinding and making out. I was surprised that none of the two told the elders but later only I found my princess's drama. I highly hoped Janaki to help me with something as the mind was in a mess as someone else was going to touch what's mine. But she didn't help me also had the guts to tell me to leave her to let live her life happily. My anger went beyond limits. I decided to make her pay for saying that to me.

I behaved normally in front of others but I fumed inside every time I have seen the stage when my princess stood next to him. Later that day, when I sneaked into her room to admire her sleeping beauty. She was sleeping like a baby and found her slightly drooling. I cleaned her with tissue and found the treasure in the trash bin. She didn't even know to hide that pregnancyttest kit as I found my back up plan kicked in and my champion was now growing inside her.

I knew that was a great blunder to impregnate her without her knowledge. But it wasn't like we haven't had sex before. But what I did intentionally was wrong. I thought I would convince her to see my side and make her accept me. I have been trying hard to make her forgive me for the past three months. I knew I had scarred her heart. But why wasn't she letting me heal the scars I caused. That thought scratched my inner wound.

Argh! I need more alcohol. Fuck! I crashed to the floor before reaching my bar counter and darkness overtook my vision.

I woke up to the banging on my doorsteps and groaned at my idiocy to giving off to my maid and watchman for a week. Now I have to do all these stupid things. My parents said that they don't even want to see my face until I officially get married to her. Despite their wish for us being together, they were angry for my stupid action. It seems I slept for a few hours. The place is so dark. I shuffled around the room and switched on the lights and cringed at the sight in front of me. The house was a complete mess.

I shakily walked over to the door and opened it as my head was pounding. I couldn't believe my eyes to see my princess here at my doorsteps.

Am I dreaming?

I slowly extended my hand to touch her cheek as I highly doubted she would disappear just like they have shown in the movie. But I came to contact with her soft and smooth porcelain skin. I smoothened her creased her eyebrows and pulled her into a tight hug. Even though our baby was not allowing me to hug her as I intended, my princess was hugging me back and sobbing softly on my shoulder.

I knew something had happened. I guided her inside and she scrunched her nose on observing the sight of the living room. I walked her upstairs hoping the place would be clean and to make her comfortable. My mind repeated the same sentence crazily.

'My princess is here!'

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