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Nandhini's POV

"Priya, get me the order list andddd..."

Uh-oh! Not Again!

"How many times I need to tell you to leave me alone, Sanjeev? Just go back to Newyork. I want to live peacefully. At least do that favour to me. And I need to prepare purchase list. So get out of my office. Now!"

I shouted at Jeev's face who was holding pained expression as I was not allowing him anywhere near me for the past two months. But he will come to meet me daily, if possible more than two times a day.

"I want to be a part of our child's life. Is that a big crime, Nandhini?"

He asked me softly while looking at my little three-month bump. His voice sounds sincere but I can't find myself to forgive him for his betrayal.

For a man I trusted all my life, he lost his value when he teamed up with that witch. Even if he has done it all by himself, I might have convinced myself that he did it because of his obsession over me. But he killed my heart by teaming up with her. He lost his last chance of my forgiveness by doing it.

I might let him meet my child after his/her birth. I won't let my child grow up without father's love. I will ensure nothing will affect his/her growth. I don't want him/ her to grow up like as another Nandhini. I knew I am not a good person. But I can't just change myself. It's my kind of defence to survive this loveless world of mine.

With all my thoughts, I didn't notice him invading my personal space as he pulled me to a hug and the unexpected thing was, that rascal broke down into tears. Even though I hate him now, I felt myself shedding tears on seeing him vulnerable like this. He is the strongest man I have ever known in my life. He pulled away and kneeled down before me and shakingly his hand touched the sides of my stomach.

I flinched as this was emotionally too much for me. Experiencing his love for my child... our child.

"Hey baby, this is your dad. Don't worry about your mum's anger. I know my love towards both of you would bring us all together. And I won't let you grow alone. That's a promise, baby. Even if your mum pushes me away, I won't go away.

I don't know why she never realised my love towards her. And why I was so coward to express myself towards her. But I couldn't see her with another man. I want to be the sole reason for her happiness and sorrow. So I did something to make her be with me but it hurt her badly. And you don't worry about it. Dad won't leave her till she too falls head over heel for me. Don't give a hard time for your mum and be a good baby. Okay? Love you very much, baby."

When he said the last sentence, I felt movement inside and he gasped feeling the same. He looked up at me with teary eyes and a big grin

"My baby understands me, Nandhini."

He whispered in awe. I just nodded as I am overwhelmed with these pregnancy hormones on seeing their conversation and his confession.

"I have lots of work, Sanjeev. Please leave."

He stood up and brought his hands to hold my face but I backed away. He let out a defeated sigh.

"All I am asking is just a chance to prove myself to you, Nandhini. Please let me in. I am the only person knew how much you are currently hurting inside"

That flamed my anger. Even though he knew I would be broken, he broke me along with her. Then why should I give him a chance to break me again and again? My face hardened.


I spit out the word with all my hatred. He took a deep breath and went out of my office. Finally, he got some sense to leave me alone.

This first trimester was so hard but my mother said it will get better in a few weeks. And she is helping me with my morning sickness which is the worst thing. And I always feel hungry and also nausea at the same time. So my food intake was so irregular. And with these hormones, my anger was at a high peak as I would snap at my employees even for a small mistake. My mother noticed that and made it compulsory for me to do meditation daily. But all I felt was sleepiness and it doesn't seem working for me.

I finished my work and Priya helped me to close the shop. I recently recruited her. She did master in business administration. And she was so silent and homely type. Exactly opposite to me. But she cares for everyone and made my works easier with her efficiency. And her best trait is, she is straightforward as I still remember she told her opinion of me being pregnant before marriage is wrong in her view. I don't know what I have been thinking about that time. I liked her boldness and appointed her as my assistant. She would be maintaining the boutique during my delivery. So I am training her. She won't speak much yet listen carefully and will finish the work before I remind her twice.

I entered the car where my mother was waiting for me. She just finished her shift in the hospital and came to pick me up. This is our usual routine now. And we became closer than before. She asked me about my day. I told her except Sanjeev part as she wants me to be with him. My father too wishes the same. They want me to lead a life what every woman does. But they aren't seeing how hurt I am.

