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Prabhu's POV

After speaking with my Murugan mama, I felt a big burden lifted off my shoulder. He understood everything I said and apologised for jumping onto conclusion without knowing the truth. Even though I feel unhappy for their distrust, I can't really blame them for thinking me wrong. All rational parents would think like that.

But I wanted to tease my vixen. So I ignored her till the next day. But I never expected her to ask me to leave to Kanchipuram. Honestly, I could understand her worry for her father, yet I didn't want her to leave. How can she leave me? Why can't she convince her parents to stay here?

I tried convincing them, but mama looks healthy inside out as if he turned on a switch and he wanted to go back home. The doctors too wondered about his health condition but concluded 'mind' plays an important role in his health which we all agreed as he got better on the instance of knowing the truth.

Is it so easy for her to leave me?

Despite the fact she would return, my heart didn't want her to go. So I continued ignoring her to see whether I have any effect on her. And I decided to pay a visit at the weekend and also to confess my feeling about her if... when I realize she too had the same effect as me.

But my vixen showed her affection by her frequent calls and messages. But I liked the game as I let her miss me. I can't contain the happiness on seeing her messages every time. Yet she has her ego not to directly question me about my behaviour. She would greet me every morning and night. But not a single 'miss you' text yet.

I miss my vixen so much. I was living in this apartment for the past five years. But I never felt so lonely all that time. Here, I feel so incomplete without her. And sleep is far away daily without the warmth of her beside me. I am using her t-shirt as a pillow cover to cuddle with. She will keep on speaking something and now I miss her melodious voice. Damn! I miss every single thing about her.

Fortunately, I managed to cover our little game from our parents. I intentionally tested her patience by skipping meeting her on Friday night. I was so excited to meet her. But I should wait so I could get all her bottled up love. And when I confess my feelings, she would instantly realize her love as this little distance would have taught her the lesson.

I was so worried when my mama called me and told that my vixen fainted. I rushed there immediately and found her uncomfortably passed out in the living room sofa. I scooped her up and made her lie down in her bed. I questioned her parents non-stop about what is wrong with her. But they just shared looks between them. They asked me to let her rest. But I was so worried that I wanted to take her to hospital but my appa stopped me and asked whether we consummated our relationship. After saying yes, he uncomfortably asked whether there is any chance for her getting pregnant. I was too shocked by this new found information.

Could it be possible?

Obviously, Yes! Even though we just made love twice, we didn't use any protection both the time. And it's been a week ago.

God! Am I going to become a Father?

My eyes welled up in happiness as I realized a soul which is a symbol of our love might be now inside her.

We are going to be parents!

We are going to bring a life into this world out of our love. ??

Oh my vixen! You are giving me new reasons to love you more every day!

It's too soon as we are married not even for three months. But that doesn't matter. I am so ready to become a father. She loves kids. I could tell she would be ecstatic to know this good news.

I nodded my head to my appa with unshed tears. My appa hugged me and told me to take her to check up after she gets her conscious and we need to confirm it with her once.

I went to her room and placed her head in my lap and stroked her hair softly. My hand automatically moved to her stomach.

Oh god! I hope it's true! Thank you so much.

I felt her stirring and groaned holding her head. My parents were sitting outside in the hall. Her eyes slowly opened and looked at me for a whole minute. Her eyebrows were furrowed and looked at me in confusion. After some time her eyes turned into sour expression and she sat up abruptly and held her head and whimpered.

I rushed to her sides but she got up quickly and pushed past me to enter the bathroom. I followed her and found her throwing up. I quickly helped her by holding her hair but my mind was so happy to confirm with another symptom of the pregnancy. She had the two most common symptom during pregnancy which is fainting and vomiting.

She looked so weak but she looked annoyed on seeing me as she slapped my hand and went back to sleep. My heart pained but I deserve it for ignoring her all week. I watched her sleeping and laid next to her and caressed her stomach knowing there are high chances for our baby to be there. I slept unknowingly and woke up with an empty bed. I found my parents hinting her about the pregnancy as they 90 per cent confirmed about her pregnancy with the symptoms.

I scolded them but she ignored my presence completely and made her way back to her room obeying her mother's word. But the second her yelp reached our ears, we all rushed to check her.

God! She needs to be more careful as she might be carrying our baby now.

I carried her back to her room. After making her comfortable, I got suddenly nervous as to how to start the topic. She snapped at me when I touched her but I could see the hurt behind her anger. She calmed after her outburst as I could tell she regrets shouting at me. But she spoke first and I ended up telling her what happened a week back.

But it made my anger to rise when she started speaking like that she doesn't want our baby and her studies are more important. We should have spoken about protection beforehand then. It was a complete surprise on my birthday night and my mind never had time to think about consequences at that night. The next morning is completely another story as my vixen seduced me beyond my limit and got what she wanted. I promised to support her dreams but not at the cost of the life of our baby.

