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Janaki's POV

I was so bored and don't have any idea why I was awake so early, to be particular, the time is 03.55 AM and I couldn't go back to sleep. I turned around and felt a slight discomfort in my lower region.

God! I am not a virgin anymore!

My mind flashed me the images of how he teased me, how desperately I begged him and then his touches which I could still feel and sending goosebumps over my body just by thinking it, and his exquisite manhood and the way it awakened a little devil inside me. I am smiling at the ceiling thinking all the events of last night. And it's not my mistake that it made me wet down there.

It's HIS fault.

His fault for being so sexy...

His fault for showering care and made me feel worshipped...

His fault for making me reach so high and to introduce me a new addiction...

His fault for making love to me where he could have just fucked me...

His fault for keeping his promise of cherishing me and damn I feel cherished...

Yes, Its all his fault for making me crave for him more and more and more!

I looked at him and found him in deep slumber. I softly stroked his cheek and pecked his cheek. He circled his arm around me and pulled me closer to him in sleep. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. My new found favourite song! My most favourite for all my future time! Yet my hormones are encouraging me to do so many sensual things. And his masculine smell is not helping me either. I found my palm slowly moving over his bare chest and torso automatically. Why do I feel so aroused in this early morning? I want to let him sleep but also want to wake him up to repeat the romantic events of last night.

Don't a woman feel shy towards her husband after her first night? Why I have to be totally opposite to the usual way? I licked my lips as the images of the temptingly sinful thing I found on google flashed before my eyes. I threw the comforter away from us and gulped on seeing his morning boner. I smiled devilishly as I had a plan to wake him up.

I sat up slowly and rubbed my palms together with a deep breath. My mind quickly sends references and tips and winked at me in encouragement for the new trial. I cupped his excitement over his pant and circled my hand around it. Wow! I literally felt his nerves pumping more blood with my mere touch and instantly he was fully hard within my hand. I looked up at him and found him still in sleep.

I pulled his waistband down and touched his smooth yet hard member. I feel my wetness increasing on touching him. I softly stroked my hand up and down. His tip started shining with his pre-cum in a few seconds. 'Very good! So reactive!' I appreciated him in low voice. I felt him stirring in his sleep. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and lowered my head. I planted a kiss on the tip and ran my tongue over his slit, tasting his sour tasty pre-cum.

"Ah, Janu! What are you...ah.. doing?"

He moaned out in a 'sleepy-sexy' voice.

I looked up at his darkened eyes but didn't reply. I lowered my mouth on his length without breaking eye contact. He let out a sexy moan which motivated me that I am doing the correct thing. I started bobbing my head up and down on his length. I felt his hand intertwined my hair gently and he moved his hip once in a while. I moved my hand over his thighs and massaged his inner thighs. I followed my mind's instructions and used the free hand to stroke his length and played with his tip with my tongue. His moaning increased also his grip on my hair tightened. But instead of pain, I felt more aroused. He was making different faces which were making me more hot.

Ha! Watching porn and reading those tips yesterday didn't go waste!

A famous Tamil saying 'Kalavum katru mara' (Learn even stealing, then forget it!) flashed in my mind making me smirk.

I remembered his teasing yesterday so I decided trying to tease him. I took my mouth away from his length with a pop and looked at my sexy husband. He was breathing heavily but his eyes were burning with desire which sent a warm sensation to my lower region. I licked his length with the tip of my tongue with a moan to let him know that I am enjoying this as much as he does. He groaned in frustration. I internally giggled for my success and continued it for a few minutes making his cock twitch every time I went near his tip.

"Janu..." He moaned out loud in frustration. Awee! He is so hot! I moved my hand that massaging his inner thighs and gently squeezed his tightened balls and sucked his tip at the same time. He threw his head back with a strangled moan.

Oh, my poor mama! I started stroking his length faster with my hand while sucking and nibbling his tip. He was moaning loudly. I felt his cock bulging in my hand after a few minutes. He arched his back and tried to pull my head away but I had a firm grip on his thigh and took his release in my mouth. After a few shots, his body relaxed. I licked him clean.