I asked her about her day but regretted asking it as soon as I realised whom she met today. That witch came to consult her. Even though I hate her, I was curious about her visit. I don't want her to be sick as I am the one to make her life hell; not some stupid sickness.

My mother's reply added fuel to my rage. But I kept a normal face and even faked my smile to show her that I was happy to know that they are starting their life.

So I am too easy to forget and move on.

Oh, Prabhu, you deserve better.

I need to do something. And I knew exactly what to do!

The bait is my grandpa.


I masked a sad face whenever my grandpa was around. After observing me for a few days, he started my long awaited conversation while I was sitting in the veranda and sipping the coffee while my parents went to the hospital. I asked Priya to take care of the boutique as I am not feeling well. It's just normal sickness. But I am so tired to go to work.

"What is wrong with you, dear? Why do you seem sad nowadays?"

He gently stroked my head and sat next to me. Great! It's not difficult to act as I did it all my life. I sighed dramatically and gave him a small smile.

"Nothing, grandpa. I am okay. Just a little tired."

I made it clear that I am lying with my hesitant expressions. He narrowed his eyes and looked at me.

"You can tell me anything ma. I don't want to see you like this."

He said with concern. I felt bad for using him like this. But I don't have any other option to make my plan work.

"It's about... Prabhu."

He raised his eyebrow suspiciously but nodded me to continue.

"I feel so guilty, grandpa. What if God punish my baby for my behaviour towards him? I'm so scared. I made him trust me and broke it. He might have gone through a very hard time. I was thinking about apologising him. Yesterday was his birthday. I wanted to wish him. Even though we are like different poles, he is a good friend to me, grandpa. But he won't even want to look at my face after what I have done to him. I can't let go of the guilt. It's killing me inside out, grandpa"

He bought my lie as he nodded his head in understanding. I internally smirked but kept a sad guilty face.

"Don't stress yourself ma. You are changing. So forgive yourself. Then you won't feel guilty anymore."

He said thoughtfully.

"I understand what you are saying, grandpa. But how can I let go of the weight of this guilt? If only he gives me a chance to explain myself, I will beg his forgiveness. It's the only way to make me feel better. Even if he didn't forgive me, I would have the satisfaction of trying."

I broke into tears but it came naturally with my heightened hormonal state. He patted my head and went without a word as I expected.

Later that afternoon, I found my grandpa making his way towards me with childlike enthusiasm. I was getting ready to go to my boutique as I feel so bored here. And I couldn't sleep either.

"Nandhini dear, Prabhu agreed to meet you after his office today"

He said as if he bought a kilo of mango. Hmm, I should get them on my way back. My mind alarmed me to process what he had just said. Prabhu! Did he agree? Really? I looked at him in disbelief.

"Are you... serious, grandpa? But? Really?"

I asked him shocked. This is what my desired outcome. But it happened so soon for my expectation. Thank God! At least you favoured me in this matter.


He said with a sigh that conveyed how much he convinced him to make this meeting happen. I quickly hugged him and thanked him over and over. He laughed a little a

plates by putting a big drama. So we couldn't get a chance to talk about it to our parents. And even you all seen Janu as if she committed a blunder and avoided her like a plague till she apologised for no reason.

She endured everything for our family even suffered the humiliation for her self-respect to keep the family together and kept her mouth shut unwillingly after seeing your priority was Nandhini rather than our family in more than one situations. Please, Anna. Don't dwell in your past. I am so happy for you when I knew you two were getting along. Don't bring this up and spoil both of your future. I won't mind to punch you if you do something to hurt her. Don't forget that."

My brain was overloaded with lots of information in a day. I bid bye to Vidhu and went to the living room. I couldn't conclude anything. If Janu has informed me earlier, things would have changed entirely. She did what she seems correct for her in that situation. But an innocent woman's life got spoiled by that decision. It's my mistake. I was her fiance, I should have ensured her safety that night. I am the reason for her helpless state today. But I am living happily with my Janu. How could I fix Nandhini's life? Oh God! I ruined a woman's life. How will I wash this sin from my hands?

