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Prabhu's POV

"How is my mama, now?"

"He passed the stages of risk. He is now stable and his reports are good. The doctor said that he would be back to normal in a few days. Nothing to worry, Machan."

I sighed in relief yet I wanted to be with them and provide comfort to my family. But no one wants my presence there. And I don't know why Vidhu behaved like that. I could tell Nandhini's presence at our home is somehow related to the whole issue. But I wanted to know what happened exactly. Above all, my vixen's sudden cold behaviour pained my heart more.

"Can you please tell what's going on? Why is everyone giving me cold shoulder?"

"Machan! You have the audacity to hug and cry on the shoulder of your ex-fiancee in front of your wife and her parents who came there to surprise you without expecting that shock. And that poor man got a mild cardiac arrest thinking that you are meeting your ex-fiancee in your wife's absence.''

Akash said sarcastically.

I am speechless with guilt. They have seen me apologizing to her. But they didn't listen to my full ranting. If they did, my mama wouldn't be hospitalized now.

But how could they think so low of me?

What is our trust levels?

Is Janu too thinking the same?

God! We consummated just yesterday!


I couldn't complete as I fear the answer might be yes. I couldn't bear that. And I didn't even express my heart to her yet.

"She trusts you that you would never do something like that to her That's what she said when I asked."

I sighed in relief but still, she seems angry and mentioned 'our home' as 'my home' which I didn't like a bit.

"But she is angry"

I stated.

"Yeah, who wouldn't be. Why can't you leave the past in past? You messed up, Machan!"

"I know, Akash. You don't have to remind me that."

"Okay listen now. I am getting Jaans and Vidhu to the canteen. Go to your athai and apologize. If possible, explain everything. You, waiting outside the hospital is not going to change anything. And delaying thing like this will have more adverse effects. So hurry up and clear all the confusions."

"Thank you so much, Akash."

I said gratefully. He was fulfiling my place there. And I don't know what I would have done without him.

"Thank me after things get cleared. Okay, I gotta go. They are coming."

He hung up before I could reply.

I locked the car and walked into the hospital once again. A lot of emotions are bubbling in my heart. But I am angry with them. How can they doubt their parenting? On our wedding, my mama told me that he trusts me. But is this the level of his trust? My heart pains knowing I am the reason for my mama's current state. What pains me more is my family's lack of trust in me.

I saw my athai and amma sitting outside the ICU. I walked towards them and knelt in front of my athai. She stiffened on seeing me but didn't say a word. My amma tensed but her eyes held a disappointed look. I didn't want to beat around the bush. Before they tell me to get out, I have to reason myself.

"Athai, I am really so sorry. I will never think of any harm to our family. Just because I cried in her shoulder doesn't mean we are into some relationship. She is just a friend of mine. And she told me that she was impregnated on the day her drink got spiked and she doesn't remember anything happened on that night. I felt responsible for leaving her alone there that night and apologised. I would never betray, my Janu. You and mama know me better than my parents. It pains to know that you don't have enough trust to see the truth."

My voice broke as a few involuntary tears leaked from my eyes. I noticed realisation and regret in her eyes. On seeing my tears, she started crying again and hugged me to her stomach.

"If it's any other woman, we wouldn't have to get that thought. But... No! You are right! We failed to see the truth, Prabhu. Sor.."

I cut off her by closing her mouth with my palm.

"Don't apologise, athai. I shouldn't speak with her after learning Janu's absence in our home. Please forgive me. I am the reason for mama's..."

Tears spilt out as I remembered Akash telling me that Janu witnessed the doctors doing defibrillation. I brought so much pain and damage to my family which I promised to protect and cherish! Damn!

Athai hugged me and I felt my amma patting my shoulder to calm down.

"He will understand, Prabhu. You are the first child in our family. He likes you more than his daughter. That's why he broke down on seeing you with that woman in close-position. Also, you were apologising for some mistake. We thought something else. And I'm really sorry for judging the situation so quickly. But he will understand you. And he will recover very quickly after knowing the truth."

She said stroking my hair while I rested my head on her lap.

Janaki's POV

"Seems like we missed some drama!"

Vidhu muttered under her breath.

"Yeah. I think so!"

I whispered back.

We got some refreshments for our parents. But we found my dear husband speaking with my appa inside the ICU and they are smiling and talking with each other as if nothing happened.

I nudged my athai's shoulder who is watching my appa, amma and her son with a smile.

"We are gone for just 20 minutes. But things seem changed upside-down!"

I exclaimed in a hushed tone. She hit my arm playfully and everyone came out as appa started dozing off.

He halted on his step on looking at me and a smirk crept on his face as he glanced away from me. His eyes were red and cheeks have tear stains.

My amma smiled at me brightly.