God! He was making me get addicted to every new thing we are doing. Initially, I thought it would be repulsive to have oral sex but experiencing it was a whole different level of bliss. He was softly massaging my scalp while I did my service. I looked up at him after pressing a long kiss on his softened member. My mouth still tastes like him. He pulled me to a passionate kiss which I returned eagerly.

"There would be no better way for a man to wake up, you know. You have no idea how much I want you right now, darling. But... I don't want to hurt you. Your body needs rest. So..."

He said while caressing my cheeks lovingly. I cut him off with a kiss and poured my desire for him into the kiss. I know that I am sore. But I want him. Right now!

We pulled away panting but his eyes were sparkling mischievously. Uh-oh! This is not good. He scooped me up and carried me to the bathroom.

Wow! Is he be planning for shower sex! I would gladly give him whatever he wants. He made me stand under the shower. I looked at him with thirst. He leaned down and rubbed his nose with mine

. He scoffed and walked with me, intertwining our fingers. He stopped before the door and pulled me into a fierce kiss putting all his want for me. I was breathless. I was hanging on a thin thread to rip his shirt and take him back inside. But I controlled myself and bid him bye with a heavy heart.

Even though I knew I did a good thing, my intuition was screaming for something bad gonna happen. I rubbed over my chest to get rid of this uneasy feeling. I slowly limped back to my room and laid down on the bed. All I could think about is him. My lovely mama... My sexy husband... My Prabhu mama!


Evening, I got a call from my appa telling that he had sent some present for Mama's birthday to someone coming to Chennai today. And I have to receive it from the bus stop. The pain was much better but this was the time for my lovable husband's arrival. So I quickly texted him the details while descending down in the lift. I took auto as I don't wanna risk myself taking the bike. It's healing gently with the help of few ice packs and I don't want to awake the soreness again.

I was surprised when I found my parents at the bus stop. So it's not only a surprise for their son in law but also for their daughter. I hugged them enthusiastically and kissed their cheek. My amma furrowed her brows.

"You are glowing, Janu!"

She stated with a 'not-fully-hidden' mischievous tone. I looked at her wide-eyed and hugged her again to not let her see my blush.

"Yeah! My parents would make me beam! Don't you know, Banu? I missed you guys very much."

It's partially true but the actual reason for my glow is him, my dear sweet sexy husband. I controlled my blush again that trying to make its way to my cheek just by thinking about him. I lead them to the auto I came.

My mother would have guessed what actually happened because I was still walking awkwardly. I told Vidhu that I am feeling tired and she wasn't coming home tonight as she is going out with her hostel friends tomorrow.

I found our home door slightly open and shushed my parents to present them as a big surprise to my husband. But my heart shattered on seeing the scene in front of me. My parent's gasps were gone unheard and my eyes were literally turned into the water tap and the tears are flowing continuously. The deafening sound that I was hearing cleared when I felt my appa's hand shaking me. I didn't turn away but continued to look at my husband embracing Nandhini in a tight hug and crying on her shoulder while begging her forgiveness by telling

"...I'm so sorry Nandhini. It's a big mistake. I shouldn't have committed that mistake. I shouldn't have let all these things happen. I made a promise to you. But I broke it, Nandhini. I broke it. Please forgive me. Please forgive me, Nandhini..."

These words ringing in my ears as my father pulled me back to the lift. I felt like my soul is ripped away from my body. I feel so numb.

What is the mistake he is saying to her?


Why was he sobbing so much?

What made him hurt so much?

I felt a hand around my shoulder and found my appa looking at me with guilt. I was confused more. My mind is blank as I blinked at him. My amma was silently weeping. First of all, Why did they pull me back down here? Wait! Are they thinking that he was cheating on me? God! No way! He would never do that! Ever!

She might have played some sick game to pull his 'guiltiness' card. But that doesn't give him right to touch her. How dare he? My suspicion confirmed by the words my appa spoke

"I ruined my daughter's life, Banu. I trusted him more than anything. How can he? How dare he..." His sentence didn't complete as his face shown a painful expression before he started falling with his hand clenched over his chest. I stood still in shock while my amma shouted at me to do something. The watchman quickly arranged the auto and helped my appa to get in there. My amma ran towards me and pulled me with her.

Somebody, please wake me up from this horrible dream! Please!

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