I found her still crying on the sofa. She stood up and turned around with a nod and walked to the door. I don't know what to do. The pressure of guilt is ripping my heart into two. I managed to speak to her when she opened the door.

"Please, Nandhini forgive me. If I hadn't left you that night, your life wouldn't have changed like this."

My traitor eyes started spilling tears. She seems a little angry now.

"Don't! If we hadn't meet now, you would have blamed me forever. For a friend who promised me to stay my side in my hard times, I was so happy to know your level of trust on me. And don't worry. At least you are having a happy life now. I want to ask you a favour. Ask your wife why she didn't bother to break your heart when there was a lot of ways to stop that marriage at the beginning itself? Why she teamed up with Sanjeev to spoil my life? I just want answers from her. I hoped she would be here and I could get my answers. But when did God favoured me? So just do that favour. At least let me know the reason why my life is like this."

She said with rage and sarcasm which I couldn't bear as her every word pierced my heart. But she was sobbing uncontrollably. I don't know how to console her I pulled her to a hug to give the least comfort I could give as a friend. But my heart pained to knew I am the reason for all her misery and I broke there.

"I failed you as a friend, Nandhini. I shouldn't have left you that night. I should have ensured your safety that night. I'm so sorry Nandhini. It's a big mistake. I shouldn't have committed that mistake. I shouldn't have let all these things happen. I made a promise to you. But I broke it, Nandhini. I broke it. Please forgive me. Please forgive me, Nandhini. I apologise on behalf of Janu. I don't know whether she would be a part of all these things. Nonetheless, I want to apologise for her. Her family comes before anything to her. Maybe that's why she did it with the thought of saving me from you. Please forgive us, Nandhini. Forgive Sanjeev and accept him. He might have chosen a wrong path to get you, but his ultimate intention is to get you back. He loves you. I saw that in his eyes on the wedding day. I didn't know why I didn't notice it earlier. Above all, as you said your child didn't do anything wrong. The baby deserves both of its parents love. Let him in and let him mend your broken heart. As a friend, I am telling you. Please don't punish yourself. You deserve a happy life."

I pulled away as I realised she wasn't saying anything. She looked at me with pained expression but nodded her head.

"I forgive you, Prabhu. It's not totally your fault. But I can't forgive them yet. I don't find it in my heart to forgive them. I'm also just a human. I need time. Don't get into argument with your wife. I'm your past. Let it be in past. Just forget everything I said and live your life happily. It's getting late. Goodbye."

I am out of words. I need to do something to bring them together. Seeing Nandhini leading a happy life is the only way to lift the guilt in my heart. I offered to drop her at home. But she had already booked a cab when I was inside my room and the cab was waiting downstairs. I walked her to the cab and bid bye to her.

I sat on the sofa processing the huge amount of information I got to know today. When will you come home, Janu? We need to talk a lot. But before that, I want to hug you and cry out my heart. Please come home soon, darling. I want you, Vixen.

My eyes fluttered open on hearing my ringtone. I rubbed my eyes and rushed to take my mobile. I cursed myself for sleeping two hours straight like a log on noticing the time on my mobile screen. But the bad news is I had seventeen missed calls from Akash. I looked around and couldn't find any traces of my wife. I decided to call back Akash before checking our room. I sleepily said 'hello' to him. But he shouted aloud to make my ear-ache.

"Throw your bloody hello in the dustbin and bring that lazy ass of yours to Kauvery hospital in five minutes. Else, I will come and drag you here."

He said angrily and disconnected the call before I could ask anything. My sleepiness flew out of the window after hearing the word hospital. What happened to whom? Argh! Idiot! Can't he at least tell me some details? Janu? God! Please keep my Janu safe. No! Nothing would have happened to her! Few tears escaped my eyes but quickly wiped them and calmed myself telling nothing would be wrong with her. I threw some dress and rushed to the hospital.

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