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Janaki's POV

Everyone in our family is present here in the hospital, even Akash is here. Except for one person; the only person I wanted to see and to get some comfort. But he seems busy with his ex-fiancee.

I don't even want my worst enemy to suffer what I had gone through the past few hours. I blinked the tears and closed my eyes and leaned on Akash's shoulder. He is the one keeping me in one piece by whispering positive words into my ears. I must have done some great thing to get him as a friend. Yet my heart is longing for the person who didn't even have time for me when I am in agony.

The level of fear and pain I felt when I realized my appa was not breathing while we were in auto, couldn't be explained in words. I couldn't even tell my amma as she was already weeping at the unconscious state of her other half. Gratefully we almost reached the hospital at the time. We are informed that he got a cardiac arrest. We are devasted when the doctor mentioned it would be more complicated even if we reached there after five minutes. Fortunately, we didn't wait for an ambulance. I don't even want to imagine something happening to him.

I love him so much to let him go; even though I had enough spiritual knowledge to know the death is inevitable and everyone has to die one day or other. When it comes to our loved ones, our brain will fail to work and the heart will overtake our mind. I could realise how much my appa devasted on seeing them together that his heart really pained too much to cease to function.

I didn't allow my amma to watch when the doctors did defibrillation. She would be broken even more. But I stood there and watched his struggle to get back his life into his body while muttering 'Appa is a strong man', 'He won't leave us alone' and 'He will be alright' to myself.

It's like I got back my breath when I saw him regaining his breath. A lump of pain stuck in my throat relieved on seeing him looking at me and trying to give me a smile. I mouthed and signalled him I love him and his grin widened. Then a nurse asked me to sit and not to disturb him. I complied to her.

My amma called Vidhu as she needed support as I distanced myself from her after she snapped at me for the fourth time just because I told her not to cry. I understand her grief but she needs to stay strong to look after appa. He is her husband but he is my appa too. My Hero! My World!

They have been running tests for the past one hour to check his stability and to check if there are any other problems. My amma cried her heart out embracing Vidhu and told everything happened. She looked at me sadly but her eyes held fury. She informed her parents and Akash about appa's health condition.

Akash came here directly from the railway station to console me. I hugged him and broke into tears immediately on seeing him as my suppressed emotions broke past its walls. Even though he looked so tired, he never left my side and comforted me. My athai and mama arrived a few minutes ago. Vidhu filled everything to everyone. I didn't speak a word as it might cause an outburst from my amma as she strongly agrees with my appa's words. My mama and athai went silent after listening to the reason for my appa's health deterioration. As time passes, my worry for my husband increased. And the image of their hug flashed before my eyes adding fuel to my flaming rage.

I noticed Akash walking towards me with anger. I looked at him confused. His eyes softened without the trace of any anger. He sat next to me just when his mobile vibrated. He pursed his lips and walked away and returned after a few minutes with an exhausted look. I almost begged him to go home and get some rest but he didn't budge. My mama went out to get medicines that are not available in the hospital pharmacy.

The ICU door opened and the doctor attending my appa greeted us with a smile and asked two of us to see him and not to disturb him as his body needs more rest now. I took my silently crying amma inside. He looks little pale and exhausted, unlike the happy and enthusiastic man I welcomed a few hours ago. Lots of tubes have been attached to his body making it hard not to let my tears slip past my eyes. My appa smiled at my amma making her weep more. He gently took her hand and pressed it reassuringly. I kissed my appa's forehead


"What? Are you out of your mind!"

I asked him irritated. He smiled in return.

"Okay, Jaans. Tell me the reason why you are angry with him?"

He maintained his calm composure. I narrowed my eyes.

"Don't you know what he did, Akash?

"Yeah! I know. But what caused you to be angry on him."

"Oh, cut this crap! So he can hug his ex and I should let them be however they want to be?"

He laughed at my answer making me rethink what I said. I raised my eyebrow at him as I don't find anything funny with my reply.

"Really! Jaans, you too hugged me when you saw me today."

"You are my friend; not my ex."

I gritted my teeth as he was testing my patience. Vidhu laughed a little earning a glare from me. She showed a thumbs-up to Akash. He smiled in return.

"For you, I am a friend. For him, she is a friend. Is it a big crime to hug a friend to comfort her while she is crying?"

He tilted his head and looked at me questioningly. What he telling is absolutely correct.

Am I jealous?

A small smile crept on my face on realising the answer is a big 'Yes'. I don't want him to hug some other woman!

I looked at him not knowing what to say. Thankfully, he smiled at me and went to buy something for others understanding my awkwardness.

"Wah! So my cousin is veryyyy possessive over her husband!"

Vidhu teased me.

"Yeah. From next time, think before you hit him or your face will be bruised too."

I replied smugly while her widened and showed her hands in surrender.

My mood lightened up. As you know, I wanted to go home, say sorry and console my mama.

I pulled my mobile out from my bag and found it switched off. I turned it on and found a message from him. I eagerly opened it and found his reply to my message.

'Sure darling, take care of that sexy ass of yours. Come back home safe and soon<3<3<3'

An involuntary blush crept on my face. I looked down to hide my face from my devil friends. But I think its too late. I heard Akash clearing his throat.

"Janu, I think you need to reapply the concealer. It's worn off here."

Vidhu whispered in a teasing tone and winked at me pointing my chin. My eyes widened in horror.

His bite mark!

Oh my God!

I covered my chin with a kerchief and rushed to the restroom.I found an oval shaped purple mark visible there on my left chin. My mind took me to the situation I got them making my cheeks heat up. I shuffled my handbag to find that stupid concealer and applied it to mask the mark as much as it would look natural.

Vidhu gonna tease me with it every time. God! Save me!

What would he be doing at our home? My poor mama. I shouldn't have behaved like that. At least I should have explained everything to him and asked him to wait at home patiently till I clear these things out. He must be worried now. Damn it!

I dialled his number without wasting any more time.

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