"Janu, your appa is getting normal. The doctor too checked him and told us that we can discharge him tomorrow evening."

Now I get the reason for her smile.

"Athai, I will cook some light food for mama. And you send everyone home. The doctor allowed only two persons to stay. We two will look after him tonight. I will return in an hour with our food and some essentials. Call me if you want me to get anything."

He spoke to my amma who has been looking at him lovingly and nodded.

What? So I have to stay home while these two look after my appa?

Are they kidding me?

"Hey, I wanna stay here."

I protested looking at them.

"Janu, I am not leaving. And you won't be helpful in all situations. Prabhu will be able to handle them if there are any emergencies. So don't behave like a child and go home. You can come here early in the morning. You have to make sure everything is ready for your athai and mama's stay."

My amma said in a warning tone.

She can be right. But my appa? I looked at my husband who was biting his lip trying hard to control his smile but failing also looking at the floor. I

pretend like caring for our parent's sake. You ignored me all this week. Now just because I am feeling sick, you don't have to do something which you didn't want to do."

I yelled at him but regretted soon as I realised what I told. His eyes were flashing hurt which made my heart clench.

But that's what he made me think. Even yesterday he went to our hotel directly to avoid me. If I haven't fallen sick, he would have never come here.

I rubbed my head and looked at him. He let out a deep sigh and sat straight leaning on the headboard. I followed his action. We didn't speak as I heard someone's coming up.

My amma appeared near the door but she knocked before coming inside. Strange! But I felt embarrassed as I realised the reason for her behaviour. She wanted to warn us to be decent when she enters.

She gave me a bowl of Rasam sadham and signalled at my mama something before rushing out.


I looked at him and signalled the bowl in the thought of sharing. He nodded his head positively. But took the bowl from my hand and started feeding me.

He cares for me!

"I didn't mean those words"

I muttered in between.

"I know"

He whispered with a forced smile.

"What happened that day?"

I asked him.

He narrated the whole thing happened that day. Also pointed out that he didn't believe that I am part of anything and that he suspects it's one of many lies by Sanjeev. I nodded yet felt proud that my husband didn't even have little doubt on me.

"Then why silent treatment for past one week? Did I have to fall sick every time to break your ego"

I asked him showing my pain in my words. He let out a dry laugh.

"Trust me, my intention is not to hurt you. I planned for something but God has planned something for us!"

He sighed but his eyes lit up at last part. But it confused me more.

"Why everyone is speaking in riddles? What's wrong with you all?"

"Nothing is wrong with us! But something is good with you!"

He said with a mischievous glint.

"What are you talking, mama?"

I questioned him annoyed.

"Oh my dear darling, you made me feel so happy today. I never expected this gift from you. Remember that I will be with you in every step of yours. We will make a great family"

I narrowed my eyes at him as something felt off. What gift! I don't remember getting him anything.

"Why do you have to be so dumb, my darling?"

He asked but looked away shyly and I felt his cheeks getting red.

God! I would have done so many things if only I am feeling good or this nutcase mama isn't letting me hang on with this curiosity.

"I think... We think... You... YOU ARE PREGNANT"

He said out at last. But my heart skipped a beat on listening to his answer.

What the hell?

It's not at all possible!

All our parent's extra care is not for me... But for this nonexistent baby.

I was so angry with him for believing this along with our family. But I couldn't help as I burst into laughter.

He looked at me confused but waited till my laughter die down.

"I told you already that I want to finish my studies and I have a list of goals to achieve... "

I said calmly but he cut off me

"We could have this baby and you continue to pursue your goals. Our parents will support us, Janu."

I grinned at his enthusiasm for our family. But not yet my dear husband.

"That's not I wanted to tell. I understand what you are saying but..."

He again cut off me but anger took over his body.

"Don't you dare tell me about killing this innocent soul. How can you, Janu?"

His voice broke making me annoyed.

"Will you please listen to me without stopping me in middle!"

I gritted my teeth. He obliged with a nod.

"I can't be pregnant, mama..."

"How can you be so sure? There are so many symptoms..."

"I TOLD YOU TO LISTEN WITHOUT INTERRUPTING ME. I CAN'T BE PREGNANT, BECAUSE I AM TAKING BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. I was drinking coffee too much to get rid of the headache that caused because of your behaviour and ended up sick. I AM NOT PREGNANT. GET THAT INSIDE YOUR SKULL"

I yelled in frustration.

He looked at me shocked but he could not form any sentence as he opened and closed his mouth a couple of times. A sound of silverware hitting the floor diverted our staring competition. My amma stood there with a shocked and sad expression. She picked up the milk tumbler and walked out of the room.

Not another drama, God!

Why you are always choosing my life to play with!

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