My rage made me crazy at one point she yelled at me to shut me up. But the piece of information she said made me feel like a punctured balloon.

Damn it! I am so stupid.

I should have taken her to the hospital as soon as she fainted. I couldn't form any words as a disappointment, anger in my foolishness and reaction of our parents everything flashed in my mind. I looked at her with wide eyes.

Damn! She gonna kill me now. I basically over-reacted ignoring her words. But she never said about this pill thing. Yeah! There was a lot of thing going on and I behaved like a complete stupid. She didn't even get any time to tell that to me.

I pulled her onto my lap making her straddle me. I buried my face onto her neck and hugged her tightly. I heard her sigh but she hugged me back. Her soft body made me feel complete and I don't need to worry about anything when I am with her. We stayed like that for a few minutes and I pulled away first as I felt the wetness in my shoulder. I ma

. I smirked and teased her nipples with the tip of my tongue. Soon her impatient whimpers filled my ears. Her hand lowered and she started stroking me. I gave in and sucked her nipples and entered a finger inside her at the same time. She arched her back and pushed herself more into me. I removed her hand down as her fast strokes would undo me in a few minutes.

I paused everything and hovered above her. She looked at me expectantly with her darkened eyes.

"I love you romba neraiya, Janu. (very much) I didn't know what stopped me from claiming you as mine all these years. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen other than our amma-s. You honoured me by marrying me and giving me a chance to show my love to you. I promised you yet again, I will always cherish you all my life. You are the greatest blessing in my life. You are the smile to my face, the beat to my heart and the purpose of my life. I could never get a partner like you. I wouldn't trade you for anything in my life. Thank you very much for accepting me as your life partner, darling.

I fell in love with you long back. I didn't know exactly when.

Maybe from the second, your father gave your little form in my hand.

Or maybe when you smiled with your toothless mouth whenever you see me in my childhood.

Or maybe when you blushed on seeing me while you wore saree for the first time. It triggered my ego to more heights, you know. The reason for my mama's daughter's first blush is me! What would trigger a boy's pride more than seeing his effect on his secret crush?

When you got high marks to win our challenge to learn bike riding, I can't help but admire you more and fall for you more.

Your every courageous step made me respect you more. But I can't take a bold step as our family always came as a barricade in front of my vision. I convinced myself at some point in time to not think about you romantically. Yet it didn't stop my mind to flash you at times.

Now here you are! Like I always wished!

I love you and I will love you till my death; if there is life after death, I will continue to love you forever."

Her face is displaying a beautiful smile. A lone tear rolled down the side of her eye. She kissed my lips sweetly and circled her arm around my waist and hugged me tightly. I managed to not crush her by balancing my weight in my elbows.

She continued her kisses to my jawline and neck while her fingers roamed over my body aimlessly but didn't fail to excite me more. I moved my face to capture her lips kissed her fiercely. I rubbed my erection over her wetness over and over making her moan repeatedly. I pulled away and looked into her eyes while I positioned myself against her entrance and slowly entered her halfway. She was just as tight as the first time but she was completely enjoying with me this time while I entered her. I moved my hip and lowered my lips to her breast to suck on her exquisite skin.

She placed her hands over my biceps and tightened her grip with every thrust. My speed increased as she shouted incoherent words. I felt my release nearing so I pulled out against her protest and kissed her lips to shut her.

"Wanna try some other position?"

I asked her with a wink.

She blushed instantly and bit her lip. I took her silence as a 'yes' and pulled her up and turned her body. She understood me and pressed her palm on the mattress and got on her knees. She was completely exposed to me as I couldn't help but kiss her beautiful lower lips. She lowered her face into the pillow as soon as my mouth made contact with her.

I used my fingers to make her reach her orgasm. Then I positioned myself behind her. This position gives me complete control over her and I entered her completely in a thrust. I didn't give time for her complete that long moan, as started to thrust into her. I was going so deeper and I know I couldn't last long with her gripping me tightly.

I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb while I bend down to lick her spine. She shivered as her inner walls painfully tightened around my length and more wetness covered me. The sound of our skin slapping made it so animalistic where she let out a big moan on her next orgasm, her body lost control as her upper half collapsed on the bed. I held her hip firmly and rode her orgasm which undid my release. I could feel my cock throbbing inside her while emptying myself into her. I stayed still till my excitement softened. I pulled out and watched our juices flowing on her thighs. I slowly let her hip go and she laid on her side and looked at me contented. We cleaned up and laid on our sides facing each other in the bed and I kissed her swollen lips softly.

"I love you, Mama"

"I love you, darling"

My life never felt so perfect than this instance.

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